Photo montage of Cancun – Day 3

I took both Danbo and Sonny Angel out today. Some more obligatory beach photos, but I added footprints this time (probably not enough though)!  The hotel also gave us this plate. No idea why. I guess… They assumed my parents are on a honey moon… And decided to bring their adult daughter with them. Sonny Angel is looking right at home ^^.  Currently, Danbo is looking a little worse for the wear (Sorry Danbo). Danbo and Sonny Angel are pretty fun to photograph. They stand up by themselves without problem, and I’m getting the hang of playing with scale and my iPhone. In particular, Danbo is really photogenic (with that ( ゚д゚) face). 

My vacation away from life ends soon! I’m going to a Blythe meet soon, and I have a doll project in mind for when I get back (though with the weather being the way it is, I might have to postpone it). I also think that my 1 year bloggiversary (that doesn’t look right…) is coming up soon! Exciting times ^^. 

I’m going to try to take it easy (instead of wanting to be productive, which on a vacation is counterproductive), so my next post will most likely be when I get back. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Sonny Angel on the Brain

I was in one of those moods where my day was pretty dull, and all I could think about was buying and opening Sonny Angel blind boxes. So, after work I bolted to the toy store where I bought my one and only Sonny Angel in hopes of getting more of the Animal Version 2 series.detail_animal2_3Last time, I got the Uribou. This time, I was really hoping for the Fawn or Reindeer. Unfortunately, the store sold out of this particular series (it’s only been 4 days since I’ve been there, and they’ve sold out! D:), so I picked up an Animal Version 4 blind box instead. … I also noticed that the store had the Fawn on display, and I was able to purchase it ^^. I know half the fun of blind boxes is opening then, but I really wanted that Fawn!img_6004

Out of Version 4, I REALLY want the Calico Cat, and the Duck, Peacock, and Shiba Inu would be nice to have (I thought the Shiba Inu was a Fox… and I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not). img_6005

^^ Shiba Inu. And that brings my Sonny Angel family to 3. I will probably try to always have one with me when I go out on weekends. These little guys fit in my pocket, and their heads turn, so that kind of gives them a bit more expression.

Exhibit A – The Coppertone Babyimg_6006


Rainy day, Retail therapy, Cats

Last Friday, I had one of those terrible days where it was just one thing after another. On the bright side, it was a Friday, and I got Saturday and Sunday to find my center and reevaluate my mindset. (To be honest, I’m still dreading going back to work tomorrow.)

Today, I had the special treat of hanging out with one of my best friends who flew in from out of state ^^. We exchanged belated Christmas gifts – I gave her a hobonichi techo planner and she got me a ton of adorable stationary! I redid my On-the-go journaling pouch to include some of my new items:  Look at all the cat things! I’m super happy about the Jetoy Choo Choo sticker book I got (soooo cuuuutteee :3).

We also went to a new Cat cafe that opened in my city:   The cats were pretty sleepy the hour we were there, and surprisingly very tolerant to being petted by strangers. The hour of sitting around and petting drowsy cats actually went by pretty fast.

Now, let me introduce two possibly new addictions:   This is a Sonny Angel figure! He comes in blind boxes, and I decided to get one from a toy store I went to today. I was hoping for one of the deers or the sheep, but I ended up getting an Uribou (I’m not sure what that is..).   He’s so petite and cute!… And very naked and it’s kind of funny. I might buy another just to see if this is going to become a thing. My second new addiction is journaling! There’s something kind of relaxing/therapeutic to doodling, journaling, and scheduling. I do feel a kind of pressure to keep the planner looking neat. I’m hoping by the end of 2016, I will have a planner that tells a bit of a story as to how my year went.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I hope I get through next week without any incidents.