Feeling spiritual

I’ve always been interested in magic and the supernatural. A few years ago, I picked up my first tarot deck – the Mystic Faerie Tarot deck, and I liked using it not to predict anything, but to give me a different perspective on my life or problems. This particular tarot deck comes with a book that relates the cards to stories with morals. The deck was relatively easy to use and I really liked the art. 

Recently, my sister with whom I don’t share much in common, expressed interest in tarot cards, so I gifted her one of her choice for Christmas ^^. I pulled out my own deck and brushed up. I even read the cards for myself and my friend (who ended up borrowing my deck to see how she would like having one – yay :3).

I also picked up a new deck for myself and also a book to help me better read the cards (because it’s really complicated). 

I shuffled through the cards of the Dreaming Way Tarot, and the art is beautiful, but when I read the booklet that came with the cards, I was surprised by the intention of the cards and the suggested reading (because I’m a tarot noob). This deck focuses more inward with the goal of obtaining contentment with what is (appreciating good things). It’s actually what I need, to have a more positive perspective.

I ventured off to the local spiritual/crystal shops in my area, and I picked up two stones for myself and a handful of stones for my sister. I also attempted to wire-wrap an Amethyst to give to my sister ^^. I’m quite pleased with the result and I’m going to make one for myself (oops, I might be picking up a new interest).

As for crocheting/knitting, I’m currently working on a throw made out of some chunky acrylic yarn. I’m no where near done >_< which is the problem with big projects. It’s also taking me longer because I can only crochet when the kitten is sleeping. 

All in all, I think I had a good weekend.