Quintessential 90’s Kid

It’s raining today where I am, which brought to mind this particular song that I was quite obsessed with in my childhood.

Yes. It is a song from the cartoon Sailor Moon, which I caught every day before school and/or after school. I was the kind of kid who would get my music from cartoons and movies (on VHS), rather than the radio. Some other hits of my childhood were:

I guess I’m feeling a little (a lot) nostalgic. I think redressing my dolls also put me in that sort of mood. I’m single-minded when it comes to picking outfits for my girls, and it usually takes me a little over an hour to dress all five of them. When an outfit comes out just right, there’s that sense of satisfaction that I’ve made blythe considerably cuter and also maybe learned better how to style a particular girl.

Anyway, I  was feeling a bit uninspired last night as I sorted through my boxes of doll clothes. Out of my five girls, I was happiest with how Finley and Rory were redressed. 25585182554_37357346ac_z

Finley is wearing Zinochika stock shoes, white tights, a black MINIJIJO tutu, a striped t-shirt, and a crochet beret.25917078900_76b85f5c26_kRory is wearing Licca shoes, very distressed jeans from MINIJIJO, and Lizzie Hearts sweater by Lambellina. Rory looks kind of like my spirit animal XD – she’s looking exactly how I want to look with her pink hair, winged liner, and stylin’ ensemble.

Here’s to a weekend that feels long! May Monday come veryyyyyy slowly (please).

One thought on “Quintessential 90’s Kid

  1. 5 is still a manageable number to get changed within a day p(^^)q (which it only takes you most of a day =P) also I believe changing their clothes ever now and after keeps the interest going (which I did do for a few of mine yesterday ^_^)

    also, just wanted to let you know i have kind of setup a new blog page for my Blythe only =P also it is in English too ^_^ check this out if you are interested in it =) https://byrnesblythe.wordpress.com/

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