Flowerbomb (photobomb)


My favorite things in one photo – A blythe doll, pink, gold, green my favorite perfume, and flowers.


Kuma is happy because he’s surrounded by giant women.

Cue the song stuck in my head now!

I really recommend Steven Universe if you’re looking for a lighthearted show. Each episode is about 15 minutes long. The series is about a young boy who is half “gem” and half human, living with three Crystal Gems (entities who draw power from their gems, and protect the Earth) to learn how to harness his own abilities and protect the Earth. There are super catchy songs, and some of the episodes are surprisingly deep.

Negative buying experience and some Nendoroid Fun

So I will not be adding Sally Salmagundi to my dolly family after all. There was some trouble with the seller not responding to my messages, and I received a message from eBay saying the listing I purchased was removed from eBay. I was a bit concerned, so I investigated and found that the seller had deleted her account and she had received several negative feedbacks for her other listings. What’s a person to do?

  1. Be really disappointed. I almost got a NIB Sally Salmagundi for $100.
  2. Open a case on eBay to get my money back.
  3. Search furiously through facebook to see if anyone else was similarly scammed.

I wasn’t the only person who purchased from this seller and failed to receive their doll. I feel lucky though, and thankful that my opened case was resolved almost immediately (I feel this extra layer of security when purchasing from eBay using paypal).

Luckily, I received a refund from eBay almost immediately, with the comment “After reviewing the seller’s recent activity, we decided to expedite your refund.”

Ah well. I’m not worse off from the transaction failing. I’ve actually run into some problems with my laptop, and I may have to replace it if I’m unable to repair it myself ( 😦 My expensive gaming laptop), so any extra savings is helpful.

Now onto a happy subject!

I took my Madoka Kaname Yukata Version Nendoroid out with me while I went to the post office the other day. I only managed to take one photo outside, because for some reason a lot of people must have decided to take the day off and walk around in my area. I find it a bit difficult taking photos of my nendoroid because no matter where I put her, everything seems enormously out of scale (duh, Olive. That’s because the Nendoroid is 4 inches tall.).

 After taking the photos, and trying to use a photo editor to erase Madoka’s stand, I realized two things.

  • I need a better camera than my iPhone6.
  • I stink at editing photos. For anyone who’s curious, I mainly use Pixlr and Pixlr Express to edit my photos. They’re free and easy to use.

I cannot wait for my Nendoroid Kuma to get here!!!

Back to reality

Vacations always seem so very short. I took a peek at my work email, and I kind of know what to expect when I get back to the office – hundreds of emails, paperwork to follow up with, and the same old 9 to 5 doldrums. /all the sad emoticons in the world.

I did a bit of damage in sunny California, and I wanted to share my Anime Expo and California haul (dropped mad dollars at the Japanese dollar store, lol).

Anime Expo 2015 haul

I purchased these goods from Anime Expo 2015.  From left to right, we have 2 rement blind boxes, a Madoka Kaname Yukata version Nendoroid, a few Danboards, and a Jetoy Choo Choo coloring book! The Danbos and the Nendo are pretty freaking enchanting. If I can find some nendos of anime characters I really like, I may pick up a few more. So far, my nendoroid wishlist includes:

Kuma from Persona

Hozuki from Hozuki no Reiatsu

I’m so on the fence about the nendoroid’s interchangeable pieces. I like how each figure comes with extra parts to change the facial expression and the arms and accessories… but they also seem a bit inconvenient in that I worry about losing the tiny pieces.

My nendoroid!

Madoka Majika Yukata Version Nendoroid

The danboards are perfect the way they are. Never change, Danbo.


And here is the rest of my haul!

Daiso and Miscellaneous haul

Everything but the crochet book and the coloring book in the back were purchased from Daiso (… several Daisos). ^^ Not in any particular order, but the haul includes: 2 Elly chan school girl fashion packs, 4 skeins of yarn, some kitty stationary, some leatherworking kits, beads, false lashes that I will use for blythe lashes, crochet hooks, a cat pencil case, and some key chain making goods.