Just words

I’m still mid-slump, and the fact that things keep changing doesn’t help either. I haven’t been doing any hobby things lately, as I’ve been too busy vegetating and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix (omg I didn’t realize how funny 90’s slang and fashion were haha. Did I really dress like that???). 

I’m still working temp jobs, but I think I finally found an apartment that I can call home for a year! This means: I get to set up my dolls. I will start crafting again! I will finally be able to go get my cat back on the east coast. 

Renting a room in someone else’s house was (is?) an experience. I’ve never subsisted on frozen dinner and cup ramen before, and also, I now appreciate just how clean my parents’ home is, and how much work it is to keep a house that clean. My dollies are all in a box right now, including my newest girl, who I’m waiting to send over to Australia for a makeover once I save up enough (teh monies… It slips through my fingers). Money has been stressing me out, moreso than it used to – I’ve never had to live paycheck-to-paycheck before – it’s mentally exhausting, and super triggering to my anxiety.

And now, I have to think about furnishing my new place! This is both exciting and stressful since furniture is SO EXPENSIVE. I’ve picked out a color palette though!

Mint, gold, grey, and white! I found those photos via Google a la Pinterest ^^. My new place is going to be super tiny, but having a space that’s all mine will do me good, I think. 

Anyway, sorry in advance if I go quiet >_<. 

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

Recently, I received a Brown Paper Package tied up with string, filled with a few of my favorite things. This is the second time Jannette from Project Dollhouse (blog / Instagram) and I have sent each other care packages, and when I received the parcel, I totally had an “I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE” moment. The way the package was wrapped was so old-timey, so wabi-sabi, so CUTE! ^^ The inside totally matched the outside, and I was bowled over by how both useful and awesome XD everything was! I’m actually most excited about this pink calligraphy pen. I plan on adding on my list of things to do “Learn Calligraphy” and will be referring to Professors Youtube and Google.

I’ve been really enjoying my Hobonichi Techo so far, but as of late, it’s served as a painful reminder that time is moving really fast, and I don’t feel prepared for life. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been caught in a rut ever since I got back from my vacation in February. There are more words in it than doodles, stickers, or other decorations, but with all these shiny new things, I kind of feel a second wind ^^. WASHI ON ALL THE THINGS!  

Jannette included a couple of thoughtful letters, that make me nostalgic for snail mail, and hand written calligraphy cards that remind me to stay (in the proximity of) Awesome XD (giving myself some leeway because I definitely have days I don’t feel so awesome). I always feel very happy and touched by how thoughtful the contents of Jannette’s packages are. This brown paper package tied up with string (and sealed! Actually sealed with I’m assuming some wax and a stamp) really brightened up my day. :3

Stay awesome everyone ^^.

Rainy day, Retail therapy, Cats

Last Friday, I had one of those terrible days where it was just one thing after another. On the bright side, it was a Friday, and I got Saturday and Sunday to find my center and reevaluate my mindset. (To be honest, I’m still dreading going back to work tomorrow.)

Today, I had the special treat of hanging out with one of my best friends who flew in from out of state ^^. We exchanged belated Christmas gifts – I gave her a hobonichi techo planner and she got me a ton of adorable stationary! I redid my On-the-go journaling pouch to include some of my new items:  Look at all the cat things! I’m super happy about the Jetoy Choo Choo sticker book I got (soooo cuuuutteee :3).

We also went to a new Cat cafe that opened in my city:   The cats were pretty sleepy the hour we were there, and surprisingly very tolerant to being petted by strangers. The hour of sitting around and petting drowsy cats actually went by pretty fast.

Now, let me introduce two possibly new addictions:   This is a Sonny Angel figure! He comes in blind boxes, and I decided to get one from a toy store I went to today. I was hoping for one of the deers or the sheep, but I ended up getting an Uribou (I’m not sure what that is..).   He’s so petite and cute!… And very naked and it’s kind of funny. I might buy another just to see if this is going to become a thing. My second new addiction is journaling! There’s something kind of relaxing/therapeutic to doodling, journaling, and scheduling. I do feel a kind of pressure to keep the planner looking neat. I’m hoping by the end of 2016, I will have a planner that tells a bit of a story as to how my year went.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I hope I get through next week without any incidents.