Blythe meets BJD world

I went to a doll meet today (40 scary minutes on the freeway D:), and it was an experience. The breakdown was like 90% BJD or Dolfie Dream, 8% azone, 2% other. My dolls were the 2% other. I brought Finley (my Chantilly Lace custom Cadence Majorette), Elowyn (Cherie Babette), and Mikan (one of my liccas), and I kind of felt like the lone stamp collector in a large group of coin collectors. XD I felt like I showed up to the wrong meet up.

The people at the meet were really nice and welcoming. I just felt a bit out of my element. My favorite doll I saw today wasn’t a bjd, but an Azone Kiki pop!

Kind of tempted by the azone kikipop, I’m not going to lie. Less tempted by these ladies:

I prefer Blythe because of the scale, and just how not serious they are. They’re lower maintenance and they look like toys (in varying degrees depending on how customized it is). I do have a fascination of bjds and how much work goes into them, but (for now) it’s an “admire from afar” type of thing for me.

My girl with all special chips

I entered the lottery on Junie Moon for the Anna Sui collaboration (Blythe adores Anna) thinking there’s no way I would ever win because:

  • I’m not so lucky
  • Only 500 dolls were allotted for international buyers

I entered for funsies, and I wasn’t particularly emotionally invested with the desire to own this doll (I liked Anna Sui more when I was younger than now, but I still think the aesthetic of the brand is quite pretty in a dark way). 

Imagine my surprise when I found the invoice in my email! Seeing how special she was kind of cinched the deal for me. She’d also fulfill my desire for a blythe with all special chips!! 

So I kind of veered from my original 2017 doll goals, But that’s ok because it was bound to happen. Whenever I would see a Royal Soliloquy for a price under $190, I was always sorely tempted.spesking of which, it would have been cool if this girl had winged liner. 

She has amazing stock (I haven’t attempted taking it off… I’m pretty sure the clothing is a one piece and not two), really nice knee high boots, a soft fuzzy hat, earrings (which I’m not sure I’ll put in), sunglasses, and a purse… also, upgraded underwear!

I’m really glad my girl doesn’t have any manufacturer flaws. Photos had been popping up on Facebook of owners whose dolls had wonky eyelashes or even scratches in the makeup. My girl only had some hair issues, and will be getting a spa this weekend along with Marina and maybe Elowyn. 

Bonus photo:

I can’t even debox without a cat getting involved.

Scaling down to 1:12

Initial thoughts – I really like the Picco neemo body! I got it in fleshtone Picco neemo s. It’s so TINY! I’m not a fan of the wig, which was hard to get on. It’s too poofy and bulbous 😦 so I may have to just grit my teeth and attempt making a wig. Lastly, I wish her mouth was closed :-/.

^^ I have been a bit obsessed with repainted heads or just painted faces. I found this obitsu head for a steal on eBay and I decided to treat myself. I love her eyes and I’m always impressed by how someone can paint on something so tiny.

Just a quick post :-/. I’ve been way busy recently – my kitten got spayed and since I live in a tiny studio, I’ve had to figure out how to keep her confined and separate from my older cat (bathroom is a no go because of poor ventilation), I’ve been trying to lose weight (unsuccessfully) by spending some time on a treadmill, and I’m trying to keep up with my other hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, and journaling >_<. My name is Olive, and I’m addicted to having hobbies.


Elowyn in a dress by Sleepforever and a minijijo tutu.

I’ve owned Elowyn, my stock Cherie Babette, for almost a whole year. She was released on my birthday, and she’s the first and only translucent FBL, which is one of my favorite molds. 

Even after a whole year, I still don’t really know how to dress her or what about her makes her more than just a plastic doll to me. I guess I haven’t really “bonded” with her, as sometimes I look at her and I’m underwhelmed.

I’m still not sure about her. Though the thought occurred to me, maybe I just prefer fantasy haired girls!

Venturing out

Strangely enough, it’s been pretty rainy in Southern California this past week. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this week to take photographs in my apartment, so I grabbed two girls and googled directions to the nearest park. 

It’s amazing what a difference in scenery makes. I took out Mikan and Remington for photos since I can just toss them into a bag and go (toss… meaning gently wrap and carefully place in a tote). 

At this particular park, I actually got chased by a squirrel. And by chased, I don’t mean “oh it looks like that squirrel is maybe walking toward me or looking at me funny,” this squirrel literally danced around me and scampered after me thinking I might have food. Said squirrel:

Sometimes I feel like I need to push myself to do doll related things, just because I have a lot of dolls (in my opinion, lol for me I have a lot of dolls), and I’m expecting two more dolls in the near future (a repainted Licca and a customized Blythe). 

I know it’s okay to have things just to look at and appreciate, but the hobby for me has been an active one – dressing dolls, crafting for dolls, photographing them, and going to meets. It’s hard to get out of that mindset that I should be DOING something with my dolls. 

I need to learn how to chill.

My first tiny

If you don’t count my Cu-poche! 

Channeling early Bieber or Zac Efron.

I wish Obitsu came out with a doll body with the same proportions as the Azone Picco Neemo! I don’t see this girl as a child, especially with her eyes. I’m planning on making a junkyspot order, and I’m considering picking up a 11cm body and a 21cm body… hoping the 21cm body will suit her and not look weird.

I’m also considering making a wig out of alpaca! I don’t know though. I’m at that point where I feel like I don’t get many opportunities to craft (what with the new kitten), and I already have quite a few of half started projects. 

The completionist in me is telling me to finish:

  • The blanket I started a month ago
  • The other sock I haven’t knitted
  • Needle felting those daiso kits I purchased two months ago


Instead, I will watch Great British Bake Off and bake my cinnamon cookies.

Kind of obsessed

I ordered a Cu-poche Cherie from Hot Topic, of all places, and finally opened the box for this figure. Cu-poche seems like Kotobukiya’s response to Good Smile’s nendoroids. They have similar features as nendoroids, but they have jointed bodies. I think the thing that sold me on buying this figure was that the body is about the size of Kelly dolls or obitsu 11cm dolls, they have magnetic feet, and their magnetic feet! 

I’m not wild about the current Cu-poche releases of official characters, but the Cu-poche friends caught my eye. I guess these friends are like original characters that are the super basic line. I found Cherie for sale at Hot Topic (online) for a decent price, and decided to give her a shot. 

I feel like Cu-poche was everything I wanted Nendoroid to be. The body is poseable, it can balance without a stand, it has magnetic feet that helps with posing (and that magnetic base can easily be photoshopped away), and the body can wear cloth clothes!

I really want Cupoche Alice! Her stock is so cute! I think I might be obsessed…