Cherie Babette Is Here

My Cherie Babette arrived maybe one hour ago XD.I preordered her from CCtoys, and it took about 2 weeks for her to get to me from Hong Kong. It’s been a bit nerve wracking, as I’ve seen that a bunch of people had already received their girls a week before I did, and a lot of them reported cracks and other blemishes on Facebook groups. My CB isn’t perfect, but I’m not sure how worth the hassle it would be for me to ask for an exchange.  

   My CB has a very loose waist and neck. She also has a very thin line that shines a bit differently on one of her cheeks – it doesn’t pick up on camera and it’s hard to see unless I look for it (I actually asked my mom and she told me she can’t see it).I didn’t bother putting her in the big bear kigurumi, and instead put her in the Plastic Fashion dress I’ve been saving for her and the new shoes I got from Kuloft. She definitely needs a hair spa (too lazy) and a name! I was thinking Everly, Cecily, Tea, Tallulah, or Eevee. I’m still thinking about it. Cherie Babette will most likely be the last Blythe I get in 2016 (unless I find myself in a good position in life at the end of the year). I think having her come home kind of marks the end of something – maybe the end of my putting real life decisions off. … UGH. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

At the park with the girls

Today was one of those rare occasions where I brought my blythe dolls out with me. I met up with my coworker friend who is also into blythe dolls, and we managed to nab a table at a park in the city… a very crowded park in the city.


This is my friend’s stock Manuheali’i Paradise Girl ^^. I love the warm color of this girl’s hair, the small gold earrings, and her painted nails! Also, all of her chips are stunning (I think they’re all special colors). My friend is really into lolita fashion, and bought the outfit from Junie Moon.


Marina is sporting a sweater that I won from a Blythe Life giveaway and a dress I purchased in a lot on eBay. When I was dressing her for her outing, it really hit me that I don’t have anything in my dolly wardrobe that really suits Marina. I must remedy this.


Rory is wearing a dress I purchased from a youtube sales video/decluttering series by Maidensuit, and the glasses from the Les Jeunette stock I purchased from Jannette of Project Dollhouse.

It’s a little unnerving to have the dolls out in such a public, and crowded area. The park was crawling with people, and I tried not to pay attention to stares as I tried to take some photos of the dollies against the backdrop that is the park.

I had a lot of fun though! One of my favorite parts of blythe meets (I guess since it was just me and my friend that this was more of a blythe hangout?) is that I get to see blythe dolls I wouldn’t normally have a chance to. After seeing a Manuheali’i Paradise Girl, I’m kind of sad that I didn’t try harder to get Cherry Beach Sunset (hopefully next year, I’ll nab a tan summer girl!).


One last photo of my girls on their first outing :3 .

Cadence Majorette has arrived!

Neo Blythe box

UGH. I was so excited when I saw this box! This will be my very first Blythe doll.

Mini review on the website/store that I purchased her from:

I ordered a Cadence Majorette doll from CC Toys a little over 3 weeks ago. They are based in Hong Kong and from researching on the internet, I felt comfortable enough ordering from their website. They accept paypal as a form of payment, and they shipped out my doll 2 days after I ordered it (I even received a tracking number). Cadence did take a bit longer than I thought to get to me, but I do blame the awful weather we’ve been having (snow for days) for the delay. I was actually a little worried that the doll got lost at sea or something, so I sent CC Toy’s an email asking them how long it usually takes for a doll to reach the U.S. The store’s customer service is very good 😀 – I received a response the very next day. The person who wrote me back was very helpful and nice. She (I think the person is a she) explained that they send their dolls via air mail, and that it generally takes 8 – 10 business days to ship from Hong Kong to the U.S. However, due to all the snow we’ve been having, it might take longer. Also, USPS needs to update their tracking info for international packages more often. I must have checked that sucker 5 times a day waiting for an update.

Moving onto the doll:

Cadence Majorette

Cadence Majorette

Cadence Majorette

Her hair needs some serious cleaning/styling. … I don’t know how to do that, so I shall google it tomorrow 😀 (unless someone would share some tips with me ^^).

And here are some of the hats I crocheted for her during the 3 weeks I was waiting for her (they were a long 3 weeks) –

Cadence Majorette Finn

Cadence Majorette Bear

Cadence Majorette Fox

Cadence Majorette

She’s so cute!! I love how super pale her hair is, and how well different colored clothing would look on her. I don’t have much of a wardrobe for her yet, but I’m going to try my hand at sewing soon. I’m a little worried about any fabrics (including her stock clothing, which she is currently wearing because she still has her plastic sleeve on) staining her body, so I will probably have to look into how to set dyes too (maybe I’m worrying too much). I can’t wait to take photos with her outside when it gets warm!

Weeeee. I’m already keeping tabs on new release info for any potential new members of my dolly family! I will most likely pass on Less Jeuenette (I dunno… maybe the actual doll will appeal more to me than the release drawing) and the 14th Anniversary doll (I don’t dig her concept). I am however SUPER keen on the My Melody Blythe that’s supposedly coming out in September of this year. I REALLY want a pink haired blythe, and I already have the most perfect name for one, 😀

And now that’s enough excitement for today.