Pull strings and other things

I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped to be during the long weekend, but I did manage to cross off a few things from my To Do List.i updated Marina’s pull string! I purchased these super cute charms and beads from Michaels about a week ago. Marina is my mermaid girl on land. She’s not necessarily all about ships and boats, but she is all about the sea, and what better way to traverse them than on a ship?I also put Rory in my new Les Jeunette stock. I seriously love those stock glasses. They kind of remind me of my own frames, except mine are a bit more rectangular. I didn’t realize that stock glasses kind of click into place. The glasses actually remind me of her:

 My girls are quickly forming cliques – there are the princess type girls (Finley and Rosaline) and the trendy girls (Rory and Marina). Bryn doesn’t give two shakes about what anyone thinks about what she’s wearing. Case in point – her giant cupcake hat. She kind of floats between the two groups.   

Friends ^^

 I think my next girl will either be a stock girl that I’m completely in love with in stock form (Hello Dark Rabbit!), or a cat girl.

The two girls coming with me to Blythe Con will be Marina and Bryn. This will give me a chance to shop around without having to agonize at the convention over who to leave Finley with, even if the customizer did agree to take her as an on the spot commission (plus, I realized that all the vendors probably have a ton to pack and bring home as it is… may be best not to add to their luggage). I have my heart set on a number of items from the vendors’ online stores. My goal is to buy a couple of things for Bryn (staples), and versatile separates for my Neos.
5.5 weeks until Blythe Con!

Weekend Re-Wardrobing

I try to make it a point to redress my dolls on the weekends, for what good is a big wardrobe if it’s not being used! I definitely have favorite pieces within my dolly clothing collection, so try as I might, some dresses get pulled out more often than others.

This week’s best dressed girl:



I think one of the good things about making and selling these hats is that if they don’t sell, my girls get new hats ^^.

With Finley, lately I’ve been struggling with bonding with her. When she stands next to my customized girls, her face seems to lack personality. However, when she wears outfits like the one in the photo, I’m reminded why I like her so much! Finley’s coloring pretty much goes with anything, and her almost white hair is striking.

Could use some improvement:



I feel like this might be too much pink on Rosaline. The dress is new to my collection, and I wanted to try it out. I’m not sure if it would look better without the blouse underneath, but in any event, the high collar and the long skirt seem stuffy. I will most likely change her into something else tomorrow.

Honorable mention:


I originally had Rory in this long sleeved dress, but I decided to redress her. I wasn’t feeling how dark the overall look was, and it didn’t seem summer appropriate.


This is also not really appropriate for summer, but it’s actually been a smidge cooler where I live (80 degrees instead of 90), so I thought “why not?” I think she looks good in this Stella Savannah stock! I’m kind of in love with the hat I made for her, so I tried coordinating outfits around it.

Redressing my girls and coordinating outfits is one of the things I really enjoy in this hobby. I must have favorited a few hundred listings on etsy for Blythe clothes and accessories. I’m pretty sure my dollies dress better than I do!

The unexpected new girl – My second stab at Blythe customizing

I can’t help but check the Dolly Adoption facebook group at least once a day, on the off chance that I might see a girl from my wishlist at a good price, or (such is the case here) a girl at such a low price as to be too good to pass up. I’ve been wanting to try customizing again, and I currently have a blank face plate in my closet, and a few new carving tools I purchased from Cool Cat. I saw this hot pink haired fake blythe up for adoption at a low, low price, and I jumped at the chance to buy her.

Here is how she started life (lol. Also, this is not my photo, but the photo used in the For Sale thread on FB.)


She then swiftly became the unfortunate recipient of my hair cutting skills. I really wanted this new girl to have a bob, similar to Bloomy Bloomsbury, but my hands had difficulty recreating the image I had in my head :(.



These are the tools I used to carve the face plate! I definitely recommend the angled wood carving tool and the needle files.


I even carved the philtrum this time! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, considering I had no idea what I was doing. I looked at my hand mirror from time to time to figure out what the philtrum should look like. For the philtrum, I used one of the thicker needle files and in small circular motions, i carved the shape i wanted the philtrum to be.





She has a set of hand painted chips from Musaenfuga, and the brown set are from Dainty Biscuit (purchased from ebay). Her pull strings are decorated with beads from an old bracelet I had back in high school and a locket I purchased years ago. The pull ring is from Twiggy Twiggy.

IMG_2992 (1)

Her hair needs some serious help. I actually have thinned it out with some thinning shears (very arbitrarily I might add), and her hair is currently in curlers. If I can’t get it to look better, I might just buy a new scalp (in mint!).

The whole customizing experience I had with this girl was pretty good! I did have some trouble with one of the screws inside her head, and also putting her eye mech together after disassembling it, but other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing! I felt less nervous about opening the doll’s head up, and taking her apart. I found that disassembling this new girl was a LOT easier than both Finley and Rosaline. I think, in part it’s because I knew what to expect, and in some ways, this new girl’s pieces had more give to them (there seemed to be more space between the eye mech and her face plate, and also her eye mech pieces didn’t seem so impossibly wedged together). I want to say that this new girl is the TBL to Rosaline’s TBL+.

I don’t have a name for this girl yet, but she does seem to be developing a personality. Unlike my other girls, who really like froofy stuff, I think her style gears more toward trendy/darker colors. ^^ I think my favorite part about her is that mole I gave her. And to continue the tradition, this girl has a Plastic Fashion dress coming her way in the mail right now. Hopefully by the time it comes, I”ll have a name for her and her hair sorted out.

Laundry list of things I’ve done to her – Sanded face and eye lids, carved mouth, carved nostrils, carved philtrum, lid decoration with chalk pastels and watercolor pencils, winged liner using acrylic paint, new lashes, blush using chalk pastels, mole drawn using watercolor pencils, (AMATEUR) hair cut, sleep eyes, boggled eyes, gaze lift, and decorated pull strings.

Dear Master: Thank you chose me.

My factory/fake blythe came in today!

The fake blythe's box

My factory girl

After i removed her from the box, i gave her a dunking straight away. Ugh, for some reason this girl smelled like food that’s gone off… like… some fermented asian food that has spoiled. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was bizarre and off-putting. I even kind of rinsed her body off with some soapy water.

Straight off the bat, here are some differences between my real Cadence Majorette (a.k.a. Finley) and my new girl (henceforth will be referred to as “fake blythe” for the purpose of this post).

  • Finley didn’t smell weird straight out of her box.
  • The color of my fake blythe’s scalp doesn’t really match her face. Also, the scalp and her face don’t align perfectly.
  • My fake blythe’s eye mech makes a very loud click when I change her eyes.
  • Finley and this fake blythe’s eye shape is different! The fake blythe’s eyes are kind of more downward slanting. I need to take photos of them side by side soon just to confirm.
  • My fake blythe’s hair (by this I mean the individual strands) seems thinner than Finley’s hair.
  • My fake blythe cost me $85 including shipping ($75 for the doll $10 shipping). Finley was definitely way more expensive.

While i was brushing out my fake blythe’s hair, i came across some severe tangles that I ultimately had to cut out (there were two, and I’m glad that they were pretty small knots). My fake girl also lost a bit of hair during the spa treatment I gave her :-/. Anyway, other than the smell, I’m quite happy with her! Her hair is the perfect shade of pink – slightly on the peachier side, pastel pink. LOVE.

I’m feeling a bit daunted by how much I want to customize her. I think I’ll hold off on taking her apart until I get a better idea of who I want her to become. I’m pretty set on the name Rosaline for her. She’s going to be my OC girl, revolving around the show Steven Universe (I will probably make a separate page on this blog just for my dolly family).

Random P.S. –