Photo montage of Cancun – Day 3

I took both Danbo and Sonny Angel out today. Some more obligatory beach photos, but I added footprints this time (probably not enough though)!  The hotel also gave us this plate. No idea why. I guess… They assumed my parents are on a honey moon… And decided to bring their adult daughter with them. Sonny Angel is looking right at home ^^.  Currently, Danbo is looking a little worse for the wear (Sorry Danbo). Danbo and Sonny Angel are pretty fun to photograph. They stand up by themselves without problem, and I’m getting the hang of playing with scale and my iPhone. In particular, Danbo is really photogenic (with that ( ゚д゚) face). 

My vacation away from life ends soon! I’m going to a Blythe meet soon, and I have a doll project in mind for when I get back (though with the weather being the way it is, I might have to postpone it). I also think that my 1 year bloggiversary (that doesn’t look right…) is coming up soon! Exciting times ^^. 

I’m going to try to take it easy (instead of wanting to be productive, which on a vacation is counterproductive), so my next post will most likely be when I get back. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Sonny Angel on the Brain

I was in one of those moods where my day was pretty dull, and all I could think about was buying and opening Sonny Angel blind boxes. So, after work I bolted to the toy store where I bought my one and only Sonny Angel in hopes of getting more of the Animal Version 2 series.detail_animal2_3Last time, I got the Uribou. This time, I was really hoping for the Fawn or Reindeer. Unfortunately, the store sold out of this particular series (it’s only been 4 days since I’ve been there, and they’ve sold out! D:), so I picked up an Animal Version 4 blind box instead. … I also noticed that the store had the Fawn on display, and I was able to purchase it ^^. I know half the fun of blind boxes is opening then, but I really wanted that Fawn!img_6004

Out of Version 4, I REALLY want the Calico Cat, and the Duck, Peacock, and Shiba Inu would be nice to have (I thought the Shiba Inu was a Fox… and I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not). img_6005

^^ Shiba Inu. And that brings my Sonny Angel family to 3. I will probably try to always have one with me when I go out on weekends. These little guys fit in my pocket, and their heads turn, so that kind of gives them a bit more expression.

Exhibit A – The Coppertone Babyimg_6006


Much needed weekend

I decided to make the most of this weekend, what with my family out and about doing their own thing. Saturday was a day of reading book 4 of the Outlander series (sooo gooOOood), drinking rose wine, crocheting, and cuddles with the cat ^^. I also made it out to Michaels – I went thinking I’d buy a glue gun, but I ended up leaving the store with a giant skein of brown/rust multicolored yarn and yellow felt.

Behold, the fruit of my labor.


Pokemon Hoppip Amigurumi: This pattern was easy to follow and not too complicated. I think the creator of the pattern also has a video tutorial of how to make this amigurumi. The only problem I have with making amigurumi is that it’s not really the type of project where I can focus on other things while I crochet. I always need to check the pattern and keep track of my rounds.


Pusheen Amigurumi: This one went relatively fast, but then again, it’s a pretty small plushie. I didn’t have grey yarn on hand, so I made this little guy light blue and white. The amigurumi kind of looks derpy (not sure I captured the essence of Pusheen), but it’s still really cute. This pattern was also easy to follow, and the pieces were not hard to put together.

I’ve finished up two skeins of yarn so far, and I’m close to finishing a third. I’m making granny squares with yarn balls too small to start a new project, but to big to discard. One day, I will have a giant granny square blanket of  clashing colors, just because waste not want not.

I also got some dolly mail in the past couple of days!


My BJD’s wig came in! It’s a tad big on her but not terribly so, though I definitely need to use a silicone wig cap. The wig cap prevents the wig from sliding off Potpourri’s head. I commissioned this wig from the Etsy store Belinda’s Lock. It’s a soft pink alpaca wig, and it is so freaking soft I can’t even. Ahhhh I love alpaca! The wig totally completes Potpourri’s look! I need more alpaca in my life.


I also won a listing on eBay for Alicia Cupcake’s stock outfit. Bryn doesn’t have much clothing (save the crocheted dresses I’ve made for her), so I thought a middie stock outfit would make a good addition to her wardrobe. The shoes and the blouse should prove handy. The dress/jumper is cute in a costume-y way and the headband is ridiculous (it doesn’t stay put very well and the bow doesn’t look all that great). 😀 I crocheted the little cupcake next to her feet recently as well.

I’m on the fence about bringing Bryn to Blythe Con. On one hand, the Middie is the official doll of Blythe Con Chicago. And if I decide to get a custom doll at Blythe Con from one of the vendors, I wouldn’t have to worry about toting two Neo Blythes. On the other hand, I think a Neo Blythe is more fun to carry around!

Now, I’m just waiting on: Kuma Nendoroid (I expect this in about 2.5-3 weeks) and Blythe front and back face plates (This currently reached the ISC sorting center… I have no clue how long it will stay there),

Tomorrow I expect I shall be cleaning, crocheting, and reading some more ^^. How I wish weekends were 3 days long instead of 2.

Belated Spring cleaning and some BJD love

I spent the better half of today doing some major cleaning at Knotted Things HQ (a.k.a. my crib). I went to Michaels today and picked up a few things (one skein of adorable yarn, a big plastic container, 2 bead storage containers, and some beads for Rosaline’s pull string). I love shopping at Michaels when they have a 40% off entire regular price purchase coupon ^^.

I ended up redoing my shelves, and organizing my doll things, and my craft boxes.

Shoes on top, beads on the bottom.

Shoes on top, beads on the bottom.

I got the idea to store Blythe shoes in these small containers from one of Jane’s (maidensuit) videos. Both of the containers were about $2-3 with the 40% off. I get so much happiness when things are organized cutely. I’m as big a fan of boxes as my cat. The new beads I purchased today are the rose charms and the pebble beads below them.

My shelves!

My shelves!

And here is my shelf after the major cleaning! You can see my dolly family minus Potpourri (my Dear Mine anthro girl), who is currently in a box, wrapped with a white towel, in my closet… away from the sun. Rosaline needs a stand so she can join her sisters up top. Also, can you tell I really like Adventure Time?

After almost 5 hours of cleaning and organizing (I’m either really slow, or very meticulous), I decided to reward myself by pulling out Potpourri and dressing her up. Best idea ever.


I mentioned in an earlier haul post that I purchased a dress from Rabbit In the Moon’s etsy store that was a bit too short on my blythe, Finley. It has a high-low design, and it didn’t cover Finley’s lower doll parts. I tried the dress on Potpourri and it is so lovely, and so her. The fit is justperfect. I’m patiently waiting for her commisioned pink alpaca wig, and when that comes, Potpourri will be complete. Ugh so happy. After I oohed and ahhed over her, I wrapped her up again (this time, she’s not naked!) and put her back in my closet. I love the Dear Mine Dear Pet anthro girls. They look so so sweet, and I really love cats.

Random P.S.
I’m ecstatic that that Finley, Summer, Potpourri, and Rosaline can share clothes.

Dear Master: Thank you chose me.

My factory/fake blythe came in today!

The fake blythe's box

My factory girl

After i removed her from the box, i gave her a dunking straight away. Ugh, for some reason this girl smelled like food that’s gone off… like… some fermented asian food that has spoiled. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was bizarre and off-putting. I even kind of rinsed her body off with some soapy water.

Straight off the bat, here are some differences between my real Cadence Majorette (a.k.a. Finley) and my new girl (henceforth will be referred to as “fake blythe” for the purpose of this post).

  • Finley didn’t smell weird straight out of her box.
  • The color of my fake blythe’s scalp doesn’t really match her face. Also, the scalp and her face don’t align perfectly.
  • My fake blythe’s eye mech makes a very loud click when I change her eyes.
  • Finley and this fake blythe’s eye shape is different! The fake blythe’s eyes are kind of more downward slanting. I need to take photos of them side by side soon just to confirm.
  • My fake blythe’s hair (by this I mean the individual strands) seems thinner than Finley’s hair.
  • My fake blythe cost me $85 including shipping ($75 for the doll $10 shipping). Finley was definitely way more expensive.

While i was brushing out my fake blythe’s hair, i came across some severe tangles that I ultimately had to cut out (there were two, and I’m glad that they were pretty small knots). My fake girl also lost a bit of hair during the spa treatment I gave her :-/. Anyway, other than the smell, I’m quite happy with her! Her hair is the perfect shade of pink – slightly on the peachier side, pastel pink. LOVE.

I’m feeling a bit daunted by how much I want to customize her. I think I’ll hold off on taking her apart until I get a better idea of who I want her to become. I’m pretty set on the name Rosaline for her. She’s going to be my OC girl, revolving around the show Steven Universe (I will probably make a separate page on this blog just for my dolly family).

Random P.S. –


Summer etsy store sale

I just wanted to let the interwebs know that I activated a promo code for 15% off on my etsy store. The promotional code is: happyblythe2015.   

I only ship within the U.S. at the moment (mostly because I’m daunted by postage price as it is, and when I calculate shipping on the USPS website for international shipping, the site always spits out rates over $30 D: . What am I doing wrong?)