Outfits of the day

The title is technically incorrect because my girls will be wearing their new outfits for atleast a week, if not more. 


  Rosaline is wearing a dress by Kuloft and shoes by Qmagicdoll. Finley’s pinafore is from a set I purchased from BlytheBerryGirl and her shoes are from CoolCat. I bought the dress underneath in a lot of blythe clothes from eBay, so I have no clue where it’s from. :3 Finley looks so good in creams and whites! Kind of like a sparrow or dove.    

I also redid Rosaline’s face as soon as my new bottle of MSC (I know the “flat” version was reformulated a few years back and people are having issues with the sealant cracking. I use the UV flat version, which still says flat and not “matte”… Not sure if that makes any difference). I did some more carving on her lips, I added some design on her lids, I redid her blush and lip color, and I trimmed her hair by two inches. 

Things I learned this time around

  • I must be more patient. 😦 I had to use sand paper to buff out some marks I made on her forehead because the sealant wasn’t completely dry. Also, one of her eyelids has a scratch on them for the same reason. Oops 😦 .
  • Draw the eyelid design closer to the lash line. 
  • The tips on Miseducated’s blog was super helpful! I basically followed the blogger’s instructions on how to paint the lips. I’m pretty pleased with the result, as it looks more natural than before.

I can’t wait till my small order from Cool Cat for customizing tools comes in. I have a blank face plate I want to practice on using the new carving tools ^^. If the face plate comes out looking awesome, I might just make a girl from parts.   

I’m actually going to a blythe meet this weekend (very excited ^^), and I plan on taking Rosaline this time. To get her looking presentable, I cut her hair, redid her curls, and am now touching up the curls I wasn’t happy with. I actually use the same type of flat clips on my bangs to get them to swoop to the side. Rosaline is my hair inspiration – one day when I don’t work in a business casual office, I too will have pink and curly hair.


9 thoughts on “Outfits of the day

    • Thank youuuu. I didn’t use paint. I did the base with chalk pastels (one coat, followed by MSC, then another coat) and then drew the flower with water color pencils, sealed everything, then went in to deepen the colors using both pastels and pencils. Kuloft ships from Thailand (if I recall correctly), so it does take some time. But if you order now, I think you should get it before September.

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