And so the low-buy begins

A while ago, I had watched this video by AliceAlicaArisu where she answers a BJD prompt (if you haven’t watched any of her video’s, I think they’re fun. She’s animated and eloquent I think). The part of the video which most applies my post today is her advice to “Enjoy the dolls you have.” My doll collection has seen some rapid growth from zero dolls back in February to a total of 5 expensive dolls (expensive to me because I don’t often spend large sums of money on one item)… and if I really have to think about it – that’s one doll per month almost (I don’t like to think about it, though granted, I did pay less than retail value for the dolls and the Yeolume was a gift from my friend).

Quick Roll Call!

Finley – Neo Blythe Cadence Majorette (2014 release)

Bryn – Middle Blythe Oski Tebya Lyubyu (2014 release)

Potpourri – Dear Mine Dear Pet Dorothy

Summer – Pullip Yeolume Podo

Rosaline – TBL+ (I believe) Fake Blythe

On the way

Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi (2015 release) – Hasn’t shipped yet, but hoping she does soon.

I suppose shopping and hunting are also significant parta of a collecting hobby and one that I particularly enjoy. However, restraint and patience aren’t things that come easily to me. … Sometimes, I’ll see an item or doll on eBay that I don’t particularly want but think would be nice to have, and bid on it if it’s going for a good price. I develop a weird sensation of half hope that someone will outbid me so I don’t spend money on something I don’t really want and half hope that I might win the bid because the item is a steal. … This is how you end up with 5-6 dolls in the span of half a year.

I am officially on a hobby low-buy until BlytheCon Chicago is over ^^. Til then, I still have a ton of projects I haven’t started/are in the middle of.

Sewing doll clothes – I still haven’t started this. I have all of the materials including a sewing machine (which I don’t know how to use). I don’t really have any excuse. I could probably at least try making some skirts.

Yarn stash busting – I’m currently working on a Hoppip pokemon amigurumi.

I want to make some more beanies for my blythes,  some crocheted tops that I can attach fabric skirts to, and some more amigurumi (though what I will do with them, I don’t know). I actually have 12 skeins of the same color sports yarn that I purchased thinking I would make myself a cardigan. NOPE… maybe I’ll save that for the fall? Or I might just work on a giant cowl with a hood.

Make beads and small figurines out of Polymer Clay – I’ve never done this before, so it should be interesting

Water color pencil coloring – I purchased a Jetoy Choo Choo Coloring book at the anime convention I went to earlier this month. I kind of want to keep the book beautiful, so I will probably do some research on how to best utilize the water color pencils (which up to this point, I’ve only used on repainting).

Personal goal – reach 10K steps per day.

One last thing ^^ – I received the Twiggy Twiggy Pull Rings from Etsy! I purchased the Peach Glitter Pull Rings and the Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Pull Rings.



The jelly pull ring was actually a lot more neon than I thought it would be, so I’m glad I purchased the peach glitter one as well. I’m not sure if I’ll further modify Rosaline. I kinda mucked up her backplate screws by wearing down the shape of the head of the screw, making them harder to remove.