Yarn Haul and Some Rambling About Books

In the last week, I worked my way through two skeins of yarn ^^ – a mint colored one, and a chunky blue colored one. As quickly as I finished a a couple of skeins, I went ahead and added to my stash >_<. I had a Michael’s gift card, and there were a few good store coupons floating around, so I didn’t feel too bad.


I even bought sock yarn! The Patons Grace sock yarn is almost $6 for a teeny tiny skein, so I always pass by the section. This time around, I decided to use the 40% off coupon toward the item and the 20% off coupon on the rest of the skeins. I particularly love that bright minty green crochet thread I purchased ^^. I find when crocheting doll clothes, anything thicker than sock yarn looks too chunky.

I think my next project will be human-sized stuff (like a hooded scarf or crocheted tops). I know fall weather is at least a month away, but I’m so done with this summer weather. Give me weather for layering!

I also just finished The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett … I have mixed feelings about the book, and now I’m kind of feeling a bit melancholy. The book is over, and it ends in a bit of a cliff hanger. And now I will probably have to wait a year for the next installment. I recommend the series as a whole though, for anyone interested in the fantasy genre.


Gratuitous photo of Rory with my Doctor Who lunch box.