Elowyn in a dress by Sleepforever and a minijijo tutu.

I’ve owned Elowyn, my stock Cherie Babette, for almost a whole year. She was released on my birthday, and she’s the first and only translucent FBL, which is one of my favorite molds. 

Even after a whole year, I still don’t really know how to dress her or what about her makes her more than just a plastic doll to me. I guess I haven’t really “bonded” with her, as sometimes I look at her and I’m underwhelmed.

I’m still not sure about her. Though the thought occurred to me, maybe I just prefer fantasy haired girls!

Little fox in the park

Definitely not as warm as I thought it would be today. I wanted to do three things this weekend – 1) Work on the saran reroot, 2) Try a new knitting pattern, and 3) Take some doll photos. ^^ I’ve done 1 and 3, and there’s still a bit of weekend left to knock out #2 (despite it being daylight savings tomorrow 😦 ). I met up with my friend, who recently adopted a customized Winterish Allure by Almond Doll. I decided to bring out Elowyn, as I have not had a chance to take some decent photos of her. My favorite shots of her from today:25110518803_a355766fe4_k

I also was amazed at how beautiful my friend’s new girl is! The detail in the mouth and the nose are gorgeous, and she has very fine shimmer across her cheeks as well as gold hearts painted on her lids. Seeing my friend’s customized Winterish Allure also gives me a newfound appreciation for the stock doll – that hair is a gorgeous ash blond. It’s thick and has a nice wave to it.

Obligatory group shot:25711134726_58683ca778_k

Aine (my friend’s WA) is wearing Raspberry Sorbet stock from head to toe, and Elowyn is wearing a Plastic Fashion dress, Cadence Majorette stock shoes, and a knitted fox headband from Kbabydolls.

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Yes, I just gave my Cherie Babette a spa. I didn’t realize it, but the hair spa is a big part of my bonding process. I received Cherie Babette yesterday morning, deboxed her, redressed her, and set her on my shelf. Since I felt like procrastinating other things today, I decided to give my new girl a hair spa. 

When her illustrations came out back in December, I was hoping she would have shorter hair. Cherie Babette’s hair is actually on the longer side, and supposed to be curled inward, so after the wash I decided I would put her hair in curlers. While washing CB’s hair, I noticed how pretty the color is! It’s a warm, dark, reddish brown.  I also noticed the translucency of her skin and how vivid her make up was!  Her pull ring is also translucent :The lower pull ring belonged to Finley. 

^^ After the curlers were put in her hair, and she was redressed, the name Elowyn popped in my head. She really is quite special and very different from the rest of my blythes.

I’m happy she’s joined my family, but I’m a teeny bit overwhelmed by the population of five giant Blythe heads on my one doll shelf. XD They barely all fit on there, and I’m feeling outnumbered! 

Cherie Babette Is Here

My Cherie Babette arrived maybe one hour ago XD.I preordered her from CCtoys, and it took about 2 weeks for her to get to me from Hong Kong. It’s been a bit nerve wracking, as I’ve seen that a bunch of people had already received their girls a week before I did, and a lot of them reported cracks and other blemishes on Facebook groups. My CB isn’t perfect, but I’m not sure how worth the hassle it would be for me to ask for an exchange.  

   My CB has a very loose waist and neck. She also has a very thin line that shines a bit differently on one of her cheeks – it doesn’t pick up on camera and it’s hard to see unless I look for it (I actually asked my mom and she told me she can’t see it).I didn’t bother putting her in the big bear kigurumi, and instead put her in the Plastic Fashion dress I’ve been saving for her and the new shoes I got from Kuloft. She definitely needs a hair spa (too lazy) and a name! I was thinking Everly, Cecily, Tea, Tallulah, or Eevee. I’m still thinking about it. Cherie Babette will most likely be the last Blythe I get in 2016 (unless I find myself in a good position in life at the end of the year). I think having her come home kind of marks the end of something – maybe the end of my putting real life decisions off. … UGH. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

That Weekend I spent 3 Days Crocheting

Just a whole ton of crocheting. Cue Crocheting Montage:

I made a cowl for myself, and I decided to stitch up some of the granny squares I made for a small mat my kitty can sit on. I also tried making helmet style hats for my girls! I’m really digging the floppy bunny ear look.IMG_6082 (1).jpgI added the above hats to my etsy store, and I also made an extra white beret to keep (currently being worn by Finley).

I was a very busy bee this weekend, and I kind of feel drained from all that crocheting. For the most part, I do crochet almost every day. But, it usually takes me longer to finish one project on a weekday because of the interruptions and limited amount of free time before I need to go to sleep. I kind of felt like I hit my stride this weekend, and got in this determined, productive mood to crochet.

And now I want to talk about something I’m super excited about – the February Blythe release, Cherie Babette!20160118_cheriebabette_02

She’s going to be released on February 12, which is my birthday month! She’s the first girl I have ever pre-ordered, and I was thrilled to see her photos come out this long weekend. She is an FBL mold, with translucent fair skin. She will be my first translucent girl, and I’m really excited to bring her into the fold. I’m a little bummed that she doesn’t come with shoes or stock that fits minus the bear kigurumi, and I do wish her hair was shorter (a la Bloomy Bloomsbury). Other than that, she is really cute! I’m really loving her coloring – in actual photos of this doll, her cheeks and lips are a vibrant light pink, and I don’t have a brunette in my collection at the moment (I have three fantasy haired girls and one platinum blonde).

Cherie Babette is kind of my birthday gift to myself (or consolation gift for growing yet another year older). Also, since I purchased her last year in December, I don’t count this as a 2016 purchase :D.

Anddd let the dolly no-buy commence.