The nameless little rabbit

The newest addition to my family has been laying patiently in his plastic wrap, waiting for a faceup, eyes, clothes, and a name. I’m going to wait until he’s all put together before naming him, but I’m leaning toward Tsukki right now, after Tsukushima from Haikyuu!! And a sort of play on words because Tsuki is the Japanese word for Moon, and in Japanese folklore a rabbit is said to live on the moon.

I got his eyes in the mail ^^, and I’m really happy with them (the dark blue ones were hard to photograph well). I’m not sure which pair I will end up giving him but I’m hoping he will look good with the taupe colored eyes because of the beautiful pattern. I haven’t tried the eyes on him yet because I have yet to pick up some silicone ear plugs from the drugstore for eye putty, and I want to do his face up first. I had planned on giving him a faceup this weekend, but is telling me that it’s going to rain on Saturday and snow on Sunday (unless this is an elaborate April fool’s joke… seriously, snow in April?).FullSizeRender (1).jpgI’m also working on this little guy’s wardrobe! After consulting hujoo owners on Facebook, extensive googling, and help from Iphis, I got a better idea of what size clothing will fit the Nano Rabi. Here are the places I found the most to pick from:

Mimiwoo – has a selection of Hujoo baby clothes
Etsy – Search Hujoo Baby,  Jun Planning Ai, Obitsu 11, and Kelly doll clothes
Ebay – Smaller selection than Etsy, but I’d still search the above key words.

I kind of wanted this little rabbit to look a bit dapper, like an Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-in-training, but I guess this kind of style is hard to come by in a scale this small. I don’t really want to put him in a t-shirt, and I also don’t want to stick him in a dress, so I ended up combing the internet for knitting or crochet patterns. I’m quite happy with my handmade result!

I worked off of this specific pattern, but I modded it a bit. I’m thinking I might sell these sweaters in my store ^^.

Hopefully, the next time this guy makes an appearance on my blog, he’ll be more put together.