Welcome Hujoo Nano Rabi

My Hujoo Nano Rabi came in the mail today! I ordered this doll from the Junkyspot on Friday afternoon, and received it today (so quick!).

I’ve decided that he will be a boy rabbit, kind of like a rabbit spirit/sprite. I need to find him a white collar shirt with a black ribbon neck tie. No pants for this rabbit though, a la Winnie the Pooh or Donald Duck. ^^ I’m planning on working on his faceup this weekend.

I ordered two pairs of glass eyes for him from eBay (many thanks to Chrissy of Kicky Resin), but since those are shipping from China I don’t expect them to get here for another few weeks.
Not my photos (I took them from the listing I purchased on eBay).They’re both 12mm eyes from the seller Mybayer2008. I wasn’t sure what color I should go for, so I purchased the two pairs that I liked most. I really like the netting pattern on the taupe eyes.

I’m very excited to see my rabbit on completion!


7 thoughts on “Welcome Hujoo Nano Rabi

  1. What a cutie! I love the starfield eyes. πŸ˜€

    About the clothes, I had a thought: remember Barbie’s littlest sister, Kelly? It turns out Suve can wear Kelly’s clothes, albeit not perfectly. I just now tried a relatively short Kelly dress on Suve, and it fit a tiny bit tight, and a bit shorter, but it did fit. Since homemade clothes tend to be looser than the factory made stuff, you might want to look on Etsy for Tommy clothes; he and Kelly shared the same exact body, after all. There are probably more sellers making clothes for Kelly and Tommy than there are for Hujoo Baby and BJD Ai…

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