One thing at a time

In the midst of a major slump. Maybe it’s the winter blues (winter blues apparently is more than just the state of the weather. My whole body is just in the season of winter, and I’m feeling restless and hibernate-y). 

I’ve been away from blogging and pretty much all of my hobbies for longer than I would have liked. I guess I’ve just really not been in any sort of mood to do anything. 

I have been… watching a crap ton of movies  and playing so much of the new Story of Seasons game (finished year 1).

I’ve had some exciting new additions to my doll family recently.

This is Xenon (also Zee, Zi, or Z) for short. She is a Project Doll House custom by Jannette ^^. She looks so different from Marina (a 2015 custom). I always think it’s pretty neat to see how a person’s artistic style changes through the years. I’ll have to take a side by side photo of Xenon and Marina soon. 

Jannette also included a gift girl >_<. This pretty is a DIM Trisha (I think) on a modded Licca body. I super love her faceup! It’s so delicate, and she’s giving me major Snow White vibes with her rosy lips and cheeks (that signature style blush :3) and dark brows and lashes. I’ve ordered her a pair of eyes and a wig, and I had fun shopping for her too! I normally am not a fan of things that involve tiny pieces (sewing… model building… puzzles…), but I’m likely to just keep this girl in the same wig and eyes for forever ^^. Hopefully the ones I ordered will suit her.

Honestly… if this pink hair, purple eye combo works, I’m tempted to name her Potpourri after an older Harvest Moon character.

I do have one more addition to the family, but I will be saving that for another post. ^^ 

7 thoughts on “One thing at a time

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your slump. I get Seasonal Affective Disorder (or whatever the actual name is) and it is total pants 😦 Your new girls are very cute. Also, I’m so jealous that you get to play the new SoS – no release date for Europe or Aus/NZ yet 😦 Hobbies tend to cycle I think but taking a break maybe makes you appreciate them more? Take care and I’m sending spring thoughts your way 🙂

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  2. Love your new dolls! I’m always in awe of what Blythe customizers come up with. Z’s eyes are amazing.

    And your other doll… is it the Jerryberry? I can’t wait to see it! In my head they are so tiny, but I know they aren’t. I tried to get one last week but no go!

    I’m feeling like a homebody myself. But the weather has been much nicer here so I’m trying to get myself out and about more. Sometimes it works. 😉

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    • Thank you!! XD yes the other doll is a Jerry Berry. I want to switch out her body with one of the new obitsu bodies, as her hips are a bit loose. I’m also thinking I might change her wig too. They’re actually bigger than I thought too! Her head fits a 7-8″ wig.

      I’m definitely bringing a doll out this week, as I’m taking a couple days off work. Hopefully I’ll feel more inspired/motivated to get back into hobby things.


  3. Both of your new girls are so pretty. I love the DIM girls faceup, and her outfit, she’s​ really cute! I hope the wig and eyes suit her as I think Potpourri is an amazing name! I love harvest Moon, (I’m currently playing the lost valley. I’m in my 5th year) and remeber Potpourri (or Popuri) from back to nature, she was my love interest :b I love her character in that game, she’s so sweet and cute. Just like your new doll! I’m sure her lovely face will help you shake those winter blues 🙂

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    • Thank you!! XD I think the original Potpourri had red eyes, but I prefer purple. I think when I played the original SNES harvest moon, once my character married Mary the bookish girl and the other time to Potpourri. I’m a little sad they didn’t bring her back in any of the more recent Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon games.


  4. Ooh, how do you like the new Story of Seasons? Do you think it compares well to the previous HM games? I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked from HM while playing Stardew Valley lately. And this girl would be a *perfect* Potpourri!


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