New things!

I got my two etsy orders in the mail ^^, and I decided to redress my dolls today.

The first order I got today was from Kuloft – I ordered two dresses, a pair of shoes, and a 2 piece outfit that is a skirt and shirt.25485920685_08de4d3a85_z

Elowyn is wearing the two piece set and the red shoes (which I love!), and Reese is wearing the blue drying dress.

From Tired Mom Knits, I ordered three hand-knitted sweaters and a white and gold dress.

Rory is wearing the pink sweater over a dress by MissFreyaJ, and Marina is wearing the brown sweater and gold dress. I’m blown away by the quality of the sweaters! They’re made of such soft, nice quality yarn, and impeccably knitted.

Seamless segueway to my knitting progress:24832401473_1ed2e4e460_kI’ve made three of those knitted shrugs so far, and I think I’m ready to try a new pattern. I’m pretty happy with my progress, as I thought that anything beyond the simple knit and purl would be beyond me. I will be trying a new pattern next, and hopefully the pattern won’t stump me! Knitting is like a whole new language XD.

Knitting Dolly Things

I completed my first knitted dolly thing! I made this sweater following this pattern by Jane Pierrepont, and I used thin yarn and 2.25mm double pointed needles. 

After I learned and got the hang of the new stitches and knitting techniques, knitting this piece was not too bad! That being said, since I’m not accustomed to knitting, it did take me a few days of figuring knitting out to get the pattern right. I haven’t knitted in almost a decade, and all I knew was how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. I referred to youtube a lot to learn the new stitches. I’m really happy with the end result, and I can imagine that once I know how to do the stitches by memory, I should be able to make these sweaters fairly quickly!

I’m also thrilled to have found a use for these skeins of thin yarn I have! I’ve been doubling the yarn up and crocheting mini scarves with them because this particular yarn is kind of hard to crochet with. After I make a sweater in each of the colors I own, I’ll go on to trying out a new pattern :3.