No pressure

I’ve been passive in the blythe hobby as of late. The slump lasted pretty much a year – in part because of the cost of the hobby, the lack of a community in my immediate vicinity, all of the adjustments I’ve had to make because of the move, needing to juggle new responsibilities, which left me with little free time, and new interests.

My dolls have been sitting pretty on the shelf or in the socker greenhouse, unchanging, kind of just waiting patiently for me to pick them up again. All the while, I’ve developed some new interests >_< . This past year, I’ve been REALLY into otome games (seriously went through the looking glass into this whole new world of story telling via visual novel), journaling, and now Tarot cards and crystals. 

I feel like I’m coming full circle though! Two major changes in my doll collection – Elowyn, my stock Cherie Babette, has moved on (sold), and I purchased and received Pineapple Princess! I let go of a translucent FBL and bought a translucent tan blythe (balance kind of restored?).

Fresh from the spa because her hair was a MESS. She’s glorious :3 . I don’t have any variety of skin tones in my doll collection, so PP is a welcome addition. She’s so summery. I’m excited to have her, and I can’t wait to try some outfits on her. 

Surprisingly (for me), I haven’t added any new doll clothes to my collection. Good job, me.

Right now, I’m super into learning to read tarot cards, but I don’t see this competing with my interest in blythe. Reading tarot cards has been a very reflective activity, which I like to do in the park. I think next time, I’ll bring a blythe for a quick photo shoot when I go to the park to read.

My latest additions – The wild unknown deck and a small piece of bismuth (nature is so cool – though I’m pretty sure that this stone is man-made… SCIENCE is so cool).

I hope to revive my blogging, minus the pressure to blog a couple times a week. I find myself not having that much free time, let alone time for any hobbies. I’ve added an exercise routine to my life because of a recent health scare (a doctor told me that I might be Pre-diabetic and possibly have Hashimoto’s). I found out I’m fine, but you know what they say about an ounce of prevention. 


That was June.

This is July.

I literally started exercising the day I got the scary news, and I kept going as best as I could. I think the last time I’ve been this diligent was in high school (many moons ago). I have to say, exercising is so time consuming.

I don’t enjoy exercising. 

I hope I have more things to say soon. I still feel a bit disconnected from the blythe hobby. I know there is a blythe meet up group 1.5 hours away, but I feel pretty isolated.

Shopping (temporarily) soothes the soul

So remember that thing I did? :< My Mandarake order came in today, as well as one of my crystals from eBay, and a 2nd hand checkered blouse I scored off of Facebook from a friend ^^. 

To be completely honest, I made the order with the intention of getting a licca chan for customization, and I wanted to add another Licca to make the international shipping worth it. Nadeshiko Japan (the soccer player Licca) was fairly cheap and the one I will be sending off for a repaint. Her stock is really nice (not sure when my dolls will want to dress as soccer players though) – the material is sturdy and overall well made. Her face though 😦 her factory painted lips are kind of off center. Good thing I’m sending her away ^^. 

The Licca Bijou series is so FANCY. I picked this particular girl from the series because of her stock and short, dark hair. She has a pretty nice leather jacket, some nice squishy black boots, and sunnies! 

I’m not sure what I’ll name her yet… I think I need to redress her to figure it out because right now, my brain is just like “name her Bijou. Or Ribbon.”

Too cool for school. 

Her stock is also really well made! The Bijou series is a bit more expensive than the basic Licca, and she feels more expensive too. I do worry about her feet and arms though, since she didn’t come with socks and her knitted top is sleeveless (staining oh noes). 

>_< I’ve lost track of what I’m waiting on. And I’m running out of shelf space D: .

Feeling spiritual

I’ve always been interested in magic and the supernatural. A few years ago, I picked up my first tarot deck – the Mystic Faerie Tarot deck, and I liked using it not to predict anything, but to give me a different perspective on my life or problems. This particular tarot deck comes with a book that relates the cards to stories with morals. The deck was relatively easy to use and I really liked the art. 

Recently, my sister with whom I don’t share much in common, expressed interest in tarot cards, so I gifted her one of her choice for Christmas ^^. I pulled out my own deck and brushed up. I even read the cards for myself and my friend (who ended up borrowing my deck to see how she would like having one – yay :3).

I also picked up a new deck for myself and also a book to help me better read the cards (because it’s really complicated). 

I shuffled through the cards of the Dreaming Way Tarot, and the art is beautiful, but when I read the booklet that came with the cards, I was surprised by the intention of the cards and the suggested reading (because I’m a tarot noob). This deck focuses more inward with the goal of obtaining contentment with what is (appreciating good things). It’s actually what I need, to have a more positive perspective.

I ventured off to the local spiritual/crystal shops in my area, and I picked up two stones for myself and a handful of stones for my sister. I also attempted to wire-wrap an Amethyst to give to my sister ^^. I’m quite pleased with the result and I’m going to make one for myself (oops, I might be picking up a new interest).

As for crocheting/knitting, I’m currently working on a throw made out of some chunky acrylic yarn. I’m no where near done >_< which is the problem with big projects. It’s also taking me longer because I can only crochet when the kitten is sleeping. 

All in all, I think I had a good weekend.