Tis the season (to gift myself stuff)

I view Christmas as a great reason to splurge on myself ^^. I had two dresses sitting on my closet, one from Plastic Fashion and one from Button Arcade. I purchased the Plastic Fashion dress specifically for Marina, and I meant to wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas to try the dress on her… But I caved.     Marina’s style is lady-like, and a bit off-beat. I love the attention to detail on the dress, and the way the fabric pattern is carefully aligned. 

I’m saving the Button Arcade dress for my new Christmas girl ^^. 

I’ve also been crocheting some tiny underwear for my girls! Finley and Rory didn’t have any so I found a pattern and whipped a couple up.      I have them on a spare Licca chan body over a pair of scrap-quality underwear the doll came with. They’re bloomers! I found the pattern for these on Ravelry, and I made the following adjustments:

  1. Used crochet thread 10
  2. Used a 2mm hook
  3. Crocheted 32 single crochet onto the elastic.
  4. Skipped 15 instead of 14 when beginning the first leg hole, and double crochet 8 instead of 7.

I think the undies are really cute!

^^ I will have more doll stuff to share later! I am expecting Finley back today (Yayyyy!), in addition to my new Christmas girl (:o). 

Playing with Miniatures

I decided to update my dolly shelf today. I’ve accumulated some miniature items from Michaels over the past year that have just been sitting in a box. I’m not yet up for creating an entire room, since I’m lacking most of the materials I think I would need. I do plan on moving within a year, and I also expect moving something as delicate as a Blythe room might be problematic. SO! My girls will have to make due with their dolly shelf ^^.


Currently, my blythes live on one of the top shelves that are built into the wall of my room. I lined the shelf with some contact paper, and I taped up some mini frames onto the wall. I’ve also been meaning to draw something on the mini easel, so I’m glad I got around to doing that today.


😀 It’s my cat!

I also found something very exciting in my basement!

IMG_3391It’s a jewelry box that plays music and it looks like an armoire! I remember seeing this around back when I was a little kid, and since it wasn’t in use, I asked my mom if I could have it. It now currently houses my own jewelry and trinkets, and is sitting on the doll shelf. I love how to scale it is, and for something that’s nearly 25 years old, it’s in really good condition… and now it is MINE :D. No backsies, mom.

Lastly, my sample Moo cards came in today! They almost look like trading cards.


I made sample Moo business cards using their promotion – you can order a sample of 10 business cards of your own design for free. I’ve only ever seen business cards by Moo once, and I wasn’t sure this was something I would use for my etsy store. I decided to try ordering the sample first, to see how I feel about them. My order consists of 8 different designs, with the business card being portrait style, rather than the traditional landscape. The finish of the cards are matte (I wish I got some with the glossy finish). I didn’t really have a solid idea of what I would want my hypothetical business cards to look like, so I just picked photos I’ve taken recently that I liked and used them as the design. I also kind of winged it for the writing on the back.


I’m not entirely happy with the little image on the bottom of the card back. I need to work on a cleaner looking logo for my etsy store. I have some rough sketches of what I might want as a logo, but nothing finalized.

I really like these cards! They’re super cute~. My mom actually took one to use as a bookmark.

In the future, I might include them in packages when I ship out orders. I would definitely recommend Moo cards if you’re in the market for nice business cards. I’m not sure how competitive their prices are, as I haven’t done the research, but in terms of the finished product – the cards are printed on stiff paper, and they feel luxe.

Crocheting in Miniature – The Donut Edition

I was pretty taken with the donut appliqué pattern that I decided to make tiny ones that would be to scale for my girls.   To make the donuts, I repeated the donut part of the appliqué one more time, and I whip stitched the two donut pieces together on the outer and inner edges. I then added the frosting and the sprinkles. It’s hard to tell with Blythes if something is perfectly to scale. This is owing to how hugely out of proportion their heads are to their 1/6 scale body. I think her head is a similar size to the American girl dolls (in that they can share hats), and if I recall correctly the American Girl is scaled to 1/3. The donuts look pretty good in Finley’s hands though!      

  I found the template for the Krispy Kreme donut box online (thanks Pinterest!). I also found out I’m not great at paper crafts. I didn’t score the folding parts of the box neatly so it came out looking a little sad. Next time.

And now I am off to get some dessert for myself because looking at the donuts has made me hungry. ^^

Edit: forgot to mention what yarn and hook I used! Also, I did one thing different to the pattern.

  • In the beginning of each price, instead of chaining 7, I chained 6.
  • I used a 2.5 mm hook.
  • For the donut, I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Glamour, and for the frostings I don’t remember what brand they’re from but I purchased them at Michaels and I want to say they’re level 2 acrylic yarns. 

Photo story – A day at the anime convention

Got dressed for a big day out… In costume and very excited!  Got to the convention and there are wall to wall people!  Made my way to the sets for some cool photo ops.  And made some new friends :3    And bought some furniture for home!  Goodbye Anime Expo!  

Crocheting in miniature 3 – Pickle Winkle inspired hat

Pickle Winkle

I’ve accumulated so much yarn, that I sometimes feel unproductive if I don’t get through at least one skein in a week. I really like Pickle Winkle’s hat (how did they come up with her name??), and I thought I’d try to crochet it since it’s a pretty basic shape.


I heard you like cat ears...

I heard you like cat ears…

I might add a crescent moon on it, just for fun.

Giving Finley some charm

My first foray into customizing (not really, lol) – I charmed up Finley’s pull string! I decided to make my own pull charm, since I wasn’t having much luck finding a nice one at my nearby bead or craft stores. I wanted a white cat charm for Finley, a miniature sparrow (3d, and not a silhouette), a white maneki neko, or maybe an Adventure Time themed charm. I purchase some beads for the pull string, and I got working on crocheting a miniature amigurumi for the charm.




The pull string.

😀 😀 😀 The amigurumi cat came out a LOT bigger than I thought it would… I almost didn’t attach it to the pull string it is so big. It kind of looks like Finley has a pet for a pull charm… which actually is kind of cute.

Finley and her cat

Finley and her cat

The cat is shyer than Finley.

The cat is shyer than Finley.



Silly cat.

Silly cat.

I see on a bunch of other dolly blogs that doll owners will give their dolls a backstory or develop a unique personality for them. This is something that’s slowly coming together for me :D. On the same subject, I really enjoy this post on one of the blogs I follow, where the blogger introduces each one of her girls.

By the way, the outfit that Finley is wearing is all brand new! I just got one of my clothing orders in the mail today. The shoes, stockings, and sweatshirt is from Coolcat-coolcat’s Ebay store. Everything I bought was very affordable. Dolly mail is so much fun!

As of now, I’m waiting for 4 more packages – two of which contain more doll clothes (… I need them!).

WiP: Amigurumi Cat charm


I’m almost done- I just need to make the kitty’s appendages. This will most likely hang this on Finley’s pull string. :3 I purchased some pretty beads at Michaels and Toho Shoji that I’m excited to coordinate. Lol, the cat’s mouth also kind of looks like a mustache if you stare at it too long…

I really love this cotton yarn! It’s soft and feels nice to crochet with. It’s on the more expensive (for me) end, retailing at $5 and change, but Michaels was having a 50% off one regular price item deal, so I convinced my entire family that we needed to go shopping and also stop by Michaels on the way :D. 

I originally was looking into a pull charm made of polymer clay (which I would probably purchase from etsy, rather than attempt to make one myself… I have too many crafty hobbies as it is at the moment.), but I was having trouble finding one that was both cute and the right size.

As for adding charms to pull strings, this is probably super obvious, but I just untie the end of the string tied to the pull ring and then add beads and what not, right? I don’t want to open up Finley’s head just yet, but if that’s the best way to go about doing this than I shall perform the surgery.

Before I go, some random thoughts:

  • Dear USPS – what are you doing with my packages??? My parcel arrived into my state, and then left only to show up two states away on tracking. I don’t even.
  • I may attempt a blog a day or a Blythe a day challenge.
  • Pixie Peaceful middie is so cute :(. What to do… 
  • I can’t wait for the weekend. 

Doll mail and some unexpected shopping :D

After completely underestimating how hard it is for me to sew clothes for Finley, I made a couple of orders on Etsy and Ebay for some basic doll clothes. My order from MissFreyaJ’s Etsy shop arrived in the mail today! I ordered two simple dresses with cute patterned fabric for Finley. They have velcro on the back, and they’re finished very well. I’m very happy with my purchase, so much so I had to drop everything and get Finley into her new dress.

Dresses from MissFreyaJ's Etsy store

Dresses from MissFreyaJ’s Etsy store

Finley in her new dress and hat

Finley in her new dress and hat

I need more socks and stockings for her :-/. The hat I actually crocheted yesterday, and I’m quite happy with how it came out! The cotton yarn that I used for the hat is the same color as her pull ring, which I found pretty cute. The ears are poseable, as I used some wire to make them stiff and adjustable. :3 It’s raining outside today, but I can’t wait to go out to a nearby park and take some photos of Finley surrounded by nature. Whenever I try taking photos at home, this is what happens:

My cat being a jerk. I still love her though.

My cat being a jerk. I still love her though.

Since I have the day off today, I decided to walk about 4 miles to my vet’s office to pick up a prescription. On the way, there’s a Michaels, so I made an impromptu shopping trip :3. Michaels always has sales and coupons, so I actually left the store with more than I thought I would buy…

My Michaels haul

My Michaels haul

I found a miniature camera for scrapbooking. It’s kind of heavy, but it looked like it would be really cute as a prop. I bought the little picture frames for the same reason. The little bird makeup bags were only 3 dollars all together, so why not? And as for the beads, I am planning on decorating Finley’s pull string with them. I still need a cute pull charm,  but I’m having a hard time finding something that would be perfect. I was thinking of something along the lines of a white cat, or a charm of Finn, Fionna, Cake, or Jake from Adventure Time. A delicate looking sword would work too, or maybe even a shield with a coat of arms that has cats on it (can you tell I really love cats?).

Before I leave, just one more photo of Finley for good measure!


Crocheting in miniature 2 – doll dress

I just finished crocheting a dress for Finley! I’m very happy with how the dress turned out. I’m not used to using crochet thread or a hook smaller than 2mm, but i’m getting the hang of it (I wrap the thread once around my pinky and on my index finger to get some tension, which I find makes crocheting with such a thin material easier),

Finley in her new dress

Finley in her new dress

She’s wearing her stock shoes and socks :D.


The pink fleece jacket is from Daiso. The front won’t close because it’s too small, but it still looks cute. I will most likely put it on one of my EAH girls.

Annndddd here is what I’ve crocheted for Finley so far:

Crochet! All day! Every day!

Crochet! All day! Every day!

Now, I’m one to anthropomorphize animals, and when I was younger, I did this with all of my toys. I don’t know why I was that way, but I was convinced even a slinky had emotions. So, giving Finley a personality feels kind of natural to me… though I probably wouldn’t go sharing that with my friends or family because they just wouldn’t understand (I’ve had people say to me, “You talk to your CAT?” and give me side eye). I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m starting to get a feel for my new dolly – for now it would be what kind of clothing style suits her.

I found some of my old jewelry!

I found some of my old jewelry!

I also wanted to share the photo I took above. I recently found a box of some of my old jewelry, from when I was in junior high school and high school. I’m thinking of repurposing some of my old jewelry to charm up Finley’s pull string, or even make her some jewelry. I still don’t have a clear idea of how I want Finley’s pull string and charm to look. If I could find a white cat pendant or charm, that would be ideal. However, i’m not having very much luck on Ebay or Etsy.

Final thing I wanted to share before I went to sleep – a link! I really love this post by BlytheLife – The “Should you get A new Blythe” Flow Chart. It made me feel better about the possibility of buying a new Blythe.

The Craft Store (Michaels)

Michaels is one of my most favorite stores as of late. It was always fun to browse the aisles, but now that I’m crocheting a lot and I’ve gotten into dolls, all of the sudden the aisles I wouldn’t normally look at are calling to me. Other than the yarn and crochet hook aisle, I will now look at the scrap booking section for miniatures I can potentially use as doll accessories. I got so excited when I saw the little display of tiny home goods. 


Look at the little hangers!! Each packet ranged from 2-3 dollars. Also, Michaels always has a coupon you can use toward your purchase. I probably redeemed a 20% off coupon for these minis. 

The one thing I wish I didn’t purchase is the pair of rain boots. I thought for sure they would fit on a doll, but nope… Too small. Those will go to a friend who actually scrapbooks lol. 

I can easily find something to buy at Michaels, and they’re so prolific in my area. I kind of wish there was a Joanns or Hobby Lobby closer to me though!