Kind of obsessed

I ordered a Cu-poche Cherie from Hot Topic, of all places, and finally opened the box for this figure. Cu-poche seems like Kotobukiya’s response to Good Smile’s nendoroids. They have similar features as nendoroids, but they have jointed bodies. I think the thing that sold me on buying this figure was that the body is about the size of Kelly dolls or obitsu 11cm dolls, they have magnetic feet, and their magnetic feet! 

I’m not wild about the current Cu-poche releases of official characters, but the Cu-poche friends caught my eye. I guess these friends are like original characters that are the super basic line. I found Cherie for sale at Hot Topic (online) for a decent price, and decided to give her a shot. 

I feel like Cu-poche was everything I wanted Nendoroid to be. The body is poseable, it can balance without a stand, it has magnetic feet that helps with posing (and that magnetic base can easily be photoshopped away), and the body can wear cloth clothes!

I really want Cupoche Alice! Her stock is so cute! I think I might be obsessed…

New Year’s Resolutions and 2017 Doll Goals

So 2017 is here. I always expect to feel different at the start of a new year, but I often never do. I think 2017 is another defining year for me, as i’m five months into living in a new state, I may be out of a job in a couple of weeks (still temping at the same place, hoping they’ll keep me on), and it’s the first time I’m starting a new year so far from home. I also think that since I expect to make California my new permanent home, my doll collection is kind of getting out of control…

Anyway, here are my resolutions:

  1. Lose some weight. I’m having trouble fitting into my clothes 😥 . I’m going to limit eating out to once a week.
  2. Save up for a condo or a house. XD This is kind of a lofty goal. I want to own my own place sometime in my 30s (WHICH IS SOON D: OMG). I know the real estate market for buyers is kind of crap right now, but it doesn’t hurt to start saving.
  3. Form good habits – exercising, journaling, meditating, relaxing… you know…

Here are my dolly goals:

  1. The next blythe I buy will be a new release with pink hair. NO EXCEPTIONS SELF.
  2. Own a 1st Gen Licca Repro.
  3. Maybe add a Jerry Berry to the family.

My doll collection currently has no pink haired girls! I went from 2 to none last year. If I’m going to buy a new blythe, she WILL have pink hair.

I’m also finding that I’m obsessing over painted faces (in particular, eyes). The Jerry Berry’s proportions are kind of similar to blythes (they can share the same clothes, and they also have big heads). The Jerry Berrys’ eyes are so dreamy. I also want a 1st gen Licca chan – I love her almond shaped eyes!

I think having goals like this will help me spend my money more smartly, as opposed to all willy-nilly, must buy all the things (like i’ve been doing this past month).

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year :3.

Me time

I finally got a bit of “Me” time in the past two days. I’ve been in California for 13 days (/mind blown), and I spent the first week and a half stressing out about basic life stuff like:

  • Finding a job
  • Finding a place to live – half check
  • Getting a car – check

I can safely say that I’ve done 1.5 of the above. So, I spent today and yesterday in a zoned-out stupor, trying to relax. Trying, and only semi-succeeding.

I did manage to do two hobby related things! I FINALLY finished my WiP – the Simple Things shawl. Check it:


I have to block it, but I’m so pleased with how it came out!! I love how speckled the hand-dyed yarn is. I really can’t wait until it gets cooler for me to start wearing this. I wouldn’t say that this project flew off my needles, as I think it took me about a month (I’m so slow at knitting).

I think my next project will be a pair of socks… Or maybe a dolly thing. Doll things knit up way faster, and I’m kind of over time-consuming projects for now.


I also finally redressed Prisma. She is my one girl that looks really good in black and white. For good measure, I also put these large black frames on her (to match all those bespectacled cats).

When I’m settled into my new digs, I’ll be sure to post an update :D.

Crochet – day and night

I’ve been crocheting a ton this weekend while rewatching episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I usually crochet while I have something familiar playing in the background, because I don’t necessarily have to pay close attention to the show to know exactly what’s going on, and I find background noise comforting.  I think after doll hats, my second favorite thing to crochet is baby gear. Baby things are also quite small, so the project can be completed fairly quickly (the hat was finished in one to two hours). This was my first time crocheting a diaper cover – the tricky thing about the diaper cover is that I have ZERO concept of a normal baby’s dimensions… I’m not entirely sure that the diaper cover will fit over a baby’s diapered butt. Baby things are so darn cute! 
I’ve also crocheted a number of Blythe hat/scarf sets. I’m attempting to plan my first Blythe meet, and since it’s so close to the gift giving season, I’ve decided to crochet a few things to give to my Blythe-loving friends who can make it to the gathering (as a sort of thank you for coming, and as prizes for a mini-game I’m planning, which I’m hoping won’t be entirely cheesy). I’m actually slightly terrified that I will be the only person to show up to the meet.whynoonecomes

I think the hardest part about planning something like this is finding a scheduled time that works for most people.

Feeling a little crocheted-out.

Olive Loop – I made an Etsy store!

Just going to do a quick post. I made an Etsy store today! It’s kind of empty, but setting one up has been something I’ve put off for a long time.

Olive Loop – My Etsy Store

After I get my Blythe in the mail, I’m definitely going to put up some crochet hats, clothes, and accessories into my Etsy store.

My Etsy Banner. The banner space is too small to fit the entire thing though, so I had to crop it a lot.

My Etsy Banner. The banner space is too small to fit the entire thing though, so I had to crop it a lot.