Crochet Therapy

For me personally, crocheting can sometimes be a way for me to sidestep the stress of the every day – whether it’s a bad at work, worries about the future, or generally negative thoughts. I am someone who struggles with anxiety in varying degrees. It’s not so bad now, and I’m glad to say that for the past two years, I’ve had more good days than bad (which is definitely more than I could say about the period of my life prior to that. #darktimes #sorryIcouldnthelpmyself #neededtoinsertjokehere).

I didn’t expect crocheting to be therapeutic in the least. I picked it up on whim when my best friend asked me if I was interested in learning how to crochet with her. We sat down in her living room with our newly purchased hooks and yarn, and proceeded to watch a handful of Youtube videos explaining how to chain, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. And then, my hobby turned into something of an obsession (OR maybe I should refer to myself as an extreme hobbyist, because it sounds slightly cooler and less unstable).

I’m not that good at crocheting. It takes me a while to complete projects, because I’m so finicky about mistakes (in that there must not be any) and my hands aren’t very nimble. When I’m working on amigurumi or a new pattern especially, I tend to concentrate very hard on the pattern and the hook and yarn I have in my hand. On the rare occasions when I attempt to freehand a project, I get lost in thought trying to picture where the increases and decreases should go in my row. When I really get into crocheting, my mind is so focused on what my hands are doing – making sure I don’t drop stitches unintentionally, making sure I don’t suddenly have more or less stitches, checking the gauge, and keeping track of my rows. This activity doesn’t really leave much room in my head for worries that shouldn’t be worries to the extent that I build them up to be.

I had a point to this post. …

I wanted to share the tops I’ve crocheted!


I must say that having a spare body is terribly convenient. This particular body is a stock Takara body that came with Finley. The top on the left was worked from the bottom up, and the one on the right was worked on from the top down. All of them need snaps, except the dark red and white striped top at the bottom. I plan on sewing skirts to one or two of these tops. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out though! It took some hemming and hawing on my part trying to figure out where to put the increases and decreases and how to finagle the arm holes, but totally worth it ^^. (I’m considering sharing the pattern here or on ravelry, but they’re pretty simple so I’m not sure if I’d really be adding anything to what’s already out there).

Welcoming the new girl

The dress I ordered from Plastic Fashion came in today, and I couldn’t wait to get it on Rosaline.

New dress!

Kitties! Birthday celebrating kitties?

Rosaline modeling her new Plastic fashion dress

Excuse Rosaline’s pull strings. I just ordered pull rings from Twiggy Twiggy for her, and I wanted to put the beads on in advance… because I was really excited about the new beads I got. I boggled Rosaline, but for some reason, her lids still show a bit. I know I definitely cut enough of the eye mech for the boggling effect, but it feels like there’s some resistance that’s causing the lid to spring back out. :-/ (help me)

Welcome to the family, Rosaline~

My girls, both in Plastic Fashion dresses. This might become a thing.

I still don’t know which girl I will be bringing with me on my upcoming trip. Finley is definitely lower maintenance (her hair is way more manageable), and she has a more poseable body. But Rosaline is kind of growing on me… I just don’t know.

Doll Clothing Haul Part 1

Here we go:


This is the full stock for Blythe Cute and Curious, that I won off of eBay. I love all of these stock pieces ^^. I wish that the recent releases came with more stock! This dolly came with two outfits, and what’s more – there are versatile pieces!

clothing haul

The dresses and tights on the left are from the etsy store Rabbit in the Moon. The tights were a thoughtful extra ^^, which is always nice. I haven’t tried the pink dress on Finley yet, but the white frilly dress is just way too short…the dress looks more awkward on Finley because she’s going commando at the moment. I might try pairing the dress with the bloomers from the Cute and Curious stock above.

I purchased the dresses on the right second hand from the youtuber Maidensuit, as she decluttered her blythe wardrobe. I pretty much covet her entire dolly family (in particular Coco Colette, Dear Lele Girl, and University of Love), I really enjoy Jane’s videos, because I really like oohing and ahhing over her doll and doll clothing collection. I actually wish there were more Blythe oriented channels out there.

photo 1

The pieces on the left include Ice Rune’s stock hat, a pair of white tights from Zinochika’s stock, and a random t-shirt. On the right, we have two pieces from Reve de Rui’s etsy store, I really wanted a pair of overalls for Finley, and I had this particular pair just sitting in my cart for a while as I mulled them over. I can’t wait to have Finley try them on.


FInley was due for a change in outfit 😀 . I was delighted at how well this Pistachio Libby dress matches her hand-painted chips. Ugh. I love her in this dress.

And clearly, no photoshoot is complete without a shot of my cat.

Random P.S.

There’s something very eerily compelling about this song.

Shoe haul!

I’ve received most of my dolly mail, so now all I’m waiting for is my factory girl from eBay! Included in my recent loot were many pairs of random brand (including Blythe) doll shoes, which were actually a big reason why I decided to bid on the lot.

So many shoes!

So many shoes!

I’m not sure where every pair is from. For sure there is a pair from Barbie, Stacie, and I think a couple of them are Takara Blythe shoes. My dolls will never want for shoes ever again. SHOES FOR ALL OF MY GIRLS. I really like the black mary janes and the brown cowboy boots.

I plan to post photos of the clothes I bought later this week – some are from Etsy, but most are from that same eBay lot. And now, I begin my doll clothes shopping diet. I think the amount of clothing and shoes I have isn’t proportionate to how many dolls I have. It makes me happy that Finley, Summer, and Potpourri are very similar in clothing size.

Random P.S.
I’m addicted to the show Steven Universe. This song scene gives me so many feels:

Shoes, glorious shoes!

I received my order for two pairs of shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy Shop.

Qmagicdoll shoes!

They came packaged in little boxes, and very well wrapped 😀 (the post-it note was a freebie). They are SO cute!

Finley's first outing

I bought them because Finley’s stock shoes and the brown boots I bought from Coolcat, didn’t really go well with a few of the dresses I purchased. In the photo above, Finley is wearing a dress from Kuloft’s Etsy store. It is very, very gorgeous. The sewing is very well done, and there is velcro on the back. I actually tried this dress on Finley as soon as I got it, back when she was on her original body. It had fit the Takara body fine, but it was more snug on the original body than it is on her current sweetiiger body (just FYI).

I think… I would purchase shoes from this store again. The little straps actually unstrap so that they don’t get in the way of the doll’s foot. However, because I switched out Finley’s body, the shoes are REALLY snug on her Sweetiiger body. I haven’t tried the shoes on a Takara body yet, but I plan to (sooner if anyone is curious how they fit on a takara body, later if I get a new blythe soon).

Finley's first outing

I’m not sure if you can see in any of the photos above, but I kind of smooshed her feet into the shoes. They’re still crazy cute though, and I would actually love both pairs in a women’s size 7.

Doll clothing haul

I received one of my packages today for a purchase I made on Etsy, and I decided to go ahead and share my haul!

Behold, my loot!

My Etsy and Ebay haul!

Going clockwise from the top left corner, we have Simply Guava’s stock (purchased on ebay), 5 pairs of tights (also purchased on ebay), 2 adorably frilly dresses from Kuloft on Etsy, and a beautiful Plastic Fashion dress from Etsy,

I follow the designer, Laura, on instagram, as she usually announces on there when she is listing new dresses (usually it’s a couple minutes notice… and then 5 minutes later all the dresses are GONE). I couldn’t help myself and I purchased the chipmunk dress for Finley.


I love the shape of the dress with the peter pan collar, and I am a huge fan of the cute prints that the designer uses. I will probably keep stalking the Plastic Fashion etsy store until I find a dress with a cat print that I love.

I purchased the Ever After High Lizzie Hearts sweater from the etsy store Lambellina. This particular design is from a collaboration between Lambellina and Prince Ivy (both of whom I also follow on instagram). One of my favorite characters from EAH is Lizzie Hearts, and her sweaters drape so cutely on the EAH dolls in her photos.

Lambellina x Prince Ivy EAH sweater

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?

I had kind of hoped that the sweater would look as good on my Middie, Bryn, but alas, the sleeves are comically long. I actually don’t like Blondie in this sweater either. i think her coloring kind of clashes with the tones of the top (it really doesn’t help that her tights and head band are blue). I think I will try the sweater on Cupid and see how it looks. The sweater is made very well (tailored like human clothes :D)… I would totally wear this sweater, and nerd out while I watch the webisodes of EAH on youtube.

I’ve slowed down on buying clothes, and I am currently waiting for a new body for Finley, 2 pairs of shoes from Etsy, a pair of hand painted eye chips for Finley that have been sitting in NY Customs for over a week (COME ON USPS), and a Sugar Mag dress from Ebay. I wish there were more sellers on Etsy and Ebay from the U.S, that way shipping wouldn’t take more than a week. I will post photos of Finley in the other dresses once I get her new shoes in the mail! I kind of don’t want to take photos of her in the dress with shoes that don’t match… I feel like I wouldn’t be doing justice to the dresses (… This is just how I feel… >_<).

I also crocheted this dress for Bryn:


I’m happy with how it came out, since I kind of went in without a pattern, but I think the yarn I used was a little too chunky. ^^ I bought a few skeins of yarn at Michaels today (there’s always a sale at Michaels /thumbs up) that I think will work perfectly for this type of dress.

I hope everyone is also happy hauling :3.

The dangers of a collection based hobby

Just this morning, I was browsing eBay and I stumbled upon an Azone doll (NRFB) for a very good deal. I haven’t really considered owning an azone doll for a few reasons, the most important being that I kind of like things being matchy matchy. It would never just stop at ONE Azone doll.

One of my fears is that I’ll get swept up in a self-induced frenzy, with uninhibited purchases of dolls and doll clothing and accessories. Once the storm that is doll mania has passed over my highly impressionable, shopaholic self, I may be left with a tiny village of dolls in my room, all of which aren’t being displayed properly because my living space is small. Another scenario would be that I have to hide all of my dolls in my closet, because my family is judgmental and loud about what they think about my new hobby. Think Helga from Hey Arnold, and her bubblegum shrine in her closet. Except I’m Helga, and the shrine is a bunch of dolls.

My worries aren’t unfounded though. Let me present to you: Exhibit A – my makeup collection.


I am ready for ALL makeup emergencies.

I was deep into makeup wearing, reviewing, collecting/buying, and swatching. I once tried to calculate exactly how much I spent on my collection, but it just made me feel really, REALLY sad. This trove of upper-mid end makeup kind of just sits on my dresser. I will occasionally wear a full face of makeup, but on a day to day basis I stick with my foundation, eye liner, and maybe lipstick. I think I will do a purge this weekend (:D I will post a post-purge photo of my stash). It’s just SO hard to let go of things that I could potentially use, but have not in the past year.

Right now, I have my neo blythe Finley, my middie Bryn (:D I settled on a name), and five Ever After High dolls (Thronecoming Cupid, basic Cupid, Basic Blondie Lockes, basic Hunter Huntsman and Ashlynn Ella). I gave Bryn a hair spa day and I whipped her up a dress :3.


The curlers are a bit big for my taste, but they definitely gave her hair some volume. Bryn’s hair is very poofy and cute!


I’m definitely entering the lottery for Spright Beauty, and I am currently waiting on a Pullip Dal from my friend. I received Finley in March I think, and Bryn in April. Mayyybeee I should slow down some. XD

Fun with Applique

So I am on an applique kick right now!

I’m so tempted to bedazzle everything I make with little flowers and animal applique…


Middie Pixie Hats!

I am not a fan of working with such thin material when crocheting though. The dress above is made from crochet thread, so it takes forever to make, and the loops are so dang small. I like that it looks pretty to scale for a blythe doll though!

[Random thought: I love crocheting with super bulky yarn. Imagine how big a blythe doll would have to be in order for the super bulky yarn to look to scale XD.]

I really, really love the yarn I made the middie hat out of though! I recommend it a lot. The brand is called Cotton Fair, and I bought my 3 skeins at Michaels for about $3 dollars each (they retail for $5 each but Michaels always has coupons). The yarn is so soft, and easy to work with. The finished hat is super soft as well, and kind of feels luxe. I prefer the cotton yarn over acrylic because  acrylic yarn tends to get a little fuzzy the more you handle it.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of online shopping recently on ebay and etsy. I’m waiting for a bunch of dolly clothes, two pairs of shoes, and some modding stuff in the mail. Part of me feels like, “Man, I can buy a whole new doll with what I’ve spent,” but the other part (the enabling, rationalizing part) of me says “I will probably buy these things at one point or another. Clothing and shoes help me enjoy the doll I already have, and it’s not like I can cobble my own shoes or sew. Plus, this is my hobby, and hobbies are by nature expensive.”

Excited for Packages Olive – 1, Buyer’s Remorse Ridden Olive – 0

I bought some gorgeous dresses from Kuloft that came in the mail a couple of days ago. I am blown away by how beautiful the dresses are (I will post photos once I get some more stuff in the mail. I kind of want to do a haul post!). HOWEVER, Finley only has 3 pairs of shoes. She has her stock black ankle boots, a pair of really bulky tan colored boots (they are almost comically big), and a pair of pink converses (Simply Guava stock shoes).

[Side bar – I just received the Simply Guava stock set. Are her overalls supposed to be that tight fitting on a Blythe? Her pink shoes were also kind of sticky and gross smelling (Yes… I smelled the shoes). I actually wouldn’t be terribly put off if the stock was fake, because I bought it for fairly cheap on Ebay.]

None of the shoes go with the two dresses I purchased, and that bothers me. So, I ordered 2 pairs of shoes :D.

Anyway, I always get excited by other people’s doll related hauls. Hopefully, I will have mine up in the next week or so.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Busy weekend is busy.

Weekends fly by so quickly that I hardly feel rested by this time each Sunday. I spent the majority of this weekend crocheting… and e-window shopping… and actual shopping.

Crocheted goods!

Crocheted goods!

These pixie hats are pretty fun to make (all three are available on my etsy store). Finley’s hair is so pale, that her hair looks almost white in these photos. I try to keep her out of direct sunlight, for fear that she will suddenly turn yellow (:( I didn’t even realize this would be a thing until I heard it mentioned in a few youtube videos and on some blogs), but her hair caught some sun and it kind of glowed light blue/purple – which I thought was pretty cool.

The gloves I whipped up last minute because my sister wanted me to teach her how to ice skate :D. I’m happy with the pattern for the gloves (which can be could be found on CreativeYarn’s blog). The pattern is a little tricky to follow, but once you figure it out, it goes fast!

I also bought a pair of hand painted eye chips for Finley from etsy. I couldn’t help myself >_<. I really don’t like her stock orange eye chips. At first I was thinking of replacing them with hand-painted (…not by my hand) grey eye chips, but I saw this very beautiful, dreamy pair of artistic chips and went with those. I may one day change Finley’s stock green eye chips with a pair of plain dark grey eye chips… or splurge and buy her another pair of hand painted ones :D.

When her new eye chips come in the mail, I think I may open up her head and do some light customizations.

  • Gaze correction – I don’t really like having to take photos from lower than her eye level to make it look like Finley is looking at my camera.
  • Lash replacement – I’m thinking of flared lashes!
  • Mattifying her face – I’m not going to sand her face down, as I don’t really have confidence that I can do a good job, and redo her face up. I think I will just give her a layer of MSC UV flat, and touch her lips up with some gloss varnish.
  • (Maybe) Lid decorating – I was thinking of a light taupe or light gold! Finley already has some brown eye shadow on her face plate – I want to put a complimenting color on her lids. Maybe glossy lids would look nice, since the rest of her face will be matte?
  • (Maybe) Sleep Eyes
  • New body – I realllllyyyy want a Sweetiiger body for Finley! I think the Takara body is cute, but a more poseable body would be nice. :-/ one day…

Or I may not open her head at all. I’m scared I might crack her face plate >_<.

Annndddd, my prize from’s Easter Egg Hunt came in the mail! The sweater Michelle knitted is super cute :3.

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

Blythe Life Easter Egg Hunt prize!

IMG_1169Finley only has dresses at the moment, I need to get her more separates >_<. I wish I knew how to knit!

Enablers, enablers everywhere.

One of the first things I do when I wake up is check my email, instagram, flickr, and this blog. I like to know what’s going on with my sites, and if there’s anything new.

The bad thing about this is, that for most of my sites I am in one way or another subscribed to people who have awesome doll collections. 😦 I am currently surrounded by lemmings. I didn’t originally want the middie blythe Pixie Peaceful, and I actually wasn’t completely sold on middies until recently (the middies on All The Dolls’s blog helped convinced me that I needed one). HOWEVER, a number of the people I follow on instagram started posting photos of the doll out of the box. Pixie Peaceful’s pink eyelashes actually really work with her hair and face. She looks so unique!

I really want this middie, but in my head I can’t shake the thought that for just a bit more, I can purchase a Neo Blythe (I really, really, really want Spright Beauty. really.). My blythe collection is very modest (Finley is an only child), and I just finalized the adoption of a different middie (just paid :D) – an Oski Tebya Lublyu! I couldn’t pass her up when I saw the owner was selling her :D. When she comes in the mail, I’ll post a ton of photos ^^. I will also probably give her hair a dunk, and try to style her bangs so that they sweep sideways.

Behold, my middie wishlist: