Me time

I finally got a bit of “Me” time in the past two days. I’ve been in California for 13 days (/mind blown), and I spent the first week and a half stressing out about basic life stuff like:

  • Finding a job
  • Finding a place to live – half check
  • Getting a car – check

I can safely say that I’ve done 1.5 of the above. So, I spent today and yesterday in a zoned-out stupor, trying to relax. Trying, and only semi-succeeding.

I did manage to do two hobby related things! I FINALLY finished my WiP – the Simple Things shawl. Check it:


I have to block it, but I’m so pleased with how it came out!! I love how speckled the hand-dyed yarn is. I really can’t wait until it gets cooler for me to start wearing this. I wouldn’t say that this project flew off my needles, as I think it took me about a month (I’m so slow at knitting).

I think my next project will be a pair of socks… Or maybe a dolly thing. Doll things knit up way faster, and I’m kind of over time-consuming projects for now.


I also finally redressed Prisma. She is my one girl that looks really good in black and white. For good measure, I also put these large black frames on her (to match all those bespectacled cats).

When I’m settled into my new digs, I’ll be sure to post an update :D.

Crocheted bag complete

    Finally finished with this project! It feels like it took me a while to complete, but then again I’m used to projects taking me at most a weekend (I mostly undertake small projects).

  • The pattern: Garden Bag
  • Difficulty level: Easy. Done in all single crochet. And each panel of the bag is done as an individual piece, which is later attached.
  • Duration: SO LONG D: . I think this took me two weeks, because I would have to put the project down a lot.
  • My deviations: I used three skeins of Lion Brand Pound of Love (two in baby blue, and one in cream). The bigger panels of the bag measure 60 stitches across, and the thinner panels measure 25 stitches across. I made two pockets instead of three, and I used the griddle stitch instead of single crochet. The pocket also measures 64 stitches across, and when I made the bottom of the pockets, I skipped 3 stitches on the outer side, and two stitches in the middle (for each pocket). The bottom of the pocket is also two rows long of 28 stitches. I also made the straps longer (chained 100 for each strap). 

I made this bag specifically for Blythe con, so I can easily tote my girls around. I’m not sure if I’ll be using the bag for this purpose, because it’s not quite sturdy enough. The pockets lack structure, so when I hold the bag by the straps, my girls are precariously leaning forward and stretching the pockets outward. I think I might have made the pockets too roomy, which is surprising because I intentionally tried to avoid that.

I think if I were ever to make this bag again, I would use the yarn it calls for. I calculated that if I were to buy the yarn at the store in the exact amounts, it would have cost me about $30. The 3 skeins of pound of love set me back $17. Definitely need to wait for a sale for the cotton yarn, since the pattern calls for 17 skeins. Anyway, I found that the acrylic yarn didnt behave the way that a lot of the comments on ravelry described. The tension of using two cotton yarn strands is probably a lot tighter than my two acrylic yarn strands. I also found that I had to alter the pattern a lot to achieve the bag size I wanted and to come close to the size shown in the photo on the pattern. I’m thinking this might have to do with my yarn choice as well. I think that using cotton would have made the bag look cleaner too. 

The bag looks very handmade XD … Because it is… Lol. I think this might become my yarn bag for when I decide to crochet somewhere outside of my room.

I’m in a really weird doll mood.

I’m currently back to being obsessed about the idea of repainting doll heads. I did this for two of my Ever After High girls (that I’ve since sold on evilbay), but I had a really hard time getting what I pictured in my head to translate on the doll’s blank face. Drawing and painting are not my fortes, but I go back and forth between accepting that I’m just not good at art to thinking I might get better if I just practice some more. 😦 When will I learn?

I have major issues with drawing symmetrically and with with achieving depth in color and lines. I might try practicing sketching anime-style eyes before attempting doll repaints. Also, the next time around I will be using eye decals (thank you, Genius who invented the eye decal). I’m definitely going to hold off on buying any blank doll heads until Blythe Con has passed. I’m not sure how much I’ll be spending there, or if I’ll come home with a new doll in two weeks! Also, I’m not sure if I’m just going through a weird phase.

Currently, I’m waiting on a Merry Go Round Licca doll and a Pure Neemo Flexion XS Boy body.

not my photo! courtesy of google images.

I’m not sure if I’ll harvest this girl’s body and give it to one of my blythe girls, or if I’ll keep the Licca as is. If I do rebody her, I’ll probably purchase an Azone Pure Neemo Flexion XS girl body for her. As for the boy body, that one is eventually going to become this guy:

And if I can successfully put together a pure neemo version of him (Marshall Lee-esque – I won’t be spray painting his whole body and face grey, but I am getting the white pure neemo body and I will get the white obitsu head.), I will be making Fionna the Human too ^^.

I got so excited at the idea of putting together a doll that I couldn’t focus on anything else… I guess I should focus on getting one project done at a time! >_< This weekend I will be giving my cat girl face plates some makeup. I also have to finish crocheting that blythe carry bag! And, I have three baby blanket commissions. Behold, my WIP:


I still have to attach the arms, and sew the face on.

By the way, I’m super excited about this three day weekend. My plan is to get a ton done!