A MINIJIJO Clothing Haul!

Let me paint a word picture, if you will.

Finding 1/6 scale boy clothes is difficult, especially if the body is on the petite side. There are way more options on Etsy and eBay for girl doll clothes, and even the pickings for tomboyish girl’s clothes or unisex clothes are slim. Blythe doll clothes are actually a bit too big for the Pure Neemo Flection XS body, which can look cute for a girl doll if you’re going for the slightly oversized look. I was specifically going for this look:


I was on a mission – a mission to find a red and black checkered shirt and a pair of jeans that wouldn’t look like a child was wearing his dad’s pajamas… if his dad happened to be a lumberjack… or the Brawny man.

Exhibit A: The Brawny Man

Not My Photo. Found on: http://gregbanning.cgsociety.org/

I actually reached out to Jijo of MINIJIJO, because I saw that the seller had sold a shirt like this in the past. I was super excited, because I love the MINIJIJO items I have already and I felt confident that the designer would be able to fulfill my custom request. While I was at it, i also ordered a few other things – a set of five socks and a multicolored star dress that I had favorited a while ago.



The jeans I purchased in an Azone facebook group for super cheap! ^^


So happy with how he’s coming out! I have a wig coming in the mail, and it should get to me by Monday. I’m actually not entirely sure how much resemblance he’ll bear to Marshall Lee, but I think this Azone/Obitsu hybrid is pretty adorable so far. Maybe this boy doll looks a bit too nice to be a bad boy like Marshall? I tried giving him a smirk, but I think the issue is with the eyebrows being too good-natured.

I’m finding myself addicted to the look of Azone dolls. I even kind of want to reroot my next obitsu head! When my Marshall Lee doll is complete, and I still enjoy having him, the next Azone/Obitsu hybrid I make will be based on Marcelline the Vampire Queen or Fionna Human.

^^ I also took this chance to redress Marina. I had her in my Miema Dollhouse outfit for a while, and I wanted to take the opportunity to explore her style. :3 I think I was very successful.


Number 1 – I finally found something to pair those glittery gold boots with!!!!!!!!

Number 2 – Excuse me while I express how pleased I am. Um. how adorable? Please and thank you.

I’m really happy with how the look came together. I think Marina’s personal style is on the bright and funky side. Very visual, and very fun.

I feel like I was very active with dolly stuff this weekend :D, and that makes me pretty happy.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Marshall Lee? Is it you?

I worked on my Marshall Lee (inspired) hybrid doll this morning! I’m pretty happy with the results, though he doesn’t really resemble Marshall Lee from Adventure Time yet. I think an on point wig, and the perfect outfit will definitely help make the reference more obvious.



Materials I used:

  • Obitsu Petite P Chan head in white skin
  • Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS boy body in white skin
  • Parabox Eye Decals
  • Watercolor pencils (mine are Prismacolor) – for drawing the eyebrows, lips, and fangs
  • Acrylic Paints – highlighted the white shine on the eye, colored in the fangs, and painted the bite marks on the neck
  • Magic Eraser – for when I go OOPS
  • Mr Super Clear UV Cut Flat – for priming the head and sealing the work done
  • Liquitex Gloss Varnish – applied to the fangs, eyes, and bite marks
  • Brushes – Army Painter Psycho Brush, an angled eyeliner brush, and a flat paddle paint brush



First off, I’m really happy with how the decals came out! I ended up using the biggest pair of reddish eyes that came in the set of eye decals, as the 2nd to biggest were surprisingly too small for the Petite P Chan face. The decals are a bit grainy in the image quality, which is a bit disappointing, but the decals themselves are lifesavers for those of us who suck at symmetry and drawing/painting. Parabox offers a large variety of eye styles, and I thought the ones I chose were both cute and sharp looking, kind of like a cat. Word of warning, they are REALLY fragile. I accidentally nicked one of the eyebrows and the eye I wanted to use with my fingernail. I ended up not using the decal brows because I didn’t think they did anything for the doll’s face, and I fixed the eye with a bit of acrylic paint. I also finished the eyes off with a bit of Liquitex Gloss Varnish to give the eyes a bit of life-like shine, and I hope that the bit of gloss will increase the longevity of the eye decals. I mention this because I’ve read on a few sites that the decals aren’t that great for soft obitsu heads as they are prone to cracking or chipping away if the head is squished or anything.

Here’s some helpful tutorials I referred to when I applied the decals:

Parabox’s Tutorial

Sdrcow’s Obitsu Eye Decal Tutorial 

AsenvaBJD’s Youtube Tutorial

Secondly, I want to talk about the Army Painter Psycho brush! I purchased mine off of the Junky Spot, because I wanted a tiny detail brush for when I customize my dolls. It is exactly what I was looking for in a brush! It has a super fine tip, and the bristles aren’t floppy, which is major if you want precision. I haven’t found anything comparable at my local arts and crafts stores or hobby stores.


This is a closeup of the Army Painter Psycho brush next to one of my angled eyeliner makeup brushes (I think it’s from Ecotools).

My next challenge for this guy is finding the perfect wig. It’s actually kind of hard finding a short boy’s wig for this size head that doesn’t look childish (and mushroom-like) or just extremely long (I’m not all that confident with cutting hair). I have Marshall Lee’s flannel shirt on the way, so all he needs is a pair of jeans and some red converses!

Maybe one day, when his current face-up needs to be redone, I’ll attempt to dye him grey to be more true to the character!

On the subject of Anxiety

This topic is only vaguely related to my hobbies. I’ll try to make it come to a full circle in the end, but no promises! I’m in a kind of melancholy mood and I wanted to write about it.

I have anxiety, though I feel like everyone has anxiety to some degree. The level of my anxiety can range from simple everyday worries, to full blown panic, to a constant sense of unease or general wrongness. I have social anxiety as well, where I’ll type something or say something and then endlessly think about what I’ve said or typed when it’s too late to take it back… and then I think “Whhyyyy did I sayyyy that????” /cringe /derp /facepalm /g2gkthxbai4ever. So awkward. … times infinity. This is probably why a lot of my hobbies are solo hobbies (crocheting, reading, blogging, doll collecting and appreciating). When it comes to hobby-related stuff, I start to doubt my enjoyment of the activity and its value to me.

I’ve struggled with anxiety probably my whole life. I say “probably” because it’s really hard for me to say when it all started. Until a few years ago, I always assumed that the way I was feeling was normal, because how would I know otherwise? Since then, I’ve learned a few ways to deal with my thoughts (cognitive therapy really helped), and now that I’m able to recognize the feelings and thoughts for what they are, I also recognize that there are times I need to force myself to move despite my body telling me that it’s a good time to shut down (I have an awful relationship with sleep. When I want to sleep, it eludes me. When I want to stay awake, BOOM. Nap time.).

Understanding that a lot of what I’m anxious about doesn’t often make sense (or at least the degree of my anxiety doesn’t make sense), and willing myself to do anything isn’t always easy. However, for me, the first step towards getting away from my dark place is doing something I generally enjoy, even though at the time it might not seem worth it. Sometimes, a distraction (whether it’s petting my furbaby, or redressing my dolls) is enough to recalibrate the brain and put things into perspective, at least for a little while.

FullSizeRenderI’m still torn on what to name her.

Late night body swappin’

There’s really nothing like a good box opening to get your mind off of other things (I feel like this is a blanket fact… Unless you dislike presents or shopping or you see the box as an obstacle). Here is said box: The Merry Go Round Licca chan finally came in the mail! She’s a bit pricier than the basic dolls I found on eBay, but I had two intentions when I chose her – 1) I wanted to harvest her body, 2) I would feel bad tossing the head in the bin, so I wanted a girl I could be excited to add to my family without feeling like I have just added clutter (I didn’t want to feel “eh” about the licca chan). So of course, she has pink hair.   

 When I’m deboxing a doll, the deboxing might take a few minutes, but it’s the things that follow that will take me an hour or two. After I get a girl out of the box, I do a hair assessment. Her hair is actually very close in shade to Rosaline’s hair. It’s also a bit greasy, so she will be getting a wash and maybe a boil curl. I think I will keep her in her pig tails though ^^. 

Her stock is kind of cute, but it’s flimsy. It kind of reminds me of a kid’s Halloween costume. I like the print!

And then off goes the head and…    I put Licca chan on a Pure Neemo Flection XS girl body in Natural or Flesh-tone. It’s not a perfect match, but that’s ok. Her skin tone is kind of in between White and Natural. Switching her body was actually pretty easy. I just pulled her head right off of her original body and then pushed it onto the new body. 

I really like her on the pure neemo body! I think the proportions are just right, and she looks less like a child’s toy, kind of like a very low-end Ruruko in that they are both on pure neemo bodies and they have painted on faces. Maybe it would be better to call her an upgraded Licca?       
Look at how well she holds poses! I guess the PNXS body would work better with a head that’s actually to scale. I actually don’t have much that wouldn’t look too baggy on a licca or pure neemo XS body, so I put her in the Lambellina top, deep burgundy tights, and coolcat boots (pretty much what I had on Summer the first time I rebodied her). 

Seeing how well the pure neemo body holds poses with a to scale head makes me excited for the Azone character doll I preordered ^^, as well as putting together an Azone/Obitsu hybrid. 

I’m not sure what I’ll call this girl… I’m thinking of Merry, Bubblegum, or Pinky.

Blythecon Ho!

Yeah that title looks weird. >_< … sorry.

BUT! In a few hours, I will be making my way to Chicago predominantly for Blythe Con USA 2015. This will be my very first Blythe Con, and my first time traversing the streets of Chicago. I’m all packed, with my two girls dressed and ready for our trip. ^^ I’m taking Finley, my mostly stock Cadence Majorette, and Marina, my Project Dollhouse custom. Hopefully, we all make it through the trip with little to no accidents >_<.

I have specific shopping goals for this convention – I’m going to try to limit myself to buying separates, and pieces I could potentially use to dress my future Azone/Obitsu hybrids. I’m also excited to see the tables for quite a number of sellers, as I always prefer buying things in person than over the internet. I’ll most likely upload the Blythe Con photos as soon as I can via the Flickr app, and I’ll also make a post regarding the convention when I get back.

Also before I pop off, my two Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS bodies came in the mail! I ordered a white skin boy body and a natural skin girl body. IMG_3959IMG_3958I posted two photos because I couldn’t quite get the colors to show true (it’s nighttime here :-/ ). XD The white skin boy body is on the left and the natural skin girl body is on the right. Ok, I’ll try my best to describe the colors and other differences I noticed in bullet form (:D just because).

  • The boy body is kind of like NC15 in MAC foundations, and the girl body is kind of a bizarre shade of orange – maybe the lighting is playing tricks on my eyes too… If I had to guess, I’d say maybe the girl body is a very orange NC 30? >_< Best way I can describe it.
  • The boy’s body has a slightly broader torso than the girl body.
  • The girl’s body has a thigh gap.

If the girl’s body isn’t a color match for my Merry Go Round Licca chan’s head, I might just go ahead and make her Fionna Human. Also, I’m starting to think maybe I should try dying the boy body a light grey… but it seems a bit too advanced for me.

😀 Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Summer’s New Look

It’s kind of funny actually. I struggled with naming my Yeolume Podo, mostly because I wasn’t sure what to make of her. For almost a week of having her, i thought her name was pronounced “Yuh-reum/Yuh-leum,” which means “Summer.” It’s actually pronounced “Yul-me” (awful romanization of Korean), which I guess means “fruit” (I think it’s actually a bit broader than just fruit. I think it’s basically anything that is a product of a plant that holds seeds). I ended up naming my Yeolume doll Summer :D.

Annndd I ended up sanding her face off and redrawing it. >_<


It was HARD! I am really not an artist – in elementary school, I really wanted to be a mangaka, but I kind of gave it up when I realized I am awful at drawing. This is kind of how I draw:

I have trouble with symmetry and proportions :(.

Anyway, I struggled with Summer’s face up. It was also drizzling, and I didn’t realize it until I went outside to see if the MSC had dried on Summer’s face plate.


I was also feeling especially ambitious today, so I rebodied her as well!


This part wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be! I pretty much followed this tutorial, and I purchased the epoxy putty and the screw at my local hardware store for pretty cheap. I put Summer on the Pure Neemo Flexion XS body in white skin, which I purchased from eBay.

I didn’t have saran wrap to kind of cover up the hardened epoxy putty before closing up Summer’s head… hopefully the putty doesn’t react weirdly with the doll’s plastic. The packaging said it was safe to use on most plastics, and I did some research and it looks like people use epoxy putty to mod their dolls regularly. I’m exhausted from frankening Summer that at this point I shall leave it to the dolly gods. (I know, what kind of house doesn’t have saran wrap?)

IMG_1982 (1)

I also gave Summer some new eye chips! I purchased them from Kirakirameanssparkle’s Etsy store,.and I like them a LOT better than the chips she came with. They’re not a perfect fit – they’re slightly smaller than the sockets, but I don’t think it’s that noticeable. You also really can’t beat the price for such pretty chips. I have two more pairs of eye chips that I’m excited to put in my future dolls.


😀 That’s Summer chilling while I watch some BJD deboxing videos on youtube.

Summer doesn’t have the best face up (the eye fold lines bother me :(), but I really love her new overall look! (/secretly proud because I got so much done and those eye folds aren’t THAT bad…). I think this weekend, I will make Summer a yarn wig!!

Summer’s OOTD –

Sweater from Lambellina’s Etsy store 
Off-white tights
Shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy store

Finley’s Sweetiiger Body

It’s been about a month since I swapped out Finley’s stock body with the Sweetiiger body I purchased from Dollwigdiy’s Etsy store. I messaged the etsy seller, and Lu Tosca confirmed that they do also have an Ebay store as well by the name of Sweetiiger. I purchased the Type A chest body with Set A hands for $39.90, and I will probably purchase the Set B hands in the future.

I wanted to change Finley’s body out of the Takara body for a couple of reasons. First off, I wanted Finley to be more animated for photos. I found the Takara body charming, but very limiting and stiff. Finley’s character in my mind has a more mature vibe. She is introverted and has an infinite amount of patience. Finley is a good sport and will most likely go along with what her sisters want to do. She likes to look very feminine, and she loves cute things, though she doesn’t think these things suit her. She spends most of her time day dreaming and seeing things in moe vision (secretly of course). The rest of her dolly family are like her younger sisters. (yay character development)

I’m a complete noob when it comes to customizing, and I didn’t want to deal with modding the neck of a jointed body, nor did I want to have a case of the bobble headed Blythe when switching Finley to a more poseable body. The sweetiiger body is great because the neck peg fits the Blythe face plates perfectly. There is no head tilt, or head instability.

The one thing that I was not expecting was how loose her joints were. I actually thought that the body I received was broken because of how little support (ZERO support) the body had. Finley’s new body wasn’t supporting her head – her legs and waist would buckle under the weight of her Blythe-sized head. There was no standing her up (even when put on her clover stand) or sitting her down. The only use the body would have had in this state would be posing while laying Finley down.

Needless to say I was very sad. I sent the Etsy seller an email, and the seller responded almost immediately. Lu Tosca was very nice and understanding of my predicament. She first suggested that I tighten the body by pushing the limbs inward. I actually hadn’t noticed that there were gaps where the limbs connected to one another.

Sweetiiger body

Sweetiiger body

I did this, and it did help considerably, but I guess I was just expecting more stability. Now, Finley is able to stand when leaning on something, and stay upright when in her stand. I think with even the pure neemo bodies, you sacrifice stability for poseability (though I fiddled around with my Pure Neemo XS body, and the joints seem stiffer than the Sweetiiger body). In the end, I’m satisified with Finley’s body swap.

In the photo below, you have the stock Takara Blythe body, the Sweetiiger body, and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS body,

Body comparison

Finley’s body is more womanly with a bigger bust and a trimmer waist. Some of her clothes actually fit better (everything is a smidge looser around the waist, and the bust fits about the same). The downside to the body is that some of the handmade shoes I ordered from Etsy don’t fit as well on her feet. Her feet are a bit wider and thicker than the standard takara body.

All in all, the body fits Finley’s image better than the one she came with.

Edit 08.31.2015 – Finley is back on her stock body. I wrote an update post about it >_<.