My girl with all special chips

I entered the lottery on Junie Moon for the Anna Sui collaboration (Blythe adores Anna) thinking there’s no way I would ever win because:

  • I’m not so lucky
  • Only 500 dolls were allotted for international buyers

I entered for funsies, and I wasn’t particularly emotionally invested with the desire to own this doll (I liked Anna Sui more when I was younger than now, but I still think the aesthetic of the brand is quite pretty in a dark way). 

Imagine my surprise when I found the invoice in my email! Seeing how special she was kind of cinched the deal for me. She’d also fulfill my desire for a blythe with all special chips!! 

So I kind of veered from my original 2017 doll goals, But that’s ok because it was bound to happen. Whenever I would see a Royal Soliloquy for a price under $190, I was always sorely tempted.spesking of which, it would have been cool if this girl had winged liner. 

She has amazing stock (I haven’t attempted taking it off… I’m pretty sure the clothing is a one piece and not two), really nice knee high boots, a soft fuzzy hat, earrings (which I’m not sure I’ll put in), sunglasses, and a purse… also, upgraded underwear!

I’m really glad my girl doesn’t have any manufacturer flaws. Photos had been popping up on Facebook of owners whose dolls had wonky eyelashes or even scratches in the makeup. My girl only had some hair issues, and will be getting a spa this weekend along with Marina and maybe Elowyn. 

Bonus photo:

I can’t even debox without a cat getting involved.

My Rationalizing Doll Brain

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going on a bit of a dolly buying ban in 2016. Now is not the time in my life to be accumulating things, but rather, it’s the time to declutter. This is particularly hard because I have so many dolls on my wish list, and already there are two blythe releases coming out in the next few months that I have my eye on. They both have more stock clothes than is per usual, which in hoping means that Takara is upping their stock game ^^.

Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops – I expect she will be the May release. Immediately, I’m drawn to her short hair and her adorable stock. She’s already up for preorder on CC Toys, and her $189 price tag makes it easier for me to resist.

Neo Blythe Allegra Champagne – She will be a summer release. Look at how fancy she is! She has two outfits, which is rarer for the new releases. I regret not getting last year’s Anniversary girl (Dauphine Dream), so there’s that.. I’ll be trying as all heck not to get any new blythes this year (I may sign up for the lottery for the anniversary girl depending on how the actual doll looks), and to try to appreciate the girls I have. 

But… when I see new girls being released or a good deal on older releases on adoption groups or on ebay, I get major FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (XD this acronym is probably not used much in this context). Like, what if the new girl becomes hard to find later? Or what if she becomes too expensive for me to purchase? What if it’s a long time before I see another of the older release for adoption at such a good price? 

I’ve experienced this sensation before in the makeup hobby, however in that hobby there are almost always dupes in other brands, and the price of a single item usually isn’t something to fret over. If I liked something, I bought it, and if it was limited edition, I bought it FAST. Blythes are way more expensive than lipsticks or blushes, so I tend not to make impulse buys. Blythes are also bigger than lipstick and blush, and therefore more tricky to pack and move, so it doesn’t make sense to expand my family. 😦 Trying to be logical here, but the heart wants more blythes.

Also, my logical mind tells me that there will be more releases in the future that I may find cuter or love more than the ones I won’t be getting upon release. My logical mind is so annoying.
To appease the part of me that craves for a new doll, I’m thinking of getting a Hujoo Nano Rabi! XD Rationalizing Olive rationalizes that the Hujoo Nano Rabi shouldn’t count as breaking the doll ban because A) it’s so small! B) it’ll only be about $35 for the doll and eyes, and C) it’s so cute. I originally wanted the Nano Freya, because I love cats, but I’m not a fan of the shape of the head and how far apart the ears are spaced. I’ve also seen way more cute faceups on the Rabi than on the Freya, and I think he’d look cute as a tea party guest for my girls – he will be a well to do rabbit.
I will most likely order a Hujoo Nano (not sure yet if Rabi or Freya) next month. The weather is getting nicer, and I kind of want to try another faceup.

On the subject of Anxiety

This topic is only vaguely related to my hobbies. I’ll try to make it come to a full circle in the end, but no promises! I’m in a kind of melancholy mood and I wanted to write about it.

I have anxiety, though I feel like everyone has anxiety to some degree. The level of my anxiety can range from simple everyday worries, to full blown panic, to a constant sense of unease or general wrongness. I have social anxiety as well, where I’ll type something or say something and then endlessly think about what I’ve said or typed when it’s too late to take it back… and then I think “Whhyyyy did I sayyyy that????” /cringe /derp /facepalm /g2gkthxbai4ever. So awkward. … times infinity. This is probably why a lot of my hobbies are solo hobbies (crocheting, reading, blogging, doll collecting and appreciating). When it comes to hobby-related stuff, I start to doubt my enjoyment of the activity and its value to me.

I’ve struggled with anxiety probably my whole life. I say “probably” because it’s really hard for me to say when it all started. Until a few years ago, I always assumed that the way I was feeling was normal, because how would I know otherwise? Since then, I’ve learned a few ways to deal with my thoughts (cognitive therapy really helped), and now that I’m able to recognize the feelings and thoughts for what they are, I also recognize that there are times I need to force myself to move despite my body telling me that it’s a good time to shut down (I have an awful relationship with sleep. When I want to sleep, it eludes me. When I want to stay awake, BOOM. Nap time.).

Understanding that a lot of what I’m anxious about doesn’t often make sense (or at least the degree of my anxiety doesn’t make sense), and willing myself to do anything isn’t always easy. However, for me, the first step towards getting away from my dark place is doing something I generally enjoy, even though at the time it might not seem worth it. Sometimes, a distraction (whether it’s petting my furbaby, or redressing my dolls) is enough to recalibrate the brain and put things into perspective, at least for a little while.

FullSizeRenderI’m still torn on what to name her.

Crocheting in Miniature – The Donut Edition

I was pretty taken with the donut appliqué pattern that I decided to make tiny ones that would be to scale for my girls.   To make the donuts, I repeated the donut part of the appliqué one more time, and I whip stitched the two donut pieces together on the outer and inner edges. I then added the frosting and the sprinkles. It’s hard to tell with Blythes if something is perfectly to scale. This is owing to how hugely out of proportion their heads are to their 1/6 scale body. I think her head is a similar size to the American girl dolls (in that they can share hats), and if I recall correctly the American Girl is scaled to 1/3. The donuts look pretty good in Finley’s hands though!      

  I found the template for the Krispy Kreme donut box online (thanks Pinterest!). I also found out I’m not great at paper crafts. I didn’t score the folding parts of the box neatly so it came out looking a little sad. Next time.

And now I am off to get some dessert for myself because looking at the donuts has made me hungry. ^^

Edit: forgot to mention what yarn and hook I used! Also, I did one thing different to the pattern.

  • In the beginning of each price, instead of chaining 7, I chained 6.
  • I used a 2.5 mm hook.
  • For the donut, I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Glamour, and for the frostings I don’t remember what brand they’re from but I purchased them at Michaels and I want to say they’re level 2 acrylic yarns. 

Finley’s Sweetiiger Body

It’s been about a month since I swapped out Finley’s stock body with the Sweetiiger body I purchased from Dollwigdiy’s Etsy store. I messaged the etsy seller, and Lu Tosca confirmed that they do also have an Ebay store as well by the name of Sweetiiger. I purchased the Type A chest body with Set A hands for $39.90, and I will probably purchase the Set B hands in the future.

I wanted to change Finley’s body out of the Takara body for a couple of reasons. First off, I wanted Finley to be more animated for photos. I found the Takara body charming, but very limiting and stiff. Finley’s character in my mind has a more mature vibe. She is introverted and has an infinite amount of patience. Finley is a good sport and will most likely go along with what her sisters want to do. She likes to look very feminine, and she loves cute things, though she doesn’t think these things suit her. She spends most of her time day dreaming and seeing things in moe vision (secretly of course). The rest of her dolly family are like her younger sisters. (yay character development)

I’m a complete noob when it comes to customizing, and I didn’t want to deal with modding the neck of a jointed body, nor did I want to have a case of the bobble headed Blythe when switching Finley to a more poseable body. The sweetiiger body is great because the neck peg fits the Blythe face plates perfectly. There is no head tilt, or head instability.

The one thing that I was not expecting was how loose her joints were. I actually thought that the body I received was broken because of how little support (ZERO support) the body had. Finley’s new body wasn’t supporting her head – her legs and waist would buckle under the weight of her Blythe-sized head. There was no standing her up (even when put on her clover stand) or sitting her down. The only use the body would have had in this state would be posing while laying Finley down.

Needless to say I was very sad. I sent the Etsy seller an email, and the seller responded almost immediately. Lu Tosca was very nice and understanding of my predicament. She first suggested that I tighten the body by pushing the limbs inward. I actually hadn’t noticed that there were gaps where the limbs connected to one another.

Sweetiiger body

Sweetiiger body

I did this, and it did help considerably, but I guess I was just expecting more stability. Now, Finley is able to stand when leaning on something, and stay upright when in her stand. I think with even the pure neemo bodies, you sacrifice stability for poseability (though I fiddled around with my Pure Neemo XS body, and the joints seem stiffer than the Sweetiiger body). In the end, I’m satisified with Finley’s body swap.

In the photo below, you have the stock Takara Blythe body, the Sweetiiger body, and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS body,

Body comparison

Finley’s body is more womanly with a bigger bust and a trimmer waist. Some of her clothes actually fit better (everything is a smidge looser around the waist, and the bust fits about the same). The downside to the body is that some of the handmade shoes I ordered from Etsy don’t fit as well on her feet. Her feet are a bit wider and thicker than the standard takara body.

All in all, the body fits Finley’s image better than the one she came with.

Edit 08.31.2015 – Finley is back on her stock body. I wrote an update post about it >_<.

The Sweetiiger Body – initial thoughts and some photos

I purchased the Sweetiiger body from etsy, as well as the set A hands. There are two different chest types, the chest A and the chest B… The difference being that chest A is “painted.”  

strategically placed black bar for anyone not a fan of doll nudity.


Finley is naked. She doesn’t care.

The “chest painting” isn’t very impressive, since it only consists of a bright pink paint, easily done at home. This body is matte, unlike her original Takara body. The biggest and most obvious difference would be that this body is jointed. The one thing I would say is a drawback to this is that Finley is a bit more unstable, and apt to bending forward or backward because of her loose hips (and the weight of her big ol’ head).

This body is curvier and more more defined than her original Takara body, so I’m curious to see how all of her clothes will look on her now. The only outfit I’ve tried on her is her white sweater dress, since she is currently drying off. I think the more mature body suits her!

Small complaint – the body I bought wasn’t completely pristine. There were blue ink like marks and some spots that looked dirty. I got most of it off, so that’s a relief.

I can’t wait to try photographing her! 

Cadence Majorette has arrived!

Neo Blythe box

UGH. I was so excited when I saw this box! This will be my very first Blythe doll.

Mini review on the website/store that I purchased her from:

I ordered a Cadence Majorette doll from CC Toys a little over 3 weeks ago. They are based in Hong Kong and from researching on the internet, I felt comfortable enough ordering from their website. They accept paypal as a form of payment, and they shipped out my doll 2 days after I ordered it (I even received a tracking number). Cadence did take a bit longer than I thought to get to me, but I do blame the awful weather we’ve been having (snow for days) for the delay. I was actually a little worried that the doll got lost at sea or something, so I sent CC Toy’s an email asking them how long it usually takes for a doll to reach the U.S. The store’s customer service is very good 😀 – I received a response the very next day. The person who wrote me back was very helpful and nice. She (I think the person is a she) explained that they send their dolls via air mail, and that it generally takes 8 – 10 business days to ship from Hong Kong to the U.S. However, due to all the snow we’ve been having, it might take longer. Also, USPS needs to update their tracking info for international packages more often. I must have checked that sucker 5 times a day waiting for an update.

Moving onto the doll:

Cadence Majorette

Cadence Majorette

Cadence Majorette

Her hair needs some serious cleaning/styling. … I don’t know how to do that, so I shall google it tomorrow 😀 (unless someone would share some tips with me ^^).

And here are some of the hats I crocheted for her during the 3 weeks I was waiting for her (they were a long 3 weeks) –

Cadence Majorette Finn

Cadence Majorette Bear

Cadence Majorette Fox

Cadence Majorette

She’s so cute!! I love how super pale her hair is, and how well different colored clothing would look on her. I don’t have much of a wardrobe for her yet, but I’m going to try my hand at sewing soon. I’m a little worried about any fabrics (including her stock clothing, which she is currently wearing because she still has her plastic sleeve on) staining her body, so I will probably have to look into how to set dyes too (maybe I’m worrying too much). I can’t wait to take photos with her outside when it gets warm!

Weeeee. I’m already keeping tabs on new release info for any potential new members of my dolly family! I will most likely pass on Less Jeuenette (I dunno… maybe the actual doll will appeal more to me than the release drawing) and the 14th Anniversary doll (I don’t dig her concept). I am however SUPER keen on the My Melody Blythe that’s supposedly coming out in September of this year. I REALLY want a pink haired blythe, and I already have the most perfect name for one, 😀

And now that’s enough excitement for today.