Licca and Blythe proportions

Update (8/2/17):

A blythe doll foot (tbl body) in a pair of Licca flats.^ there’s quite a bit of gappage. The shoes don’t look terrible on blythe feet, but if you hold the doll, the shoes will sort of dangle off their feet.

Blythe feet (Wendy weekender) in Licca chan boots (from the Bijou series). It’s a good fit!

Quick post on blythe and licca (4th gen only) proportions.

Shoes that fit blythe:

  • Licca shoes are big on blythe feet
  • Some azone shoes fit, but they’re usually a bit big
  • Some Rement shoes fit (I have 2 pairs of maryjanes and 1 pair of rement boots that fit blythe feet)
  • Only Hearts Club shoes should fit (according to my research)
  • Some Barbie shoes fit (the non-heeled ones, because blythe feet aren’t arched)
  • Ely Chan (the Daiso licca knockoff) shoes will fit for the most part (some shoes might be too small)

A word on Blythe and Licca body proportions:

  • Licca chan’s body is more petite than a Blythe body. 
  • I find that some Azone Pure Neemo XS clothes fit Licca chan very well. 
  • Blythe clothes are oversized on Licca chan, which can be cute or awkward looking depending on what the item is. 
  • Vintage skipper clothes will fit Blythe.
  • Some Barbie clothes will fit Blythe (some tops).
  • Ely chan fashion packs will fit Blythe.

A closeup of a Blythe foot (left) and a Licca foot (right). The Licca foot is considerably bigger.

From left to right: Licca stock sneakers, Blythe stock converses, Licca stock Mary Janes, and Blythe stock heel booties

The openings to the Licca shoes are bigger to accommodate the bigger, wider Licca feet. The Licca shoes that I own are also squished than blythe shoes. Honestly, the fit of a licca shoe on a licca foot isn’t exactly snug, but more of a loose fit.

I hope this was helpful!

5 thoughts on “Licca and Blythe proportions

  1. OMG. Thank you so much. This was *exactly* what I was looking for. Saved this in my bookmarks for future reference. I didn’t realize that Licca feet were so much larger. I was planning on getting some Licca shoes (particularly boots) for my Blythes, but this puts the kabosh on that idea. Thanks again Olive!

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    • You’re welcome! Actually, Licca boots might not be too bad of a fit. I only have one pair, that I forgot about, but they don’t look too bad on blythe feet (maybe a tad chunky but not so bad that they look like they’ll fall off). My pair is from the Bijou series. Oops, it would probably have been a good idea to take a photo of a blythe foot in Licca shoes (will update this post later tonight ^^)


  2. Hello, Olive! I hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while, and as weird as I feel saying it (as I don’t really know you) I really miss seeing your lovely blythes, gorgeous knits, and adorable kitties!! No pressure, and have a great day!


  3. Do you think licca chan shoes can fit on a Pullip doll? I just wonder the size of the feet of a Blythe compare to a Pullip doll, too bad you didn’t have a photo of a Pullip’s foot on the underside along with the Licca chan and Blythe feet in that underside foot photo side by side comparison. oh well I might have to risk it and be the first person to try Licca chan shoes on a Pullip, but first I am bringing a traced out foot print of my Pullip with me to the store to see if the Licca chan shoes are even compatible….


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