Very Crafty Weekend

I was both productive and unproductive this weekend. I was unproductive in that I cancelled a kind-of important appointment I had, because my work week was really something. I was dealing with a lot of emotions and unexpected events caught me off guard and really, I just wanted a weekend to myself – a weekend where I didn’t have to follow a schedule or plan around anything in particular. I was productive in that I did two major things – I bought some sharpies and a pack of shrinky dink paper and made a ton of stitch markers, and I got around to giving Tsukki, my Hujoo Nano Rabi, a face-up!

A friend and fellow member of the Blythe community in NYC started a podcast about knitting, crafting, and dolls. Julie’s is the first podcast I’ve ever watched/listened to, and I get the feeling I’m missing out on a whole world of listening material. When I knit, crochet, or am doing arts and crafts, I love to play doll videos and vlogs on my computer as a source of inspiration and entertainment. I really enjoy knitting/crocheting while listening to Julie’s podcast. ^^ The latest installment:

It was through this podcast that I had the sudden urge to try making things out of Shrinky Dink and dying my own yarn! I haven’t gotten around to the yarn dying yet, but I’ve been making stitch markers out of shrinky dink paper all weekend long.

These drawings are all traced, as I wanted to make sure that my stitch markers came out cute. I had a ton of fun with this!! Even watching the pieces bake in the oven was entertaining. I think I might make a little pendant as a blythe pull charm to add to one of my girl’s pull rings. Oooh, maybe a little fox or deer for Elowyn. The possibilities are endless.

Now onto the face-up:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a face-up of any kind, but I’m happy with how Tsukki turned out! It’s a bit simple, but I think he came out cute. I wish my lines were cleaner though. I also settled on the pinkish taupe eyes for him, instead of the sparkly dark navy blue.

I thought the color of the dark blue eyes was hard to see, and the eyes looked less striking. I also really like the mesh pattern of the taupe eyes.

And now I’m exhausted, and will be playing the game Stardew Valley or my new 3DS game, Bravely Second, until it’s time to turn in for the day.

On Mail Watch

>_< I’ve been having a pretty blah week, so I unintentionally made a few purchases on eBay.

The mail roll call:

  • Merry Go Round Licca chan – Will harvest her body for either Rosaline (my long, pink haired blythe), or a new cat girl custom I’m working on. Merry Go Round Licca chan’s head will go on a new body.
  • Kimono Licca chan – The seller was in the US! I couldn’t resist.
  • White skin Azone Pure Neemo XS Boy body – going on Marshall Lee!
  • Natural skin Azone Pure Neemo XS Girl body – Soon to be Merry Go Round Licca chan’s body.
  • Black fur wig – It was like $6 on ebay from the seller BJD-Fairyland. I’m having a really hard time finding a sleek black wig that’s size 4.5-5! Most of the ones I’m finding are for the baby-like bjd dolls, and so are very poofy or mushroom-like. I won’t have qualms cutting up this wig to try to make it look more like how I want, and it’ll be a good temporary wig.
  • Doll socks – can never have enough doll socks.


On another note, while waiting for the mailman, I decided to work on my loose Blythe face plate!

Before and After

Before and After

I might at some point sculpt her some tiny polymer clay fangs, but right now I’m pooped out from customizing. It’s definitely a process, and time consuming. But hey! It’s a three day weekend!

I also want to add that I got to repurpose some of my makeup brushes to give this girl her faceup!


I hardly use makeup brushes nowadays (most of my makeup is liquid or cream, so I just apply by hand), so I cleaned some of my brushes to use with the chalk pastels. I like these better than the cheapie paint brushes I purchased at Michaels. I feel like the mini-kabuki/buffing brushes blend better, and the eyeliner brushes give me cleaner lines and higher accuracy. Also, the bristles don’t splay as easily as they do for my paintbrushes.

And now, I shall finish my blythe bag FINALLY. I have some words that need to be said about that particular project, but I’ll hold them in until I finish the thing.

I hope everyone’s having an awesome weekend!

Blondie Lockes Repaint Success

I spent the better part of Sunday repainting this doll’s face. I’m super happy with how she turned out! I planned out her face on a blank face chart and this time I tried to incorporate more acrylic paint. Here’s a few things I learned this time around:

  • Spray the face a couple of times before getting to work. The pencils and paints adhere better this way.
  • To get into the crevice for the lips, I dip a tiny brush into water and then into powder chalk pastel. It’s easier getting the watery pigment in there than pencil.
  • Mix your acrylics with some water. It thins the paint a bit and helps it go on smoother
  • Seal atleast twice when done with the repaint.

The one thing that irks me is that the Saran Wrap I had covering her hair actually covered a little bit of her forehead, so I can tell where the sealant stops. Oh well.

And here are the photos!

Before and after:   Mid repaint: I used acrylic paint predominantly on the white parts of her eyes. The color pencils actually show up better on the white acrylic.

  Pretty much done:

  Boil wash and curl (sheet for modesty):

  Completed Blondie (and a shot of her hair):


My second (and final) attempt at repainting

As soon as I got home from work, I took some acetone to my CA Cupid’s face and removed the faceup I gave her the day before. I’m quite happy with the final result.

I did a few things differently this time around that helped me translate my idea into the reality of her wee plastic face.  

  • I found it really helpful to sketch out her face beforehand. It is also probably a mental thing but planning ahead also made me more confident about my ability to repaint. 

In this case I just printed a pseudo face chart for myself and started sketching out what I wanted my doll to look like. Having it all drawn out helped me organize my thoughts and actions actually factored into when I decided to seal Cupid’s face.

  • I used spray sealant liberally this time around. I must have stepped outside to use my Mr. Super Clear about 6 to 7 times. It sort of went like this: Powder on blush > Seal > Color in white of eyes and define eye shape > Seal > Draw and shade pupils and lips, and deepen the color of already sealed portions of face > Seal > Continue to define the face while building up color > Final seal > Add gloss varnish to eyes and lips.
  • The sealing between steps is annoying because you have to put your work down for 15-30 minutes, but it’s crucial for doing a soft save on what you’ve drawn already and it helps with layering colors to get more depth. 
  • Try to keep clean Q tips and super thin brushes handy. I used both dipped in water and shaken off to clean up mistakes. 

Also, I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if I’m supposed to seal the doll more than once when I’m done drawing, but when I boil washed Cupid’s hair at the end I noticed that some of the watercolor pencil from her eyes ran a little when a tiny bit of water splashed onto it. At that point, I didn’t want to wrap her up again to spray the sealant on her and then repaint the gloss varnish… Next time though. 

Evolution of her face.