Happiness in simple things 

So I’m torn between naming this new girl:

  1. Kenzie
  2. Hadley
  3. Prisma

She’s so delicate looking. I’m not sure any of these names will fit, because when I look at her, these names don’t come to mind (except Prisma, for some reason… But it’s such a oddball name, and also the name of a villain in Sailor Moon). I guess I’ll think some more (way open to suggestions!!… help…).

I’m in a weird funk right now, I think because big changes are coming my way and fast. I know that a lot of my negativity stems from my anxiety, but I can’t turn it off or shake it off. I try to take a day by day approach to life, and do the best I can today so that I might be better prepared tomorrow, but sometimes my “best” doesn’t seem good enough. Even as we speak, despite being thrilled to have this beautiful new Blythe in my collection, I’m worried about safely transporting her with me during my move. Yeah… I’m feeling weird.

Also one more thing! I finally got around to knitting with the hand dyed yarn I purchased off of etsy, and it’s so beautiful~~~~

I’m completely in love with this color way. It’s well on its way to becoming a shawl ^^.

What’s in a name?

Busy, busy weekend! Today especially!

I went to a Blythe meet today, and the turnout was big! We had it at a park in the city, and I was so glad that the weather was nice today (not too hot, cool breeze, slightly cloudy, NO RAIN!). It was a great meet – there were tons of dolls, new faces, and snacks! Also, there were quite a few non-blythe dolls there, including my Repro Licca chan, a Wataru, 3 Susie Sad eyes, and one yarnhead doll (named Jean Paul).



I brought two girls out today – Marina and my Repro Licca chan, who I decided to name Remington (Remi). >_< I didn’t have time to redress Marina before the meet, but I did pop Remi into one of my new Sleepforever dresses!

I was also surprised by a generous gift from my friend, who I met last year and have bonded with since over our shared love of blythe dolls, food, anime, and cute and pretty things. My friend asked me if I wanted to adopt one of her girls she was considering rehoming. I always hesitate to accept big gifts, and to me, a Blythe is a big gift. I was really touched by my friend’s generosity, and I only wish I had something equally special to give to her. This is one of the amazing things about the Blythe hobby – the fact that you can form a meaningful friendship from a simple conversation that started with the question “Have you heard of Blythe con?”


Here is my newest girl! She looks like she might be a customized Simply Vanilla. After some sleuthing by a fellow blythe enthusiast, she deducted that this girl was customized by Sugar Luna. I put the doll in my other Sleepforever purchase (matching dresses with Remi), a pair of white tights, and some black maryjanes. She has a slightly ghosty look about her… I think it’s because her coloring is quite pale. She has the cutest freckles, stormy grey painted lids, and a slightly dark mauve lip.

As soon as I got her home, I changed her pull strings (they are now a light puple), gave her pull charms, and cleaned up some scuffs on her face. I think I might name her Hadley or Hyacinth. I’m still thinking though! Finally, a girl I can dress in black and muted neutral colors! She looks like Finley’s more emo/reserved twin sister. Kind of like how Reese and Marina look like sisters. Elowyn is really the odd duck out, with her translucent face and dark brown hair.

I’m feeling quite happy with my doll family to date. I love that three of them have huge sentimental value to me, one was my very first blythe and the very first girl I’ve had customized for me, and one has the same birthday as me (birthday, release day, potato, potahto).

Life is a funny thing. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would l0ve dolls, I would have called said “no way.” By far, the blythe hobby has been my most social hobby, and one that has changed my life for the better.


Thus is my mood.

I worry a lot. I am a huge worrier, and always have been for as long as I can remember. The feeling is part of my everyday, and since I’m so inside my head, it’s hard for me to discern the nonsense from the serious… So everything becomes categorized as a Code-Red-Danger-Will-Robinson situation.

I’ve been in something of a slump lately when it comes to doing those serious business things – in my case, really thinking and planning out my near future and making preparations for them. I always try to take things one step at a time, since there’s no point in freaking out about step 10 when I haven’t even gotten to step 1.

So, in procrastinating during the three day weekend, I somehow stumbled onto a popular goth youtuber’s channel. I don’t necessarily identify with this subculture, but It’s Black Friday is fun and interesting to look at, and also seems really nice and has a generally positive message and attitude in her videos. I watched quite a few of her videos, but one in particular really resonated with me:

It wasn’t her situation in particular that I identify with, but her message and her outlook that I admire. Faced with tough choices, she ultimately did what’s right for her in striving for happiness, and that’s something I think is really brave.

Another thing I did to procrastinate was redress a couple of my dolls.

Rory (top) is wearing a shirt by MINIJIJO, pants by Missblythe2012, and stock shoes. I put her hair in a fish tail braid. Elowyn (bottom) is wearing a shirt by C’mon Dolly, skirt by Missblythe2012, and stock shoes (I actually switched Elowyn’s shoes out to pink converses and put these ankle boots on Rory). I like how Rory looks in red!

I have to get back to crafting for my dolls, but making human size things (socks…) has kind of taken over my life XD. Glad to be starting the work week on a Tuesday, and I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend or just weekend (depending on where you are in the world)!

Highlights from Today’s Blythe Meet

Tons o’ fun, and quite the turn-out for today’s Blythe Meet. I was stoked to have been able to see a K07doll custom in person (the blue haired custom on the upper right), and I can confirm that the doll is amazingly cute in person as it is in photos ^^.

EXHAUSTED! And feeling quite talked out, since I don’t normally do much socializing. I’m really happy that there’s a somewhat active Blythe community in my area. The meets are a fun gathering of like-minded people, who just genuinely love Blythes/dolls. It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people in the community, and in some cases, put a face to a username, or owners to the doll.

Who’s that girl? What’s her name?

It’s Rory! I spent all day redoing her face-up. I didn’t do much carving, though I did deepen her nostrils a bit. I’ve forgotten how much work actually goes into customizing a blythe doll, and I think I might have spent five hours giving her a makeover. Here’s a list of what I did to her:

  • New lid art – Her lids used to be a kelly green with a grey scallop edge design. Now they’re a light pink with a white line design. Also, the lids were done with acrylic paint instead of pastels and watercolor pencils, and they’re glossy instead of matte.
  • Rosier lips and cheeks
  • Pink and yellow eye shadow
  • Slightly more defined nostrils
  • Smaller winged liner

It’s not much, but I think she looks better! Her old makeup was being super washed out with her new dark brown hair.

As per usual, there were some snags during the process. Rory’s eye mech snapped on the lower lid area, which I promptly glued back together. It’s holding in there, but probably one day I’ll order a new eye mech. The eye mech also sticks after her brown side-facing chips… and because of my impatience, I also kind of scratched the lid art on her left eye (woops!). These things don’t bother me terribly, because Rory’s lid art had some blemishes on them before, and I don’t change my girls’ eyes a ton.

Rory is also looking pretty darn fashionable. I put her in a top I knitted, a Kuloft skirt, MiniJijo socks, and some stock shoes.

She really feels like a completely different doll! It’s a little weird, as I’m really not used to seeing her on my shelf the way she looks. She’s definitely way easier to dress with her dark brown hair, as opposed to her bright orangey-pink hair. I wonder how this new look will change my perception of how she should be dressed and photographed.

The Hair Makes the Blythe

I’ve mentioned in my Rerooting Adventures posts that I really wanted to change Rory’s scalp. I wasn’t happy with the way I had cut the neon orange and pink hair, and the color also read more orange than pink to me. I had bought more saran to try rerooting my second Cool Cat scalp, thinking I would do a better job, and that the second time would be easier than the first time. Well… I sort of fell into a rut with the rerooting. Rerooting was really tough on my hands, and the process as a whole wasn’t very fun. I had “work on reroot” on my To-Do list for ages, and I just wasn’t getting around to it. SO, I decided to part with the materials and I got a Didee Eureka scalp for Rory instead!

Old hair on the left, new hair on the right! She looks so different! I was considering redoing her face-up and deepening her carving, but honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for such a big project. Also, I’m a little attached to her simple face. I think of her as kind of the transition between my fully customized girls and my stock girls. I will, however, be redoing her eyelid art. I’m not a fan of the primary green on her lids. Also, they’re a bit scuffed, which bothers me some.


So here’s what Rory has going on:

  • Didee Eureka scalp
  • Fake/factory face plates, eye mech, and body (not including the arms)
  • Licca chan arms

All in all, I’m so glad the weekend is finally here! I have a number of projects I’m looking forward to working on ^^.


I recently asked a facebook group what their favorite body is for their Blythe dolls. I have opinions about the bodies commonly used for Blythes (at least opinions on the bodies I’ve owned):

Jointed body (Sweetiiger and Azone) – I haven’t tried the Azone on a Blythe, but I have owned dolls on an Azone body. I like the poseability of the jointed bodies, and the different hands are fun for photos. However, I found that these types of bodies don’t support a Blythe doll’s head very well, and the joints tend to buckle under the weight of it.

Licca Chan body – I love the look and proportions of this body. I like the bendy limbs, and its potential for posing. I prefer the non-tilt neck bodies over the tilt-neck ones. The feet are bigger than that of the regular stock bodies, which makes finding shoes that fit inconvenient.

Stock Blythe body – I don’t dislike this body – it has a classy feel to it and because it’s the body that stock blythes come in, I associate it with just being quintessentially blythe-like (kind of like shiny stock faces). The stock body doesn’t really have a wide range of poseability, but there’s just so much out there in terms of clothes and shoes.

Now, here’s something I never thought to do – one person in the group commented that their favorite body was a stock Blythe body with Licca arms. /MIND BLOWN

Here’s the tutorial I followed.


I first tried it on Rory, who was on a tilt-neck Licca chan body. Her head wobbled a lot because of the tilt-neck piece, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of that as it felt a bit unstable. I put her back on the body I purchased her with (the fake blythe body), and transplanted the Licca chan arms into the sockets. This was relatively easy, as Rory’s stock body arms popped right off with some vigorous pulling.

I decided I would do the same for Finley as I wasn’t crazy about her stock body anyway, but I also didn’t want to completely swap her body out for a Licca chan body, being that she is one of my professionally customized girls and I have never had success with opening up her head ever.

Finley’s stock arms were a nightmare to take off! My right hand is swollen right now from all the pulling and twisting I had to do to get them off. BUT! I am REALLY happy with how she looks right now! SO CUTE. So happy!

I took this chance as an opportunity to try out my newest dress on her, and kind of play with her hair. I ordered a Plastic Fashion dress a couple of weeks ago, and delayed opening it for a day I felt like I needed a pick-me-up. I wasn’t sure who this dress would go to, but it suits Finley because it has a Goldilocks vibe to it.

I also tried doing a waterfall braid for the first time. I plan on going to the park this weekend to hopefully see some cherry blossom trees, and I’m definitely taking Finley out for photos!

Happy Friday everyone!


Quintessential 90’s Kid

It’s raining today where I am, which brought to mind this particular song that I was quite obsessed with in my childhood.

Yes. It is a song from the cartoon Sailor Moon, which I caught every day before school and/or after school. I was the kind of kid who would get my music from cartoons and movies (on VHS), rather than the radio. Some other hits of my childhood were:

I guess I’m feeling a little (a lot) nostalgic. I think redressing my dolls also put me in that sort of mood. I’m single-minded when it comes to picking outfits for my girls, and it usually takes me a little over an hour to dress all five of them. When an outfit comes out just right, there’s that sense of satisfaction that I’ve made blythe considerably cuter and also maybe learned better how to style a particular girl.

Anyway, I  was feeling a bit uninspired last night as I sorted through my boxes of doll clothes. Out of my five girls, I was happiest with how Finley and Rory were redressed. 25585182554_37357346ac_z

Finley is wearing Zinochika stock shoes, white tights, a black MINIJIJO tutu, a striped t-shirt, and a crochet beret.25917078900_76b85f5c26_kRory is wearing Licca shoes, very distressed jeans from MINIJIJO, and Lizzie Hearts sweater by Lambellina. Rory looks kind of like my spirit animal XD – she’s looking exactly how I want to look with her pink hair, winged liner, and stylin’ ensemble.

Here’s to a weekend that feels long! May Monday come veryyyyyy slowly (please).

My mint girls

As per usual, I redressed my dolls on Friday. I noticed that I tend to grab certain pieces of doll clothes and shoes moreso than others, which makes me want to declutter my blythe wardrobe. (The problem with that is that I have such a hard time letting things go!)

This week, my two minty blue haired girls are the best dressed (I also really like Elowyn’s outfit, but I’ve already shared photos of her in the previous post). 25470863270_3eda711cc7_zMarina is wearing stock shoes and blouse from Cute and Curious, and a suspender skirt by Kuloft.25141080284_488a4f6cb4_zReese is wearing a sweater I won from a Blythe Life giveaway, a tutu from MINIJIJO, and Zinochika stock boots.25651650132_598678ea19_kI also want to share these cute resin hair clips made by Iphis from the Crazy Doll Lady blog (twas the weekend of surprise packages ^^). Seeing these resin hair clips on my girls makes me really want to experiment with resin myself! Iphis has a few posts on her experiments with resin, and I’ve been watching some BJD resin eye making youtube videos (don’t even own a BJD, watching all the BJD videos), and it’s planted the idea that, “hey… that looks fun! I can do that!” XD I’m on the fence about adding a new project to my list though, seeing as how I’ve been slacking on the knitting lately, My yarn is not inspiring me to make things (and I feel lazy).

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Monday!