Little fox in the park

Definitely not as warm as I thought it would be today. I wanted to do three things this weekend – 1) Work on the saran reroot, 2) Try a new knitting pattern, and 3) Take some doll photos. ^^ I’ve done 1 and 3, and there’s still a bit of weekend left to knock out #2 (despite it being daylight savings tomorrow 😦 ). I met up with my friend, who recently adopted a customized Winterish Allure by Almond Doll. I decided to bring out Elowyn, as I have not had a chance to take some decent photos of her. My favorite shots of her from today:25110518803_a355766fe4_k

I also was amazed at how beautiful my friend’s new girl is! The detail in the mouth and the nose are gorgeous, and she has very fine shimmer across her cheeks as well as gold hearts painted on her lids. Seeing my friend’s customized Winterish Allure also gives me a newfound appreciation for the stock doll – that hair is a gorgeous ash blond. It’s thick and has a nice wave to it.

Obligatory group shot:25711134726_58683ca778_k

Aine (my friend’s WA) is wearing Raspberry Sorbet stock from head to toe, and Elowyn is wearing a Plastic Fashion dress, Cadence Majorette stock shoes, and a knitted fox headband from Kbabydolls.

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Rory, the Liccafied Blythe

 Tilt to the right.  Tilt to the left. Let’s all do the bobble-head. 

I finally decided who to do the body swap on! It was a toss up between Rory and Finley, but I’ve never taken Finley’s head apart before and I just got her back after being customized, that I was too afraid to accidentally ruin her faceup with unexpected prying. 

The body that Rory is on is Merry’s old body, which is a tilt neck Licca chan body. I actually wasn’t expecting her head to wobble so much, as it kind of lolls one side or the other. I definitely prefer the proportions of the Licca chan body over the stock Takara body. I believe the Licca Castle dolls have non-tilt neck bodies, as well as some of the older Licca chans, so hopefully I’ll procure a non-tilt neck body one day. For now, my other girls will stay on their stock Blythe bods. 

One thing I would change about the Licca chan bodies is their wide feet! The body is more slender than the stock Blythe body, yet their feet are bigger and unable to squeeze in a lot of the shoes I own that are meant for Blythe girls. 

Also, I am seriously considering changing about Rory is her scalp :-/. I really want a more flattering pink bobbed scalp for her. 

One more thing… I can’t believe 2015 is almost over D:. I am feeling the nostalgia already, big time. 

A MINIJIJO Clothing Haul!

Let me paint a word picture, if you will.

Finding 1/6 scale boy clothes is difficult, especially if the body is on the petite side. There are way more options on Etsy and eBay for girl doll clothes, and even the pickings for tomboyish girl’s clothes or unisex clothes are slim. Blythe doll clothes are actually a bit too big for the Pure Neemo Flection XS body, which can look cute for a girl doll if you’re going for the slightly oversized look. I was specifically going for this look:


I was on a mission – a mission to find a red and black checkered shirt and a pair of jeans that wouldn’t look like a child was wearing his dad’s pajamas… if his dad happened to be a lumberjack… or the Brawny man.

Exhibit A: The Brawny Man

Not My Photo. Found on:

I actually reached out to Jijo of MINIJIJO, because I saw that the seller had sold a shirt like this in the past. I was super excited, because I love the MINIJIJO items I have already and I felt confident that the designer would be able to fulfill my custom request. While I was at it, i also ordered a few other things – a set of five socks and a multicolored star dress that I had favorited a while ago.



The jeans I purchased in an Azone facebook group for super cheap! ^^


So happy with how he’s coming out! I have a wig coming in the mail, and it should get to me by Monday. I’m actually not entirely sure how much resemblance he’ll bear to Marshall Lee, but I think this Azone/Obitsu hybrid is pretty adorable so far. Maybe this boy doll looks a bit too nice to be a bad boy like Marshall? I tried giving him a smirk, but I think the issue is with the eyebrows being too good-natured.

I’m finding myself addicted to the look of Azone dolls. I even kind of want to reroot my next obitsu head! When my Marshall Lee doll is complete, and I still enjoy having him, the next Azone/Obitsu hybrid I make will be based on Marcelline the Vampire Queen or Fionna Human.

^^ I also took this chance to redress Marina. I had her in my Miema Dollhouse outfit for a while, and I wanted to take the opportunity to explore her style. :3 I think I was very successful.


Number 1 – I finally found something to pair those glittery gold boots with!!!!!!!!

Number 2 – Excuse me while I express how pleased I am. Um. how adorable? Please and thank you.

I’m really happy with how the look came together. I think Marina’s personal style is on the bright and funky side. Very visual, and very fun.

I feel like I was very active with dolly stuff this weekend :D, and that makes me pretty happy.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Marshall Lee? Is it you?

I worked on my Marshall Lee (inspired) hybrid doll this morning! I’m pretty happy with the results, though he doesn’t really resemble Marshall Lee from Adventure Time yet. I think an on point wig, and the perfect outfit will definitely help make the reference more obvious.



Materials I used:

  • Obitsu Petite P Chan head in white skin
  • Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS boy body in white skin
  • Parabox Eye Decals
  • Watercolor pencils (mine are Prismacolor) – for drawing the eyebrows, lips, and fangs
  • Acrylic Paints – highlighted the white shine on the eye, colored in the fangs, and painted the bite marks on the neck
  • Magic Eraser – for when I go OOPS
  • Mr Super Clear UV Cut Flat – for priming the head and sealing the work done
  • Liquitex Gloss Varnish – applied to the fangs, eyes, and bite marks
  • Brushes – Army Painter Psycho Brush, an angled eyeliner brush, and a flat paddle paint brush



First off, I’m really happy with how the decals came out! I ended up using the biggest pair of reddish eyes that came in the set of eye decals, as the 2nd to biggest were surprisingly too small for the Petite P Chan face. The decals are a bit grainy in the image quality, which is a bit disappointing, but the decals themselves are lifesavers for those of us who suck at symmetry and drawing/painting. Parabox offers a large variety of eye styles, and I thought the ones I chose were both cute and sharp looking, kind of like a cat. Word of warning, they are REALLY fragile. I accidentally nicked one of the eyebrows and the eye I wanted to use with my fingernail. I ended up not using the decal brows because I didn’t think they did anything for the doll’s face, and I fixed the eye with a bit of acrylic paint. I also finished the eyes off with a bit of Liquitex Gloss Varnish to give the eyes a bit of life-like shine, and I hope that the bit of gloss will increase the longevity of the eye decals. I mention this because I’ve read on a few sites that the decals aren’t that great for soft obitsu heads as they are prone to cracking or chipping away if the head is squished or anything.

Here’s some helpful tutorials I referred to when I applied the decals:

Parabox’s Tutorial

Sdrcow’s Obitsu Eye Decal Tutorial 

AsenvaBJD’s Youtube Tutorial

Secondly, I want to talk about the Army Painter Psycho brush! I purchased mine off of the Junky Spot, because I wanted a tiny detail brush for when I customize my dolls. It is exactly what I was looking for in a brush! It has a super fine tip, and the bristles aren’t floppy, which is major if you want precision. I haven’t found anything comparable at my local arts and crafts stores or hobby stores.


This is a closeup of the Army Painter Psycho brush next to one of my angled eyeliner makeup brushes (I think it’s from Ecotools).

My next challenge for this guy is finding the perfect wig. It’s actually kind of hard finding a short boy’s wig for this size head that doesn’t look childish (and mushroom-like) or just extremely long (I’m not all that confident with cutting hair). I have Marshall Lee’s flannel shirt on the way, so all he needs is a pair of jeans and some red converses!

Maybe one day, when his current face-up needs to be redone, I’ll attempt to dye him grey to be more true to the character!

On Mail Watch

>_< I’ve been having a pretty blah week, so I unintentionally made a few purchases on eBay.

The mail roll call:

  • Merry Go Round Licca chan – Will harvest her body for either Rosaline (my long, pink haired blythe), or a new cat girl custom I’m working on. Merry Go Round Licca chan’s head will go on a new body.
  • Kimono Licca chan – The seller was in the US! I couldn’t resist.
  • White skin Azone Pure Neemo XS Boy body – going on Marshall Lee!
  • Natural skin Azone Pure Neemo XS Girl body – Soon to be Merry Go Round Licca chan’s body.
  • Black fur wig – It was like $6 on ebay from the seller BJD-Fairyland. I’m having a really hard time finding a sleek black wig that’s size 4.5-5! Most of the ones I’m finding are for the baby-like bjd dolls, and so are very poofy or mushroom-like. I won’t have qualms cutting up this wig to try to make it look more like how I want, and it’ll be a good temporary wig.
  • Doll socks – can never have enough doll socks.


On another note, while waiting for the mailman, I decided to work on my loose Blythe face plate!

Before and After

Before and After

I might at some point sculpt her some tiny polymer clay fangs, but right now I’m pooped out from customizing. It’s definitely a process, and time consuming. But hey! It’s a three day weekend!

I also want to add that I got to repurpose some of my makeup brushes to give this girl her faceup!


I hardly use makeup brushes nowadays (most of my makeup is liquid or cream, so I just apply by hand), so I cleaned some of my brushes to use with the chalk pastels. I like these better than the cheapie paint brushes I purchased at Michaels. I feel like the mini-kabuki/buffing brushes blend better, and the eyeliner brushes give me cleaner lines and higher accuracy. Also, the bristles don’t splay as easily as they do for my paintbrushes.

And now, I shall finish my blythe bag FINALLY. I have some words that need to be said about that particular project, but I’ll hold them in until I finish the thing.

I hope everyone’s having an awesome weekend!

I’m in a really weird doll mood.

I’m currently back to being obsessed about the idea of repainting doll heads. I did this for two of my Ever After High girls (that I’ve since sold on evilbay), but I had a really hard time getting what I pictured in my head to translate on the doll’s blank face. Drawing and painting are not my fortes, but I go back and forth between accepting that I’m just not good at art to thinking I might get better if I just practice some more. 😦 When will I learn?

I have major issues with drawing symmetrically and with with achieving depth in color and lines. I might try practicing sketching anime-style eyes before attempting doll repaints. Also, the next time around I will be using eye decals (thank you, Genius who invented the eye decal). I’m definitely going to hold off on buying any blank doll heads until Blythe Con has passed. I’m not sure how much I’ll be spending there, or if I’ll come home with a new doll in two weeks! Also, I’m not sure if I’m just going through a weird phase.

Currently, I’m waiting on a Merry Go Round Licca doll and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS Boy body.

not my photo! courtesy of google images.

I’m not sure if I’ll harvest this girl’s body and give it to one of my blythe girls, or if I’ll keep the Licca as is. If I do rebody her, I’ll probably purchase an Azone Pure Neemo Flexion XS girl body for her. As for the boy body, that one is eventually going to become this guy:

And if I can successfully put together a pure neemo version of him (Marshall Lee-esque – I won’t be spray painting his whole body and face grey, but I am getting the white pure neemo body and I will get the white obitsu head.), I will be making Fionna the Human too ^^.

I got so excited at the idea of putting together a doll that I couldn’t focus on anything else… I guess I should focus on getting one project done at a time! >_< This weekend I will be giving my cat girl face plates some makeup. I also have to finish crocheting that blythe carry bag! And, I have three baby blanket commissions. Behold, my WIP:


I still have to attach the arms, and sew the face on.

By the way, I’m super excited about this three day weekend. My plan is to get a ton done!

Rory, The Last Centurion

I’ve decided to name my new girl Rory, after the Doctor Who character (not the Gilmore girl). Not because she reminds me of the character that much, but while I was pondering what to name her, the random thought of the Last Centurion crossed my mind. More specifically, I was thinking about the episode where Rory is dressed like an ancient Roman warrior and is all sorts of bad-ass. (So many whovian feels I am having.)

I also like how cute and androgynous the name is! My new girl is already forming a personality – bookish, kind of dorky, laid back, but still slightly out there (kind of an aquarius).


Here is Rory, wearing her newly arrived Plastic Fashion dress! She’s also kind of a cat lady. The designer, Laura, has recently been making and selling adorable smock dresses with long sleeves that I’m kind of coveting.

Rory is definitely going to get a boil perm this weekend. Her slight curl has wilted, as I thought it might. While I give Rory a hair spa, I might give Rosaline one as well! Her curls have long since uncurled too.

In other news, I’ve been very bad at keeping to my budget 😦 . I’m even expecting a few blythe items in the mail… and my wishlist just keeps expanding!

P.S. This is how the concept of Rory was born.


And also, I have revealed to the internets the extent of my drawing prowess. Lol. I’m not the best at drawing, but I tend to “sketch” out an idea of how I want something to turn out. I did this when I repainted the faces of my EAH girls, and I’ll also do this sometimes when I free-hand a crochet project.

The unexpected new girl – My second stab at Blythe customizing

I can’t help but check the Dolly Adoption facebook group at least once a day, on the off chance that I might see a girl from my wishlist at a good price, or (such is the case here) a girl at such a low price as to be too good to pass up. I’ve been wanting to try customizing again, and I currently have a blank face plate in my closet, and a few new carving tools I purchased from Cool Cat. I saw this hot pink haired fake blythe up for adoption at a low, low price, and I jumped at the chance to buy her.

Here is how she started life (lol. Also, this is not my photo, but the photo used in the For Sale thread on FB.)


She then swiftly became the unfortunate recipient of my hair cutting skills. I really wanted this new girl to have a bob, similar to Bloomy Bloomsbury, but my hands had difficulty recreating the image I had in my head :(.



These are the tools I used to carve the face plate! I definitely recommend the angled wood carving tool and the needle files.


I even carved the philtrum this time! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, considering I had no idea what I was doing. I looked at my hand mirror from time to time to figure out what the philtrum should look like. For the philtrum, I used one of the thicker needle files and in small circular motions, i carved the shape i wanted the philtrum to be.





She has a set of hand painted chips from Musaenfuga, and the brown set are from Dainty Biscuit (purchased from ebay). Her pull strings are decorated with beads from an old bracelet I had back in high school and a locket I purchased years ago. The pull ring is from Twiggy Twiggy.

IMG_2992 (1)

Her hair needs some serious help. I actually have thinned it out with some thinning shears (very arbitrarily I might add), and her hair is currently in curlers. If I can’t get it to look better, I might just buy a new scalp (in mint!).

The whole customizing experience I had with this girl was pretty good! I did have some trouble with one of the screws inside her head, and also putting her eye mech together after disassembling it, but other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing! I felt less nervous about opening the doll’s head up, and taking her apart. I found that disassembling this new girl was a LOT easier than both Finley and Rosaline. I think, in part it’s because I knew what to expect, and in some ways, this new girl’s pieces had more give to them (there seemed to be more space between the eye mech and her face plate, and also her eye mech pieces didn’t seem so impossibly wedged together). I want to say that this new girl is the TBL to Rosaline’s TBL+.

I don’t have a name for this girl yet, but she does seem to be developing a personality. Unlike my other girls, who really like froofy stuff, I think her style gears more toward trendy/darker colors. ^^ I think my favorite part about her is that mole I gave her. And to continue the tradition, this girl has a Plastic Fashion dress coming her way in the mail right now. Hopefully by the time it comes, I”ll have a name for her and her hair sorted out.

Laundry list of things I’ve done to her – Sanded face and eye lids, carved mouth, carved nostrils, carved philtrum, lid decoration with chalk pastels and watercolor pencils, winged liner using acrylic paint, new lashes, blush using chalk pastels, mole drawn using watercolor pencils, (AMATEUR) hair cut, sleep eyes, boggled eyes, gaze lift, and decorated pull strings.

Outfits of the day

The title is technically incorrect because my girls will be wearing their new outfits for atleast a week, if not more. 


  Rosaline is wearing a dress by Kuloft and shoes by Qmagicdoll. Finley’s pinafore is from a set I purchased from BlytheBerryGirl and her shoes are from CoolCat. I bought the dress underneath in a lot of blythe clothes from eBay, so I have no clue where it’s from. :3 Finley looks so good in creams and whites! Kind of like a sparrow or dove.    

I also redid Rosaline’s face as soon as my new bottle of MSC (I know the “flat” version was reformulated a few years back and people are having issues with the sealant cracking. I use the UV flat version, which still says flat and not “matte”… Not sure if that makes any difference). I did some more carving on her lips, I added some design on her lids, I redid her blush and lip color, and I trimmed her hair by two inches. 

Things I learned this time around

  • I must be more patient. 😦 I had to use sand paper to buff out some marks I made on her forehead because the sealant wasn’t completely dry. Also, one of her eyelids has a scratch on them for the same reason. Oops 😦 .
  • Draw the eyelid design closer to the lash line. 
  • The tips on Miseducated’s blog was super helpful! I basically followed the blogger’s instructions on how to paint the lips. I’m pretty pleased with the result, as it looks more natural than before.

I can’t wait till my small order from Cool Cat for customizing tools comes in. I have a blank face plate I want to practice on using the new carving tools ^^. If the face plate comes out looking awesome, I might just make a girl from parts.   

I’m actually going to a blythe meet this weekend (very excited ^^), and I plan on taking Rosaline this time. To get her looking presentable, I cut her hair, redid her curls, and am now touching up the curls I wasn’t happy with. I actually use the same type of flat clips on my bangs to get them to swoop to the side. Rosaline is my hair inspiration – one day when I don’t work in a business casual office, I too will have pink and curly hair.