Quintessential 90’s Kid

It’s raining today where I am, which brought to mind this particular song that I was quite obsessed with in my childhood.

Yes. It is a song from the cartoon Sailor Moon, which I caught every day before school and/or after school. I was the kind of kid who would get my music from cartoons and movies (on VHS), rather than the radio. Some other hits of my childhood were:

I guess I’m feeling a little (a lot) nostalgic. I think redressing my dolls also put me in that sort of mood. I’m single-minded when it comes to picking outfits for my girls, and it usually takes me a little over an hour to dress all five of them. When an outfit comes out just right, there’s that sense of satisfaction that I’ve made blythe considerably cuter and also maybe learned better how to style a particular girl.

Anyway, I  was feeling a bit uninspired last night as I sorted through my boxes of doll clothes. Out of my five girls, I was happiest with how Finley and Rory were redressed. 25585182554_37357346ac_z

Finley is wearing Zinochika stock shoes, white tights, a black MINIJIJO tutu, a striped t-shirt, and a crochet beret.25917078900_76b85f5c26_kRory is wearing Licca shoes, very distressed jeans from MINIJIJO, and Lizzie Hearts sweater by Lambellina. Rory looks kind of like my spirit animal XD – she’s looking exactly how I want to look with her pink hair, winged liner, and stylin’ ensemble.

Here’s to a weekend that feels long! May Monday come veryyyyyy slowly (please).

My Rationalizing Doll Brain

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going on a bit of a dolly buying ban in 2016. Now is not the time in my life to be accumulating things, but rather, it’s the time to declutter. This is particularly hard because I have so many dolls on my wish list, and already there are two blythe releases coming out in the next few months that I have my eye on. They both have more stock clothes than is per usual, which in hoping means that Takara is upping their stock game ^^.

Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops – I expect she will be the May release. Immediately, I’m drawn to her short hair and her adorable stock. She’s already up for preorder on CC Toys, and her $189 price tag makes it easier for me to resist.

Neo Blythe Allegra Champagne – She will be a summer release. Look at how fancy she is! She has two outfits, which is rarer for the new releases. I regret not getting last year’s Anniversary girl (Dauphine Dream), so there’s that.. I’ll be trying as all heck not to get any new blythes this year (I may sign up for the lottery for the anniversary girl depending on how the actual doll looks), and to try to appreciate the girls I have. 

But… when I see new girls being released or a good deal on older releases on adoption groups or on ebay, I get major FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (XD this acronym is probably not used much in this context). Like, what if the new girl becomes hard to find later? Or what if she becomes too expensive for me to purchase? What if it’s a long time before I see another of the older release for adoption at such a good price? 

I’ve experienced this sensation before in the makeup hobby, however in that hobby there are almost always dupes in other brands, and the price of a single item usually isn’t something to fret over. If I liked something, I bought it, and if it was limited edition, I bought it FAST. Blythes are way more expensive than lipsticks or blushes, so I tend not to make impulse buys. Blythes are also bigger than lipstick and blush, and therefore more tricky to pack and move, so it doesn’t make sense to expand my family. 😦 Trying to be logical here, but the heart wants more blythes.

Also, my logical mind tells me that there will be more releases in the future that I may find cuter or love more than the ones I won’t be getting upon release. My logical mind is so annoying.
To appease the part of me that craves for a new doll, I’m thinking of getting a Hujoo Nano Rabi! XD Rationalizing Olive rationalizes that the Hujoo Nano Rabi shouldn’t count as breaking the doll ban because A) it’s so small! B) it’ll only be about $35 for the doll and eyes, and C) it’s so cute. I originally wanted the Nano Freya, because I love cats, but I’m not a fan of the shape of the head and how far apart the ears are spaced. I’ve also seen way more cute faceups on the Rabi than on the Freya, and I think he’d look cute as a tea party guest for my girls – he will be a well to do rabbit.
I will most likely order a Hujoo Nano (not sure yet if Rabi or Freya) next month. The weather is getting nicer, and I kind of want to try another faceup.

Post-Birthday Blues

It’s been a few days since my birthday, which came and went uneventfully. I’m starting to feel that time is passing a lot faster than it used to, which bums me out – gone are the days when I felt I had all the time in the world. I have that feeling where I have so much I need to do and a ton of things I want to do, but I have no clue where would be the best place to start so I choose to do … Nothing. :-/ You know what I mean?

Actually, that’s not entirely true. When I get to feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated, I shop, eat, and watch T.V. (Currently watching House M.D.). I also did some damage on etsy >_< (oops). I made two orders in the past week, and I’m really excited for them to come in the mail! The first order is from Kuloft, three dresses and a pair of shoes. I was contemplating getting another flower dress, but I opted to get a couple of the drying dresses. (Photos below from the Kuloft Etsy store)

I’m actually kind of kicking myself right now for not grabbing a Chicken dress.

The second order is from Tired Mom Knits, three cardigans and a dress. I’ve been meaning to order from this store, and there’s currently a 30% off coupon (code: Birthday30) – perfect opportunity :3 . The store also has a ton of stuff for middies! (Photos below from Tired Mom Knits Etsy store)

This week’s goals – relearn how to knit, start Saran reroot attempt #2, konmari my life (a little).

9 Months of Blythe

This post will be kind of a “Things I’ve learned” rambling entry. The month of December usually puts me in a weird mood, with the holidays, and the whole saying goodbye to 2015, and having to adjust to the year being 2016 (adjust, meaning I have to remember to date things as 2016, even though my hand (out of muscle memory) demands I write 2015… is this just me?). I wanted to reminisce and talk about the things I’ve learned, and maybe how the doll hobby has affected my life, so here goes!

I feel like, with every new doll I acquire, I’m learning more about myself as a collector. Here are some of the major things I’ll be taking away this year, as my ninth month of collecting and 2015 comes to a close.

  • I wish I had done more research and splurged a bit more on a blythe I really wanted rather than only considering the more economical options. I kept my budget to $140, which at the time I thought was being generous. I wasn’t sure if I would like being in the Blythe hobby, so I didn’t want to invest so much money on a single doll. I guess this says a lot about hindsight, and I think I was trying to be practical. Nowadays, $140 for a doll doesn’t seem all that outrageous.


  • I prefer the Takara Blythe stock body over the jointed Azone or Sweetiiger body for Blythes. The jointed limbs aren’t very good at supporting a blythe doll’s big head. I haven’t tried a Licca body on my blythe dolls because I can’t decide which one to try it on.


  • I’m too much of a perfectionist, and way too hypercritical of myself to be customizing dolls regularly. I am also lacking in patience. All of these character traits lead to a stressful customizing experience.
  • I like Middies, but I don’t like having separate wardrobes. All my dolls are sisters, they must be able to share! … Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t see myself purchasing a doll that isn’t able to wear 1/6 scale clothes.
  • Sometimes, the Pinterest gods smile upon me and I’m able to create new dos worthy to be #hairspiration.


  • I’m (currently) not up to the task of being a diligent BJD owner. I think the thing with BJDs is that there’s just too much going on – there’s the stringing, interchangeable eyes, wigs, the fact that the resin will yellow, the option to suede. Simply put, I’m not cut out to be a bjd owner.

My wallet’s empty stomach aside, I’m glad to have discovered the doll hobby. I’ve made a handful of friends and met a ton of nice people because of this shared love of Blythe dolls and miniature things. I wouldn’t have thought it, but Blythe dolls get me out of the house for photography, attending meets, and even out of the state to attend my first Blythe Con. My dolls offer a creative outlet for me in crocheting, occasionally sewing, and blogging, and these things bring me joy (or atleast a reprieve from my anxiety).

Here’s to another year in the doll hobby ^^. I wish everyone happy holiday hauling, and may all your dolly hopes come to fruition! (/end cheeziness).

Coloring and Crocheting – Activities for the anxious

I purchased a Jetoy Choo Choo coloring book last month at the anime convention I attended. After seeing another blogger’s coloring book as well as this Huffington Post article (which coincidentally just shows up on my facebook feed, even though it’s been published a year ago), I decided to crack open my own.

And then I almost closed it, and shelved it again, LOOK AT ALL THE LINES AND THE SMALL SPACES :(. The book itself is super adorable! I love Jetoy Choo Choo cats, and even black and white, this coloring book is really pretty. I actually started coloring the first page and I’ve hardly made a dent in it because of how detailed the drawing is. Coloring is more absorbing than I thought it would be – I guess because it draws your focus to what colors you want to use next, if those colors work with each other, and staying in the lines. I really don’t want to mess up my pretty book, so I must have been concentrating doubly hard. I wasn’t really thinking of much else as I was shading in the page. For me, that’s the mark of a great activity for staving off anxiety. To be honest, I actually got tired from working on the page above, and I went to sleep right after I put everything away (which, is kind of a big deal to me because I usually have trouble falling asleep).


I also finished crocheting this guy over the weekend! The pattern can be found on this website. I wanted to try making this amigurumi because I was interested in the construction of the bear. This bear doesn’t really have separate parts that need to be stitched together, like most amigurumi. I thought the pattern was relatively simple, though some of the instructions were a bit unclear (I kind of struggled with the ears, because when I made them as per the instructions, they looked a bit funky. In the end, I decided to make the ears as I would normally make bear ears if this were a hat or a different amigurumi bear), ^^ I didn’t have brown yarn, so mine is a polar bear.

Crochet Therapy

For me personally, crocheting can sometimes be a way for me to sidestep the stress of the every day – whether it’s a bad at work, worries about the future, or generally negative thoughts. I am someone who struggles with anxiety in varying degrees. It’s not so bad now, and I’m glad to say that for the past two years, I’ve had more good days than bad (which is definitely more than I could say about the period of my life prior to that. #darktimes #sorryIcouldnthelpmyself #neededtoinsertjokehere).

I didn’t expect crocheting to be therapeutic in the least. I picked it up on whim when my best friend asked me if I was interested in learning how to crochet with her. We sat down in her living room with our newly purchased hooks and yarn, and proceeded to watch a handful of Youtube videos explaining how to chain, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. And then, my hobby turned into something of an obsession (OR maybe I should refer to myself as an extreme hobbyist, because it sounds slightly cooler and less unstable).

I’m not that good at crocheting. It takes me a while to complete projects, because I’m so finicky about mistakes (in that there must not be any) and my hands aren’t very nimble. When I’m working on amigurumi or a new pattern especially, I tend to concentrate very hard on the pattern and the hook and yarn I have in my hand. On the rare occasions when I attempt to freehand a project, I get lost in thought trying to picture where the increases and decreases should go in my row. When I really get into crocheting, my mind is so focused on what my hands are doing – making sure I don’t drop stitches unintentionally, making sure I don’t suddenly have more or less stitches, checking the gauge, and keeping track of my rows. This activity doesn’t really leave much room in my head for worries that shouldn’t be worries to the extent that I build them up to be.

I had a point to this post. …

I wanted to share the tops I’ve crocheted!


I must say that having a spare body is terribly convenient. This particular body is a stock Takara body that came with Finley. The top on the left was worked from the bottom up, and the one on the right was worked on from the top down. All of them need snaps, except the dark red and white striped top at the bottom. I plan on sewing skirts to one or two of these tops. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out though! It took some hemming and hawing on my part trying to figure out where to put the increases and decreases and how to finagle the arm holes, but totally worth it ^^. (I’m considering sharing the pattern here or on ravelry, but they’re pretty simple so I’m not sure if I’d really be adding anything to what’s already out there).

Planned projects (and my procrastination)

For me, getting started on something is half the battle. My personality is such that if I start a project, I have to finish it without unnecessary delays. A WiP will be all I can think about, so much so that I’m reluctant to do anything else. This also applies to non-hobby related things. Take exercise for example – if I’m motivated enough to get on my workout wear, nothing is stopping me from running atleast a mile and a half.

tldr: I havean addictive personality with obsessive tendencies.

Right now I’m in a state of “omg where do I begin?”

Here are the projects that are cluttering my brain:

1. Customizing Yeolume: I have all the parts and all the tools. I just need to sit down and start!

2. Yarn stash busting! – I’ve hauled a lot of yarn in the past year, and I figured out what I like and don’t like. I’d like to use up my stash before purchasing any more. I think I will be making a lot of amigurumi and Blythe hats in the future, and maybe some more hats for my mom. I actually also have enough of the same yarn for a sweater, but I can’t find a pattern that I love enough to put in that kind of effort and time. I’m contemplating making a ripple patterned blanket with all of my yarn – it will be the world’s ugliest ripple throw if I’m to use the yarn I have.

3. Sewing doll clothes – 😦 Everything is so small. And my hands feel clumsy with such tiny needles and thin thread.

4. Yarn wig for my bjd – I actually commissioned a pink alpaca wig with a nice seller on etsy. While I wait for the wig, I will try my hand at a yarn wig! I also have all the materials for this.

Current Mail Call:

2 Dresses from Rabbit in the Moon

1 Dress and overalls from Reve de Rui

1 GIANT Blythe clothing lot from EBay

1 Alpaca wig from Belindas Lock

I think I need another Blythe doll desperately at this point. I have accumulated a large wardrobe, and I only have Finley. I’ve been scouring eBay and some Facebook groups for a pink haired girl, but no luck. I did have my eye on Stella Savannah, but the other day I put Finley’s photo next to an owner photo of Stella and they look so similar to one another that I kind of fell out of love (similar makeup coloring, both are radiance face molds, same hair style). I’m kind of digging Cherry Beach Sunset though and I am waiting impatiently for more finalized photos of My Melody.

I cannot wait for the weekend. I hope to atleast start one of the projects above.

Customizing woes

Sooooo… I managed to somehow break Finley’s eye mech. I tried to be productive and crafty, and tried to change Finley’s pull string, as I had noticed it was fraying when I peaked into her head. Since I can’t seem to get Finley’s head open all the way (the right side where the scalp and the two face plates meet seems to be fused), I managed to change her string without doing so. 😦 the pull string got caught in the spring, so in the end I did have to kind of keep her pried open while I untangled the two bits. 

Now Finley’s eye mech gets stuck on one of her four sets of eyes (the new hand painted ones). I’m guessing this may be happening because I pulled the spring too much and stretched it out… Though I don’t know why then only one set of eyes don’t work and not all.

I feel like this problem would probably go away if I somehow gave Finley sleep eyes (no spring, no problem?)… But I’m not sure how to do this without opening her head completely. 

My feels: 


Side note: amazingly enough, I’m not waiting for any doll mail! I received the pure neemo body for my Yeolume… May tackle carving, repainting, and rebodying in a few weeks. I’m actually going to cosplay for a convention, and I need to get to work on my costume ^^.

Today feels like a granny square kind of day.

A bad day for me is more normal than a good day. I had another awful day at work. Being the lowest ranked in my department, I’m kind of the person everyone feels like they get to push around. I got so frustrated at my life situation (I know my life could be worse), I bawled like a crazy person on my walk home from work. Ugly crying.

I was expecting one of my Etsy orders to arrive today, but when I checked the tracking in the middle of the day, there was a notice on the USPS website saying that they could not deliver the package and that it would be sent back to the sender… ALL THE WAY IN THAILAND. Thankfully, I managed to pick up my package, which contained this adorable Alice in Wonderland inspired dress and apron. It came with a long black ribbon, but I was having difficulties tying it onto Finley’s head.

Little Alice and Toto

Instant mood lifter. Amirite? The outfit above is from BlytheBerryGirl’s Etsy store.

… I was so upset, I actually ended up making a new order on Etsy for two beautiful dresses.

Finley is in desperate need of some more shoes and stockings (i prefer stockings over socks). If anyone has recommendations of favorite Etsy or Ebay stores for these items, please let me know! :3

Now I’m off to crochet a ton of granny squares out of the leftover yarn skeins I have. One day, I will have a rainbow granny square crocheted blanket. It will be both ugly and glorious.

Fighting in the morning

I guess I have this problem where I need justification to make big purchases. Or approval maybe? So I made the big mistake of sharing with my mom the fact that I will most likely purchase another Blythe.

   Big mistake. (For backstory, I (28 years old) live with my parents, as does my younger sister. I really don’t have an intention to move out until I find a new job that relocates me to the west coast.).  My mom got all upset when I brought my doll hobby up, saying that I should be saving money and thinking about my future. I have crazy Asian parents, stereotypically unforgiving, critical, and always struggling with denial. 

It’s hard to hold onto positivity when I’m living with negative parents. I find it insanely sad that a lot of emotional and psychological problems stem from a person’s relationship with his or her parents. But the years of struggling with my own issues has sort of taught me to be kinder to myself.  For every few critical things that are said to me that hurt me, I force myself to think of one positive – because it’s just too easy to also be hard on myself. 

I understand the point that my mom and dad were trying to make this morning (a blow on my age, the fact that I’m living at home and kind of a mooch, and I’m not married, and I’ve developed this doll hobby in the past two months). But I also understand myself that there are a lot worse things I could be into at my age than dolls. 

I should probably look into moving out sooner, but that doesn’t fit into my 2-3 year plan, as unfair as that is to my parents for me to live with them I guess. 

ANYWAY, the two promotional pics of the blythes above are from the Junie moon site (Japanese site). I got SO FREAKING EXCITED when I saw Spright Beauty!! I was eyeing Pixie Peaceful (the middie), but I hesitated at the thought of accumulating two different size wardrobes. I really want a pink haired blythe. I even have the perfect name for one! I was contemplating getting a factory girl, but I’m not confident I can make her look like I want.  The second photo is a (tentative?) photo of the My Melody blythe. I love her color palette too, but I want to get a blythe with a different hair style than Finley.

 I miss my furbaby. And I can already tell today is going to be a long day.