Doll Shelf Goals

I’ve learned that I value variety in my Blythe collection. It’s easier for me to justify adding a new blythe to the family if I don’t already own a similar doll. Also, it helps me keep my wishlist finite.

Here’s the line up right now (listed left to right):


  • Finley – Cadence Majorette, RBL+, long white-blonde hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Chantilly Lace custom girl.
  • Reese – Completely stock Wendy Weekender. FBL, medium length wavy mint blue hair with straight across bangs and a center part.
  • Marina – Factory blythe, long wavy teal hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Project dollhouse custom girl.
  • Rory – Factory blythe with Didee Eureka scalp, reddish brown curly hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Custom girl by me.
  • Elowyn – Completely stock Cherie Babette. Translucent FBL, short dark brown hair with straight across bangs and a center part.

Here are some traits I’m hoping to add to my doll collection:

  • Girl with no bangs – All my girls have straight across bangs!
  • Girl with side part – All my girls have center parts 😦
  • BL mold
  • Hair Colors – Pink, Red, and Blonde/Ash Brown
  • A girl with all special chips

Mondrian has been on my wishlist for quite a while, and she would knock off BL, no bangs, and blonde hair from my list.


Photo taken from (not my photo!)

Royal Soliloquy is also often on my wishlist, but she kind of floats on and off of it.


Photo from

Her overall look is quite striking and very elegant… but  sometimes I find this doll off-putting. RoSo would knock off red hair, all special chips, and no bangs from my list. I think it may be that the stark contrast between her hair, and her pale skin tone, as well as the bold coloring of her stock and her features makes her look a bit severe.

I’ve been splurging a bit on my hobbies, but I’ve been pretty good about not adding another blythe to my shelf. I think the next thing on my To-Do list will be to konmari my doll wardrobe.


Things I’m looking forward to

  • The weekend – It’s been hell-week at my job.
  • Ordering yarn from Knit Picks – I think I’ll bite the bullet this weekend! My sister said she would dye yarn with me, so I plan on getting a few skeins of bare yarn ^^. Also, I’m going to treat myself to some sock yarn! I want to attempt to knit myself some socks.
  • The BJD eyes that I ordered for my Hujoo Janus Gato – They’re currently at customs… Hopefully they come next week.
  • Quite possibly making a 2 hour trek via public transportation to Gundam Planet in the next state over for some MSC (because I ran out… also I kind of want to check out this place).
  • Receiving a swap package from a dolly friend. ^^ She’s already received the package I sent to her, and tried some of the items on her dolls. I love seeing photos of other people’s dolls wearing things I’ve handmade. The below are from her flickr ^^ (I made both hats and the white sweater in the photo on the bottom).


  • A weekend of knitting while cuddling with my cat and watching doll-related youtube videos.
  • Finally head out to the nearby park with one or two of my Blythes and have a photo session (most likely at 9AM in the morning to avoid them crowds).

Here’s to a very quick Friday!


Things I’m currently about


I’ve taken to sitting at Starbucks and killing time during lunch. My favorite thing to do is watch YouTube videos (thank you for the free Wi-Fi Starbucks), and decorating my Hobonichi with washi tape. It’s pretty soothing, and definitely stress relieving. Decorating with washi is a way for my brain to take a break from how angry my work makes me. /Angst

This Hi-Tec C Coleto Pen 

muji on the left, coleto on the right

  It’s replaced my very old multicolor pen from Muji. Jann of Project Dollhouse loves the pilot Hi-Tec C, and I knew I had to try it. I liked that I could pick the ink cartridge colors and size, and the pen case. I ordered the pink coleto with Black, Purple, Cherry Pink, Apple Green, and Aqua Blue ink, all in 0.3 mm. I’m a huge fan of the black, purple, and cherry pink. I probably could have done without the green and the blue. The Cherry Pink shade actually reminds me of a pen I had when I was either in elementary school or junior high school – it’s the same shade of this scented pen I had. Literally, when I look at my writing using the Cherry Pink ink, I can remember the odd artificial cherry/strawberry scented ink of my youth. 

Stardew Valley

I’m not sure exactly how many hours I’ve logged on this PC game, but I’m near the end of my first winter. If you love Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, you will LOVE this game. It’s kind of a Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and dare I say an Animal Crossing hybrid. The graphics remind me of old PC games (think mid-90s) or Super Nintendo games. It doesn’t bother me much, because this sort of retro graphics has its own charm and it’s nostalgic. The game itself is immersive and full of surprises. Without spoiling too much, here are some pros and cons to the game so far:

  • The accessible areas are huge. Way bigger than any harvest moon game maps.
  • There is a ton of content and areas to unlock.
  • There are a ton of cut scenes, not just limited to with the bachelors or bachelorettes. The characters each have depth and backstories. They have realistic problems, and to befriend them is to learn more about them.
  • You’re limited to two gifts a week per person. (Huge plus). I hate having to make daily rounds to distribute gifts to all the townsfolk.
  • Regardless of your gender, it looks like you can court any of the bachelors or bachelorettes.
  • There are tons of quests and events
  • It almost feels like an open-world game.


  • Because the game is still fairly new, I’ve encountered some glitches. But I believe the game has continued to release updates to fix this.
  • Fishing is the Worst. The absolute Worst.

Only two more days till the weekend!

What No-Buy?

Did I say I was on a No-Buy?

Apparently, I must have been mistaken. On particularly trying days, I find myself browsing eBay, etsy, and sales group on facebook for good deals on doll clothes and dolls. I think of it as window-shoppng. I’ll cave every once in a while on a new outfit, but I’ve been pretty good about not making any big doll purchases (I don’t really count my Hujoo Nano Rabi because of how small he is, and with shipping, he costs the equivalent of 3 lunches… Priorities, amirite?). This morning, I decided to check my Promotions folder in Gmail (mostly to see if Knitpicks or Michaels had a good promo code up), and I saw a newsletter from the Junky Spot saying that they have the Hujoo Janus Gato in stock!    

Both photos are from the Junky Spot website. I had the doll in my cart for about five minutes, before I pulled the trigger.
I’ve actually first saw the Hujoo Janus Gato when I was researching anthro cat bjds. I really liked the look of the doll’s face(s) and body, and I thought it was super interesting that the head had two faces on it – a mostly cat face and a mostly human face. The cost also priced it way under most of the resin anthro cat bjds on the market. However, at the time, the only place I found that I could order the Janus Gato was on the Hujoo website, and I didn’t want to pay a lot for shipping from S. Korea. So, I proceeded to put this doll out of my mind, as I had come to terms with the fact that I would probably never own it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the doll’s sweet mug(s) in an email!
Now, I’ve mentioned that I didn’t think I was a very good BJD owner, because of a few reasons. I guess I felt overwhelmed with all of the extra things I felt I needed to buy, but knew very little about, and also I was afraid of yellowing and the idea that the doll would lose value for simply being exposed to light or age. The only BJD I’ve ever owned, a DearMine Dorothy Anthro cat girl, spent 98% of her time with me in a box in a closet. 

I think things will be different with the Hujoo Janus Gato, because the doll is made of ABS plastic and also while not cheap, it’s nowhere near as expensive as a resin bjd. I also don’t have to worry about wigging this guy because of his unusual head. 

I also already have a character planned for him, which I will go into when he gets here ^^ (already shipped, Boom!). Sooo, for the next month or so, I shall be packing my lunch. 

Quintessential 90’s Kid

It’s raining today where I am, which brought to mind this particular song that I was quite obsessed with in my childhood.

Yes. It is a song from the cartoon Sailor Moon, which I caught every day before school and/or after school. I was the kind of kid who would get my music from cartoons and movies (on VHS), rather than the radio. Some other hits of my childhood were:

I guess I’m feeling a little (a lot) nostalgic. I think redressing my dolls also put me in that sort of mood. I’m single-minded when it comes to picking outfits for my girls, and it usually takes me a little over an hour to dress all five of them. When an outfit comes out just right, there’s that sense of satisfaction that I’ve made blythe considerably cuter and also maybe learned better how to style a particular girl.

Anyway, I  was feeling a bit uninspired last night as I sorted through my boxes of doll clothes. Out of my five girls, I was happiest with how Finley and Rory were redressed. 25585182554_37357346ac_z

Finley is wearing Zinochika stock shoes, white tights, a black MINIJIJO tutu, a striped t-shirt, and a crochet beret.25917078900_76b85f5c26_kRory is wearing Licca shoes, very distressed jeans from MINIJIJO, and Lizzie Hearts sweater by Lambellina. Rory looks kind of like my spirit animal XD – she’s looking exactly how I want to look with her pink hair, winged liner, and stylin’ ensemble.

Here’s to a weekend that feels long! May Monday come veryyyyyy slowly (please).

A Reason to Save

As of late, the Smart Dolls by Danny Choo have been occupying my mind. Currently, Smart Doll offers a core line of characters in 1/3 scale, however, the Smart Doll really caught my attention when I saw that they were working on a 1/6 scale doll to come out this winter.5ab20f156de5039f153baa480e2e39c0

There are a few reasons why I’ve been obsessing with Smart Dolls

  • They aren’t strung. Instead, they have an internal skeleton


  • They are made of vinyl, and not resin. Vinyl seems sturdier than resin (this might be a misconception of mine though).
  • The core dolls are based off of characters, with names and backstories, and a signature look (which could be changed of course to base the doll off of an OC to the owner’s desire). In a way, I find this part similar to Blythe dolls in that once I choose a doll/character, I can tweak the doll to suit my aesthetics, whether it’s by changing her hair, changing her eyes, or dressing her a certain way. I already know that I’m not the faceup master, so having a cute default face (like a stock face for the Blythe doll) is a plus.
  • The 1/6 scale is so tempting because of the possibility that I might be able to share wardrobes between my blythe dolls and whatever Smart Doll I add to my family. But… the more I look at the 1/3 scale dolls, the more I wonder whether I wouldn’t enjoy a big poseable doll also!

I hope to get a smart doll by the end of this year (whether it’s the 1/6 scale or the 1/3 scale, time will tell). Actually, I’m half hoping that this Smart doll obsession is a phase XD. They are mighty expensive.

My Rationalizing Doll Brain

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going on a bit of a dolly buying ban in 2016. Now is not the time in my life to be accumulating things, but rather, it’s the time to declutter. This is particularly hard because I have so many dolls on my wish list, and already there are two blythe releases coming out in the next few months that I have my eye on. They both have more stock clothes than is per usual, which in hoping means that Takara is upping their stock game ^^.

Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops – I expect she will be the May release. Immediately, I’m drawn to her short hair and her adorable stock. She’s already up for preorder on CC Toys, and her $189 price tag makes it easier for me to resist.

Neo Blythe Allegra Champagne – She will be a summer release. Look at how fancy she is! She has two outfits, which is rarer for the new releases. I regret not getting last year’s Anniversary girl (Dauphine Dream), so there’s that.. I’ll be trying as all heck not to get any new blythes this year (I may sign up for the lottery for the anniversary girl depending on how the actual doll looks), and to try to appreciate the girls I have. 

But… when I see new girls being released or a good deal on older releases on adoption groups or on ebay, I get major FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (XD this acronym is probably not used much in this context). Like, what if the new girl becomes hard to find later? Or what if she becomes too expensive for me to purchase? What if it’s a long time before I see another of the older release for adoption at such a good price? 

I’ve experienced this sensation before in the makeup hobby, however in that hobby there are almost always dupes in other brands, and the price of a single item usually isn’t something to fret over. If I liked something, I bought it, and if it was limited edition, I bought it FAST. Blythes are way more expensive than lipsticks or blushes, so I tend not to make impulse buys. Blythes are also bigger than lipstick and blush, and therefore more tricky to pack and move, so it doesn’t make sense to expand my family. 😦 Trying to be logical here, but the heart wants more blythes.

Also, my logical mind tells me that there will be more releases in the future that I may find cuter or love more than the ones I won’t be getting upon release. My logical mind is so annoying.
To appease the part of me that craves for a new doll, I’m thinking of getting a Hujoo Nano Rabi! XD Rationalizing Olive rationalizes that the Hujoo Nano Rabi shouldn’t count as breaking the doll ban because A) it’s so small! B) it’ll only be about $35 for the doll and eyes, and C) it’s so cute. I originally wanted the Nano Freya, because I love cats, but I’m not a fan of the shape of the head and how far apart the ears are spaced. I’ve also seen way more cute faceups on the Rabi than on the Freya, and I think he’d look cute as a tea party guest for my girls – he will be a well to do rabbit.
I will most likely order a Hujoo Nano (not sure yet if Rabi or Freya) next month. The weather is getting nicer, and I kind of want to try another faceup.

Post-Birthday Blues

It’s been a few days since my birthday, which came and went uneventfully. I’m starting to feel that time is passing a lot faster than it used to, which bums me out – gone are the days when I felt I had all the time in the world. I have that feeling where I have so much I need to do and a ton of things I want to do, but I have no clue where would be the best place to start so I choose to do … Nothing. :-/ You know what I mean?

Actually, that’s not entirely true. When I get to feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated, I shop, eat, and watch T.V. (Currently watching House M.D.). I also did some damage on etsy >_< (oops). I made two orders in the past week, and I’m really excited for them to come in the mail! The first order is from Kuloft, three dresses and a pair of shoes. I was contemplating getting another flower dress, but I opted to get a couple of the drying dresses. (Photos below from the Kuloft Etsy store)

I’m actually kind of kicking myself right now for not grabbing a Chicken dress.

The second order is from Tired Mom Knits, three cardigans and a dress. I’ve been meaning to order from this store, and there’s currently a 30% off coupon (code: Birthday30) – perfect opportunity :3 . The store also has a ton of stuff for middies! (Photos below from Tired Mom Knits Etsy store)

This week’s goals – relearn how to knit, start Saran reroot attempt #2, konmari my life (a little).

Liebster Award


Chrissy from Kicky Resin nominated me for the Liebster Award! I’ve seen this type of post on my WordPress reader, and I had been wanting to do it myself, so this is kind of exciting ^^. Thank you Chrissy!

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

How did you get into the hobby?
Almost a year ago, I stumbled onto the Instagram of a friend of a friend. The Instagram featured Ever After High dolls (my gateway doll), beautifully photographed and strategically filtered, both in and out of their stock clothes. I then started to watch the actual show Ever After High, and youtube videos of vloggers who hunt for, debox, restyle, or repaint these dolls. These dolls had so much potential for fun, and they were pretty cheap so I didn’t have to think too hard about buying one. After getting my first doll, which was a C.A. Cupid, I did some more research on higher-end dolls. My search came back with three viable options: Blythe, Pullip, or BJD. At the time, the decision was really between whether I should get a Blythe or a Pullip, because BJDs were way out of my price range (at that point in time). In the end, Blythe dolls won my heart. My decision had to do a lot with the blogs, photos, and Youtube videos I combed through while trying to make up my mind. I noticed that the owners of Blythe dolls often named their girls, customized them, and gave them personalities. I also loved the range of expression on Blythe faces. Plus, that eye changing thing is pretty wild.

How many dolls do you have or plan to have?
I currently have four Blythe dolls. I am expecting my fifth doll in February, and I think I’ll be good for this year. Each of my girls are very special to me, and once my fifth girl comes, I think I can be happy with my family (for the time being).

What is your dream/grail doll?
This is tough because my wishlist is always changing. As of RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, I would really love to add a BL to my collection – my favorite being Mondrian and Parco.

Is there a feature of a doll that will always win you over?
For stock dolls, I would have to say it is the complexion that wins me over. Translucent dolls seem super special to me, and in photos they seem to glow. It’s hard for me to pinpoint a feature of a custom doll that wins me over, because I need to love the whole face, and the combined aura it gives the doll, rather than an isolated feature. Custom dolls are super expensive too, so I have to love the doll absolutely in order to make that big of a purchase.

Do your dolls have their own personalities, stories, or universe?
My girls have personalities! Though sometimes a new trait pops up that I didn’t arbitrarily decide from the get-go. The girl’s personality is also largely dependent on how they look, so I guess they are their personalities personified. I haven’t thought of stories or universes for them. My dolls seem more like little house sprites that have taken residence on my shelf.

Do you prefer to buy things or make things for your dolls?
I prefer to make things, in an effort to be money-conscious (thrifty :-/). I definitely prefer the look of bought things though! I can’t really sew, so I make a ton of things by crocheting… but man, a whole outfit made of crocheted pieces looks so… “Home-sewn” or “Suzy Homemaker”, as Tim Gunn would say. I have definitely spent a lot on clothes in the past year I’ve been in the Blythe hobby, but I’m trying to be better about this.

Do you have a favorite brand or company for dolls, clothes, wigs, shoes, etc?
Blythe is my favorite doll brand. For clothes, I may have too many favorite stores to count, but I’ve made multiple purchases at Plastic Fashion and I intend to own more Button Arcade dresses. For shoes, nothing beats the fit of Takara Blythe stock shoes.

What is your favorite size of doll?
I like 1/6 scale dolls (surprise!). They’re portable, and there’s so much out there in the ways of clothes and shoes in that size.

Do you have a favorite doll in your collection?
This is a tough one… The girls I have are all special to me! I’ve also purged the dolls that I felt that I’ve outgrown or no longer fit in with my collection. To be quite honest, I may have to pick Rory as my favorite, atleast for now. She is a fake base Blythe that I have customized (my second time customizing a doll). I’m quite proud of the job I did on her, and after I completed her, I’ve come to terms with the fact that extensive customizing is not for me. She has had her face carved and repainted,  a set of chips changed, sleep eyes installed, boggled, gaze lifted, and a body transplant. She also received a not so great haircut, and I’m currently rooting a scalp for her. She truly feels like a doll I recreated. Since her hair is the most manageable, Rory is also the one I reach for the most to model my hats

What is more important, aesthetics or pose-ability? Or something else?
Aesthetics – my doll’s look and style has to inspire me, because a lot of how I participate in this hobby depends on my feeling inspired by my dolls. Their cuteness moves me to dress them up and figure out what clothes suit them, crochet accessories for them, photograph them, and blog about them. I don’t mind so much that their Takara bodies limit their pose-ability, but I depend on their little big faces to motivate me.

Where do you keep your dolls?
My dolls live on one of my top shelves that is built into the wall of my room. It’s out of reach of my cat (very important), and since it’s built into the wall and a bit high up, the dolls are away from the sunlight.

My Nominees:

Andddddd my questions!

  1. How did you get into the doll hobby
  2. What is your favorite brand of doll?
  3. Do your dolls share anything in common with one another?
  4. Do you have a Grail doll? If so, which one is it?
  5. Pick your favorite doll line – what attributes do you hope their next release will have?
  6. Have you learned a new craft because of being in the hobby?
  7. Who is your favorite doll in your collection?
  8. Who is your favorite customizer, face-up artist, or do you prefer your dolls completely stock or with the factory face-up?
  9. Who would you like to see your doll brand do a collaboration with?
  10. What doll related project do you hope to do in the future?
  11. How big of a role does blogging have for you in relation to this hobby?

I look forward to reading everyone’s responses, and of course, participating is completely optional!


My 2016 New Year’s (Doll-related) Resolutions

  • Stick to my fun money budget better.

I already made a budget plan for myself a while back, and in the beginning, I was doing great sticking to it… Then the holidays came, and Junie Moon released the information for their February Release Cherie Babette, and bad days at work make me want to shop. Since I already put the money down for the pre-order for Cherie Babette, I don’t anticipate any near-future doll purchases. My doll shelf is also filling up, and I’m trying to keep my collection to the one shelf.IMG_5591.JPGI also suffer from this sort of anxiety that if I don’t buy something I love when the opportunity arises (i.e. something I want becomes available and there is a limited quantity, or something I want is on sale), I’ll be missing out. Take the below items for example:IMG_5671.JPG

I’ve been searching forever for dark red converse shoes that fit Pure Neemo feet for Marshall Lee. I got both pairs for $3 total on eBay (they’re not the BEST in quality, but at least Marshall Lee is not barefoot and it only set me back a few bucks). I’m also a sucker for deer, foxes, and gingham, so I had to get this Plastic Fashion dress for my future new girl.

  • Learn how to sew

This one seems a bit too ambitious for me. Maybe I’ll sign up for a sewing class first. I have so much fabric at home, but none of the skills to make tiny articles of clothing or work a sewing machine (which I also have… just gathering dust in my room). I don’t really have an excuse not to try >_<.

  • Keep active in the Blythe hobby

I’m not sure what 2016 has in store for me, but I want to keep in mind to take the time to enjoy my doll family at least once a week by doing any of the following: Redress my girls, Do a photo challenge, Learn to sew, Learn to knit, Try new crochet patterns, Attend Blythe meets, and/or Blog.

My resolutions aren’t too tough! I just have to buckle down on the spending, and just keep practicing with the sewing.

Happy New Year everyone!