Body Swapping and My Weekend Project

Finley (my Cadence Majorette) is back on her stock Takara body.There are pros and cons to the Sweetiiger body, but ultimately, the negatives won.

Pros to the Sweetiiger Body:

  • It’s super poseable. You have the option of switching out the hands as well. This was the biggest appeal for me. Finley on the Sweetiiger body was fun to pose!
  • Clothing made to fit the regular stock bodies will fit the Sweetiiger body.
  • It lends the doll a slightly more mature appearance, with a more defined and bigger bust, and a slightly taller height.
  • The neck peg fits Blythe dolls with NO modding.



Notice the neck peg – it’s shaped similarly to the stock body, so this makes body swapping super easy. Also notice that the body does a good job of standing sans the head.

My deal breakers:

  • Loose joints – This may just be my particular body, or it may be that my expectations were too high. Sometimes the knees buckle when I try to pose Finley standing up while leaning on something. She even has difficulty sitting up without some finagling. The body I purchased doesn’t seem to want to support Finley’s massive head. Finley always seems to be slouching or about to fall over.
  • The feet are too big :(. I have quite a few shoes for my dolls, and only a few of them fit on Finley because of the width of the feet on the Sweetiiger body. I’m pretty sure I even ruined a pair by stretching them out too much trying to shove Finley’s feet into them.

And so, Finley is back on the body she came with. I’m going to miss her interchangeable hands and her funny poses 😥 . The stock body does have its own charm though.

I also wanted to share my weekend crochet project ^^. I made a baby blanket for a friend as a thank you gift.


I decided to make a granny square baby blanket for the first time. This is a basic granny square (instructions can be found on this website). I used the whip stitch to attach the granny squares together, forming a big checkerboard pattern.


And I added a bunny head and arms at one corner to make the blankie huggable and doubly cute ^^.



I think the next time I connect granny squares, I’ll try the single crochet method, and also a different accent color for the border and the connecting stitches.

Overall, making this blanket was easy, if not a tad monotonous. It did take me the better part of the weekend though, but it was a good change of pace from crocheting doll hats or trying a new pattern. There was no stumbling, and no having to concentrate on reading a pattern or keeping track of rounds or stitches.

Finley’s Sweetiiger Body

It’s been about a month since I swapped out Finley’s stock body with the Sweetiiger body I purchased from Dollwigdiy’s Etsy store. I messaged the etsy seller, and Lu Tosca confirmed that they do also have an Ebay store as well by the name of Sweetiiger. I purchased the Type A chest body with Set A hands for $39.90, and I will probably purchase the Set B hands in the future.

I wanted to change Finley’s body out of the Takara body for a couple of reasons. First off, I wanted Finley to be more animated for photos. I found the Takara body charming, but very limiting and stiff. Finley’s character in my mind has a more mature vibe. She is introverted and has an infinite amount of patience. Finley is a good sport and will most likely go along with what her sisters want to do. She likes to look very feminine, and she loves cute things, though she doesn’t think these things suit her. She spends most of her time day dreaming and seeing things in moe vision (secretly of course). The rest of her dolly family are like her younger sisters. (yay character development)

I’m a complete noob when it comes to customizing, and I didn’t want to deal with modding the neck of a jointed body, nor did I want to have a case of the bobble headed Blythe when switching Finley to a more poseable body. The sweetiiger body is great because the neck peg fits the Blythe face plates perfectly. There is no head tilt, or head instability.

The one thing that I was not expecting was how loose her joints were. I actually thought that the body I received was broken because of how little support (ZERO support) the body had. Finley’s new body wasn’t supporting her head – her legs and waist would buckle under the weight of her Blythe-sized head. There was no standing her up (even when put on her clover stand) or sitting her down. The only use the body would have had in this state would be posing while laying Finley down.

Needless to say I was very sad. I sent the Etsy seller an email, and the seller responded almost immediately. Lu Tosca was very nice and understanding of my predicament. She first suggested that I tighten the body by pushing the limbs inward. I actually hadn’t noticed that there were gaps where the limbs connected to one another.

Sweetiiger body

Sweetiiger body

I did this, and it did help considerably, but I guess I was just expecting more stability. Now, Finley is able to stand when leaning on something, and stay upright when in her stand. I think with even the pure neemo bodies, you sacrifice stability for poseability (though I fiddled around with my Pure Neemo XS body, and the joints seem stiffer than the Sweetiiger body). In the end, I’m satisified with Finley’s body swap.

In the photo below, you have the stock Takara Blythe body, the Sweetiiger body, and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS body,

Body comparison

Finley’s body is more womanly with a bigger bust and a trimmer waist. Some of her clothes actually fit better (everything is a smidge looser around the waist, and the bust fits about the same). The downside to the body is that some of the handmade shoes I ordered from Etsy don’t fit as well on her feet. Her feet are a bit wider and thicker than the standard takara body.

All in all, the body fits Finley’s image better than the one she came with.

Edit 08.31.2015 – Finley is back on her stock body. I wrote an update post about it >_<.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

I received my order for two pairs of shoes from Qmagicdoll’s Etsy Shop.

Qmagicdoll shoes!

They came packaged in little boxes, and very well wrapped 😀 (the post-it note was a freebie). They are SO cute!

Finley's first outing

I bought them because Finley’s stock shoes and the brown boots I bought from Coolcat, didn’t really go well with a few of the dresses I purchased. In the photo above, Finley is wearing a dress from Kuloft’s Etsy store. It is very, very gorgeous. The sewing is very well done, and there is velcro on the back. I actually tried this dress on Finley as soon as I got it, back when she was on her original body. It had fit the Takara body fine, but it was more snug on the original body than it is on her current sweetiiger body (just FYI).

I think… I would purchase shoes from this store again. The little straps actually unstrap so that they don’t get in the way of the doll’s foot. However, because I switched out Finley’s body, the shoes are REALLY snug on her Sweetiiger body. I haven’t tried the shoes on a Takara body yet, but I plan to (sooner if anyone is curious how they fit on a takara body, later if I get a new blythe soon).

Finley's first outing

I’m not sure if you can see in any of the photos above, but I kind of smooshed her feet into the shoes. They’re still crazy cute though, and I would actually love both pairs in a women’s size 7.

The Sweetiiger Body – initial thoughts and some photos

I purchased the Sweetiiger body from etsy, as well as the set A hands. There are two different chest types, the chest A and the chest B… The difference being that chest A is “painted.”  

strategically placed black bar for anyone not a fan of doll nudity.


Finley is naked. She doesn’t care.

The “chest painting” isn’t very impressive, since it only consists of a bright pink paint, easily done at home. This body is matte, unlike her original Takara body. The biggest and most obvious difference would be that this body is jointed. The one thing I would say is a drawback to this is that Finley is a bit more unstable, and apt to bending forward or backward because of her loose hips (and the weight of her big ol’ head).

This body is curvier and more more defined than her original Takara body, so I’m curious to see how all of her clothes will look on her now. The only outfit I’ve tried on her is her white sweater dress, since she is currently drying off. I think the more mature body suits her!

Small complaint – the body I bought wasn’t completely pristine. There were blue ink like marks and some spots that looked dirty. I got most of it off, so that’s a relief.

I can’t wait to try photographing her!