Venturing out

Strangely enough, it’s been pretty rainy in Southern California this past week. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this week to take photographs in my apartment, so I grabbed two girls and googled directions to the nearest park. 

It’s amazing what a difference in scenery makes. I took out Mikan and Remington for photos since I can just toss them into a bag and go (toss… meaning gently wrap and carefully place in a tote). 

At this particular park, I actually got chased by a squirrel. And by chased, I don’t mean “oh it looks like that squirrel is maybe walking toward me or looking at me funny,” this squirrel literally danced around me and scampered after me thinking I might have food. Said squirrel:

Sometimes I feel like I need to push myself to do doll related things, just because I have a lot of dolls (in my opinion, lol for me I have a lot of dolls), and I’m expecting two more dolls in the near future (a repainted Licca and a customized Blythe). 

I know it’s okay to have things just to look at and appreciate, but the hobby for me has been an active one – dressing dolls, crafting for dolls, photographing them, and going to meets. It’s hard to get out of that mindset that I should be DOING something with my dolls. 

I need to learn how to chill.


Out and about

I met up with my friend today in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather and also get some exercise (I wish knitting and crocheting burned more calories). My friend brought her new Momoko doll out while I redressed and brought out Reese, my Wendy Weekender. 

the flatiron building

we got ice cream!

candid camera outside of Ippudo Ramen

I love taking walks with a doll, because the change in scenery compared to the photos I normally take at home is refreshing. 


My friend’s Momoko is also quite beautiful! Tanned dolls seem special to me because there doesn’t seem to be as many released by Asian doll companies, and there’s something quite striking about how the bold lip doesn’t distract from her face or starkly contrast to her skin tone. 
Momoko looks pretty editorial next to Reese.

What Reese is wearing: Samedi Marche stock top, Kuloft suspender skirt, MINIJIJO socks, Les Jeunette stock shoes, knitted fox headband.

Normally I don’t like to do ANYTHING on Sunday – Sunday is my literal day of rest. I don’t do anything to mentally and physically prepare myself for work the next day. My plan for the remainder of the day is to laze about ^^. 

Little fox in the park

Definitely not as warm as I thought it would be today. I wanted to do three things this weekend – 1) Work on the saran reroot, 2) Try a new knitting pattern, and 3) Take some doll photos. ^^ I’ve done 1 and 3, and there’s still a bit of weekend left to knock out #2 (despite it being daylight savings tomorrow 😦 ). I met up with my friend, who recently adopted a customized Winterish Allure by Almond Doll. I decided to bring out Elowyn, as I have not had a chance to take some decent photos of her. My favorite shots of her from today:25110518803_a355766fe4_k

I also was amazed at how beautiful my friend’s new girl is! The detail in the mouth and the nose are gorgeous, and she has very fine shimmer across her cheeks as well as gold hearts painted on her lids. Seeing my friend’s customized Winterish Allure also gives me a newfound appreciation for the stock doll – that hair is a gorgeous ash blond. It’s thick and has a nice wave to it.

Obligatory group shot:25711134726_58683ca778_k

Aine (my friend’s WA) is wearing Raspberry Sorbet stock from head to toe, and Elowyn is wearing a Plastic Fashion dress, Cadence Majorette stock shoes, and a knitted fox headband from Kbabydolls.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my mini giveaway, if you haven’t yet!

Photo montage of Cancun – Day 3

I took both Danbo and Sonny Angel out today. Some more obligatory beach photos, but I added footprints this time (probably not enough though)!  The hotel also gave us this plate. No idea why. I guess… They assumed my parents are on a honey moon… And decided to bring their adult daughter with them. Sonny Angel is looking right at home ^^.  Currently, Danbo is looking a little worse for the wear (Sorry Danbo). Danbo and Sonny Angel are pretty fun to photograph. They stand up by themselves without problem, and I’m getting the hang of playing with scale and my iPhone. In particular, Danbo is really photogenic (with that ( ゚д゚) face). 

My vacation away from life ends soon! I’m going to a Blythe meet soon, and I have a doll project in mind for when I get back (though with the weather being the way it is, I might have to postpone it). I also think that my 1 year bloggiversary (that doesn’t look right…) is coming up soon! Exciting times ^^. 

I’m going to try to take it easy (instead of wanting to be productive, which on a vacation is counterproductive), so my next post will most likely be when I get back. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Blythe on Vacation

I’ve been taking it (real) easy these past few days – after the reroot, I kind of ran out of steam. Subsequently, I kind of sort of tapped out of the ADAD challenge, which in my defense, I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. I have that personality where when something that is fun starts to feel like a job, I feel this overwhelming urge to procrastinate and at that point, the thing that was supposed to be enjoyable becomes a chore. Also, taking photos at night in my room while trying to make the photos pretty or artsy isn’t easy! I began depending on filters to make my photos interesting.

I did experience my best photoshoot while participating in the daily photo challenge! I met with my friend, and we took our girls to a large park to take some outdoor photos. I guess this is the first time where my sole reason to go somewhere is to take photos of my dolls. I’m quite happy with how a lot of my photos came out. Plus, since it was a chilly winter day, the park was relatively empty (score!).

Two of my favorite photos I took:    
 Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about – bringing a doll on vacation. I’ve done it before – Rosaline (who I’ve since rehomed) came with me to California, and Marina and Finley went with me to Chicago. However, this time I’ll be traveling with relatives (my aunt and uncle) who have no idea that I collect dolls. My aunt in particular has very strong opinions, and will voice them whether I like it or not. I’m not sure how they will react to my whipping out a doll for photos. I probably will take a girl with me, and maybe take some time by myself to walk around and snap some photos. 

I will most likely bring Merry, my Licca chan. She seems way sturdier than any of my blythes and she’s considerably smaller (more discrete, and easier to carry around). Merry is the low-key option in that I don’t have to worry too much about posing her, accidentally breaking her, or sand/water getting into her head. I don’t want to worry about anything, as I haven’t traveled in a while and I really need a break from the everyday. I just don’t know though!
Mail Roll Call
· Vintage Skipper jacket and shoes
· More saran hair (Because I’m a glutton for punishment)
· A lot of 3 bodies (2 licca, 1 blythe)
· Cherie Babette – I hope she comes this month! I have that hankering to debox a new blythe!

A Doll A Day – Week One

I might have mentioned this before, but I decided to try a doll photo challenge! The one I am attempting is A Doll A Day, which I guess I was technically supposed to start on January 1st (oops). Currently, I am on day 7 out of 366.


This is my favorite photo from this first week (2/366). I think Finley looks particularly sweet, and it reminds me of the more recent episode of Adventure Time with BMO and Football (BMO’s friend who lives on the other side of the mirror). That cat dress, which I bought for Rory, also looks way better on Finley (sorry, Rory).

I think doing this photo challenge will be good for me. It’ll help me be more active in the blythe hobby, and it doesn’t involve shopping XD . It also encourages me to redress my girls often. I’m kind of running out of ideas on how to creatively photograph my dolls though (and only one week in too).

Some things I will be posting about soon:

  • Rerooting! – I’m working on a saran reroot for Rory. It is SLOW GOING. I just want to share my progress here on the blog.
  • A Complete (???) Marshall Lee – Marshall Lee’s wig will be shipping in a few days! The etsy seller knows the character I am basing my doll off of, and said she’d try to style the fur wig accordingly. I am very excited for my azone/obitsu hybrid to be complete.

Woo Wednesday tomorrow. We are halfway to the weekend.

This week on “Off the Shelf Life”…

IMG_5359.JPGIMG_5361.JPGIMG_5360.JPGLol, Merry is okay. I stopped my cat before she knocked Merry over. It has to be jealousy though, because most of the time, the camera is pointed at her as opposed to my dolls. I put Merry in a Reve de Rui tunic top and Mini Jijo socks. Her shoes are her stock shoes, and I crocheted that scarf.IMG_5365.JPGI changed Rory into the stock Stella Savannah dress and blouse. The fox headband has been on her since I got back from Blythe Con in October.

I haven’t redressed Marina, because I’m waiting for Christmas! I ordered her very own dress by Plastic Fashion, and I’m waiting for Christmas to open it up and put it on her. ^^ Only five more days til the big day!