Shoe haul!

I’ve received most of my dolly mail, so now all I’m waiting for is my factory girl from eBay! Included in my recent loot were many pairs of random brand (including Blythe) doll shoes, which were actually a big reason why I decided to bid on the lot.

So many shoes!

So many shoes!

I’m not sure where every pair is from. For sure there is a pair from Barbie, Stacie, and I think a couple of them are Takara Blythe shoes. My dolls will never want for shoes ever again. SHOES FOR ALL OF MY GIRLS. I really like the black mary janes and the brown cowboy boots.

I plan to post photos of the clothes I bought later this week – some are from Etsy, but most are from that same eBay lot. And now, I begin my doll clothes shopping diet. I think the amount of clothing and shoes I have isn’t proportionate to how many dolls I have. It makes me happy that Finley, Summer, and Potpourri are very similar in clothing size.

Random P.S.
I’m addicted to the show Steven Universe. This song scene gives me so many feels:

Shoes, glorious shoes!

I received my order for two pairs of shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy Shop.

Qmagicdoll shoes!

They came packaged in little boxes, and very well wrapped 😀 (the post-it note was a freebie). They are SO cute!

Finley's first outing

I bought them because Finley’s stock shoes and the brown boots I bought from Coolcat, didn’t really go well with a few of the dresses I purchased. In the photo above, Finley is wearing a dress from Kuloft’s Etsy store. It is very, very gorgeous. The sewing is very well done, and there is velcro on the back. I actually tried this dress on Finley as soon as I got it, back when she was on her original body. It had fit the Takara body fine, but it was more snug on the original body than it is on her current sweetiiger body (just FYI).

I think… I would purchase shoes from this store again. The little straps actually unstrap so that they don’t get in the way of the doll’s foot. However, because I switched out Finley’s body, the shoes are REALLY snug on her Sweetiiger body. I haven’t tried the shoes on a Takara body yet, but I plan to (sooner if anyone is curious how they fit on a takara body, later if I get a new blythe soon).

Finley's first outing

I’m not sure if you can see in any of the photos above, but I kind of smooshed her feet into the shoes. They’re still crazy cute though, and I would actually love both pairs in a women’s size 7.